November 24, 2022
are Rabbits Rodents

What are Rabbits Rodents, and how are they related?

People often find it confusing and hard to conclude that “are Rabbits Rodents?” There are many theories available on this statement, and it is clear that both aren’t the same. Rodentia is the largest group of mammals, and out of 4000 mammals, around 1500 are rodents. However, Rabbits were originally classified as Rodents. Still, now they are part of the order ‘Lagomorpha.’ Many factors distinguish rabbits and rodents, and we will discuss these factors further in this article. The primary difference between a Rodent and a Rabbit is that rabbits have an extra pair of incisors. If you wanna know more about “are Rabbits Rodents,” then keep reading this article as we will discuss them closely.

About Rodents

Rodents are characterized by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in the upper and lower jaws. You must know that 40% of all mammal species are Rodents. Generally, Rodents are small in size, and they have robust bodies, short limbs, and long tails. These mammals have been used as food, for clothing, laboratory animals in research, and pets. Rodent species were introduced accidentally and often considered to be invasive.

They are also known to cause the extinction of numerous other species, such as island birds. Constantly, growing sharp and open-rooted incisors distinguish rodents from other mammals. Rodent incisors have a thick layer of enamel on the front and a small enamel on the back. Most rodents weigh less than 100g, and they have a wide range of morphologies.

About Rabbits

Commonly known as Bunny Rabbits or Bunnies, they are from small mammals in the family of Leporidae. Apparently, the Male rabbits are called “Bucks,” and females are known as “Does.” Back until 1912, Rabbits and hares were formerly classified in the Rodentia order, and after that, they moved into a new order known as Lagomorpha. People often call rabbits the hare, but they are different. Hair is practical, and they are born relatively mature and mobile with Hari and good vision.

Rabbits have been domesticated and widely kept as livestock. People keep rabbits as their pets because they are low maintenance and adorable. However, rabbits are altricial, and they are born hairless and blind as a result, they require closer care. Rabbits live in burrows and Warren social groups, but Hares live a relatively solitary life in a simple nest above the ground. If you also have a rabbit, stay tuned to know how to take care of him properly.

Are Rabbits Rodents?

The Rabbits and hares aren’t Rodents, and they belong to the family Leporidae. Both have different skeleton features, and rodents have continuously growing incisors. Rabbits and hares belong to the Leporidae family. It is one of the two families in the order Lagomorpha. You must know that the Rodentia is the largest group of mammals, including mice, rats, hamsters, Guinea pigs, squirrels, beavers, chinchillas, and many others. It rests assured that rabbits don’t belong to the Rodentia order. The rabbits were considered rodents; lagomorphs like rabbits have been discovered to have diverged. Earlier rodent cousins have several traits: rodents don’t like two extra incisors.

What is the difference between Rabbits and Rodents?

Some significant differences differentiate Rabbits and Rodents. By knowing them, you would be able to tell who is who. We have earlier mentioned that the teeth of these two animals enable anyone to tell the difference between both. They have a couple of more diverse features that we will discuss thoroughly further –


Both Rabbits and Rodents have different digestive systems. The Rabbits are obligated herbivores and prefer eating hay, fruits, and vegetables. However, the Rodents can be Omnivores and may consume insects. Additionally, rodents also eat grains, nuts, seeds, roots, tubers, and others. These eating preferences indicate that both have different digestive systems. Animals such as cows, horses, and rabbits have a locum in their guts.

Cecum refers to the pouch connected to the junction of the large and small intestine. Some rodents also have a large cecum, but they perform different functions. The cecum in rabbits carries a supply of good bacteria that helps break down and ferment cellulose. Rabbits also break down foods similar to some animals. However, the main function of the cecum in rodents is to absorb salts and fluids that are left behind.


You might find Rodent and Rabbit’s teeth similar by looking at them, but they have many differences. Because of the difference in teeth, the rabbits are separated from the Rodentia. The rabbits’ incisors are covered with enamel from both sides. The rodents have a layer of dentine that covers the back of the tooth covered by a layer of dentine. Having a layer of enamel only on the front allows the teeth to be sharper continuously against each other, and as a result, they become sharp and chiseled. The rabbit’s teeth never reach the sharp end like the Rodents. The Colour of the Rodents incisors is orange, and because of the lack of iron salts, rabbits’ incisors aren’t orange.

What are the similarities between Rabbits and Rodents?

We know that both Rabbits and Rodents are different, but several similarities would amaze you. Many people and children get confused because of what they are taught, but the truth is they both have plenty of differences and several similarities. We have discussed how they are different from each other earlier but let’s look at the similarities. If you are eager to know more about these two, then follow along and keep reading –

  • Both Rabbits and Rodents eat plant matter; that’s why cheek teeth look similar.
  • They have an enlarged cecum to digest the plant matter smoothly.
  • Rabbits and Rodents eat their faces and plant matter.
  • Both have short breeding cycles, and they love to gnaw.
  • They give birth to multiple live young ones.
  • Newborns of Rabbits and Rodents feed on mother’s milk for nutrition.

These are a few similarities in Rabbits and Rodents. If you are wondering, are Rabbits Rodents smarter? Then it might be hard to say. Both consist of their own unique set of abilities.

What family does a Rabbit belong to?

The Rabbits and Rodents belong to Leporidae. It contains over 60 species that are extant mammals in all. Leporids are small-sized mammals like rabbits and hares. They are also adapted for rapid movement, and Rodents and Rabbits belong to different families. So, you don’t have to be confused about that. The rabbits are also herbivores, and as a result, they can survive well enough on hay, fruits, and vegetables. If you are looking for a low-maintenance pet, rabbits would be an ideal choice. But it would be best if you took care of them from your other pets.

How to take care of a Rodent Pet?

If you are planning on bringing a Rodent at home, then make sure to gather as much information about them as you can. When you have all the possible knowledge about them, it becomes easy to handle them and take care of them. Pets that are small in size and have fragile bodies need extra protection and care. There are a few basic things you should know to take proper care of your Rodent. Small Rodents like gerbils, hamsters, mice, and rats are inventive and intelligent pets. Here are points that would help you to take care of your Rodents.

Make a home for your pet Rodent

A home is required for everyone, whether you, me, a dog, cat, rabbit or rodent. So, the first thing you should keep in mind is to prepare a place where your pet can enjoy their company. Rodents such as hamsters or Mice are wily creatures. Their docile appearance can fool you, but even a naive rodent can jump off your lap and may disappear in the woodwork. So, you must have a secure cage that would help your pet be safe from any other animal.

Before making a secure cage, make sure it is large enough and easy to clean stainless steel. Along with that, the cage’s height should exceed the height of your pet. It would be helpful if the cage were secure from large pets. Additionally, you must keep poisons and other chemicals beyond the reach of your hamster. The cage needs to have bedding, and you can choose shredded paper or recycled paper. Don’t forget to change the water every day and keep the water container clean regularly. Not only the water container, but you should clean the cage at least three times a week. It won’t take much time as it’s smaller in size.

Keep a Health Check

The lifespan of a hamster is 2-3 years. However, the average lifespan of a Rodent varies from breed to breed. Of Course, some hamsters can outlive the average. So, make sure you keep a check on yours to avoid any health issues. To ensure the utmost care of your pet, you should make regular visits to the vet. You must know that the continuing growth of the front teeth of rodents can cause distress and problems. In such situations, a veterinarian will perform a regular tooth trim or may pull the teeth. It is suggested that the Rodents can live fairly normal lives without front teeth.

Feed them properly

Rodents such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, and rats have the same nutritional needs. They need high-quality commercial food pellets, and owners can treat them with occasional grain treats along with a constant supply of fresh and clean water. As mentioned earlier, Rodents can be omnivores, and that’s why their diet also consists of insects. Hamsters, mice, and rats generally eat grains or its product. But hamsters prefer occasional insects. Additionally, rats go for both vegetables and meat.

Are Rabbits Rodents Smarter?

It is difficult to tell whether Rabbits Rodents are smarter or not. Rodents have excellent cognitive abilities. They can learn to avoid poisoned bait. The sense of smell of rabbits exceeds that of humans. Rabbits can find or smell the food as fast as half a mile away from their nest. They are also remarkable engineers with the ability to dig tunnel networks. Rodents such as house mice and brown rats are extensively used in labs and have advanced cognitive capacities.

How to take care of a Pet Rabbit?

We have thoroughly discussed “are Rabbits Rodents,” and we can easily say by now that both are different; however, they have a couple of similar traits. If you are confused now about whether to keep a Rodent or Rabbit pet, then it’s totally up to you. But you will need to take care of both with utmost sincerity. When you bring a pet home, then it’s your responsibility to take care of them. So, if you are planning to bring a rabbit home, you should know a few things before becoming a better parent to them. Rabbits are very affectionate and docile animals. Here are some things that would help you to take proper care of your pet –

Constant Supply of High-Quality grass hay and green grass

Rabbits are herbivores and need fresh grass hay to survive. Their diet isn’t limited to just grass, but you can also give them vegetables and fruits. Your pets seem more than happy when you give them occasional treats, just like kids. So, don’t forget to add that to their diet. Rabbits and Rodents both are very fond of gnawing, and you might find them eating their bedding. That’s why you should not prepare their bed with anything that would harm them. Providing an appropriate amount of food will improve your pet’s health. Additionally, you must keep clean and fresh water around their place.

Schedule timely visits to the vet

A rabbit’s lifespan is 7-10 years, too, if an individual takes proper care of him. Negligence won’t help you, but it may cause danger for the pet. Your pet won’t be able to tell you what’s going on with them. So, if you visit a vet regularly, you don’t have to worry about their health. You might find it hard to detect what’s wrong, but if you pay enough attention, then you can read signs of bad health. The rabbits are adorable and playful who love affection.

Play with them to show love, attention, and affection

An individual adopts or brings pets for various reasons, and one of them is to show love and affection. So, if you were also something like that before bringing a rabbit home, don’t back yourself. Instead, you should give attention, love, and affection to your rabbit. Rabbits are very playful and appreciate affection. That’s why you should play with them and hold them for a while. Let them play and make sure they do exercise to stay fit. It will help him to eat well and keep healthy. Rabbits love to roam around, especially in green and open areas. So, supervise them and let them play.

Avoid giving cereals and Grains

Rodents are up for grains and products made by it, but Rabbits aren’t. You should avoid giving them cereal and Grains. Both are Rabbits Rodents have comparatively different digestive systems, and you shouldn’t exchange their diets. Instead of these, you can give rabbits green leafy vegetables, Fruits, or hay. They will be happier with this than cereal.

Know signs of Trouble or bad Health

The only way you can learn if your pet is troubled by anything is their behavior. Usually, rabbits lose appetite when they struggle with any health issue. In such cases, you should visit a vet and let them know what the symptoms troubling him are. Signs are the only way to learn your pet’s language. If you are not sure how you can do it, we suggest you spend as much time as possible. It will help you and your pet to create a strong bond.


Handling small pets like hamsters, mice, or rabbits is quite challenging. Because you don’t want them to get hurt, gently hold them, and if you are sitting, you can keep them in your lap. Additionally, don’t let your children hold the rabbits unless you are present to supervise. It would be best if you avoided your kids playing with your pets alone. We recommend you to be present when your children are adoring or playing with pets.


The cage of the rabbit should allow him to stand on the legs without hitting the top. Having a congested space will trouble your pet just like it troubles us to have a small space. The animal prefers living in open places. But considering you have a rabbit, you can’t leave him in the open. Pet Rabbits are less likely to protect themselves, so creating a safe space for him will ensure his safety. You should also keep your other pets, such as dogs and cats, away from the rabbit.


We have discussed all “Are Rabbits Rodents” and concluded that both are different creatures. In this article, we have discussed the possible similarities and differences both possess. I hope you liked this article. However, if you have anything to add, then feel free to contact us. Also, you can leave your valuable suggestions in the comment section. We will appreciate your view as it will help us to improve.

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