November 25, 2022
Best rabbit breeds for pets

Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets

Best rabbit breeds for pets: Rabbits are fun to be around. They are the cutest creatures in the world and are very docile in nature. Though all the rabbits are very obedient and adorable, some breeds of rabbits are way easy to handle. Before bringing a rabbit to your home, you should spend some time with them to understand which breed you want.

what are the best rabbit breeds for pets?

Rabbits are the most loved animal, and children love to be around rabbits. So before getting a rabbit at your home, you should ensure that the breed is children friendly. Like humans, rabbits, too, have personality traits. A different breed of rabbits has different characteristics. So you should always compare your requirements with the breed’s traits before getting a rabbit as a pet.

For instance, wild rabbits are cute and alert, but they are not good for a pet. The personality traits and instincts of rabbits don’t allow them to be good pets. Some people want cuddly bunnies, some want docile, some want children friendly, and some want playful bunnies. Every individual has different expectations while having a pet rabbit.

So in today’s article, I will be discussing the personality traits of the best rabbit breeds for pets. I will discuss the characteristics of different breeds, which breed of rabbits is good for making an indoor pet, and which is good for making an outdoor pet.

Best bunnies for pets – best Rabbit breeds for pets

Rabbits are the most adorable pets. They love to spend time with human beings. They are very playful animals and enjoy the company of humans.

Rabbits are high maintenance animals. They not only need your money but also need your love, pampering and time. Taking care of a rabbit not only includes shelter and a healthy diet but includes time also. You need to invest a lot of time while taking care of rabbits and making them trust you.

Rabbits are prey animals, and that’s why they are a little skittish by nature. They don’t trust anyone easily, so you should be very careful while handling rabbits. It would be best if you always get a rabbit after comparing his breed traits with your requirements.

For example, if you want to get a rabbit to accompany your child, your priority should be a child-friendly, playful and docile rabbit. So you should buy a pet meeting the requirements of your child. If you are someone looking for a pet, I am listing some of the best bunnies for pets.

Mini lop Rabbits

If you have small kids in your house, then the Mini lop breed of rabbits is the ideal pet for you. Mini lop rabbits are very playful rabbits. They need constant entertainment and are full of energy. The size of Mini lop rabbits are small, and they look like teddy bears. Honestly, the moment you hold these cuties in your hands, you will instantly fall in love with this breed. Mini lop breed is not only cute but smart also. You can easily litter train mini lop rabbits.

Unlike other breeds, the mini lop breed loves petting and handling. If you want a pet for your baby, then a mini lop rabbit is the best pet for you. Mini lop rabbits can easily match the energy of little kids and will tire out the kids.

The only risk with Mini lop rabbits is that they easily get over-enthused. And they can bite due to over elation. So if your kid is a little naughty, then you need to be a little precautious. Mini lop is best matched with calm kids as they need constant entertainment, so you need to fill their place with lots of toys.

Himalayan Rabbits

Being the oldest known breed of rabbits, Himalayan rabbits are domestic and docile pets. Himalayan rabbits are mainly outdoor rabbits, and they love staying out. Though staying out doesn’t mean that they are into exercise. Himalayan rabbits love being sun-kissed; that’s why they adore going out.

If you are looking for cuddly bunnies, then Himalayan rabbits can be your cuddle partner. Although the majority of rabbits don’t welcome cuddling, but Himalayan rabbits are the exception. Himalayan rabbits enjoy human company and assistance. They will return you twice the love and affection you shower on them.

Himalayan rabbits are very calm, patient and peaceful by nature. They can be a great companion for teenagers. The only word of caution about Himalayan rabbits is that you need to get them into the sunlight. They love sunbath; however, too much heat can panic them. Himalayan rabbits are small in size and look really adorable.

Thrianta Rabbits

Thrianta breed of rabbits has a harrowing past. This breed of rabbit was almost about to extinct. H. Andrae first bred Thrianta breed in the 1930s in Holland. H. Andrae breaded Thrianta breed of rabbits as a tribute to the Royal House of Orange. Later at the time of World War II, the breed became the primary food source for soldiers, and that was when the Thrianta breed of rabbits came to the brink of extinction.

Fortunately, some rabbits of the Thrianta breed survived and were mated with German rabbits for survival. Though Thrianta rabbits were primarily breaded for meat but they make very good pets. They are very gentle, obedient and patient by nature. That’s what makes them a good choice for a pet.

Talking about the physical traits of Thrianta rabbits, they are medium in size and have a compact body. The coat of the Thrianta rabbits is short and thick. The average weight of a mature Thrianta rabbit is around four to six pounds, and they have a life expectancy of seven to ten years.

Jersey Wooly Rabbits

Jersey Wooly rabbits are lazy ass rabbits. These dwarf size rabbits are very lazy and love cuddling on the sofa. They have a small size, and being small in size makes them a perfect fit for a compact enclosure. Jersey wooly rabbits are very docile by nature. They are known for their calmness and patience. Jersey wooly rabbits are also called no-kick rabbits due to their calmness.

Because of their calm and composed behaviour Jersey wooly rabbits are ideal pets for children. If you don’t like unnecessary mobility and have a small place for subsistence, you can’t get a better pet option other than Jersey wooly rabbits.

The only necessity of a Jersey wooly rabbit is regular grooming. Jersey wooly has a thick coat and needs regular brushing on their coat. However, regular brushing means that you will get extra time for emotional bonding with the rabbit.

Polish Rabbits

Polish rabbits are fascinating rabbits. The breed of polish rabbits excites children as the magicians use them for showing tricks. Lining up with Jersey wooly rabbits, polish rabbits are also lazy and dwarf-sized rabbits. Polish rabbits are very cute and cuddly rabbits. Unlike the majority breed of rabbits, polish rabbits seek cuddles and adore your cuddly behaviour.

Small-size of polish rabbits makes them adjust in small hutches. The only problem with polish rabbits is that they are so tiny that children can easily drop them in the ground. So you have to be very careful while holding these cute tiny creatures. If you are someone looking for cuddly bunnies, then polish rabbits are the best cuddle mates.

Florida white Rabbits

The breeding history of Florida white breeds is very interesting. The Florida white rabbits were first bred in the 1960s by Judge Orville Miliken by mating Albino Dutch rabbits of New Zealand and red-eyed White Polish rabbits. Later the new breed was named after the home state of Orville Miliken.

Physically, Florida white rabbits are tiny and compact rabbits with a short, soft, white coat. An adult Florida white rabbit will weigh around between four to six pounds. Similar to red-eyed white polish rabbits, Florida white rabbits also have red-hued eyes. Florida white rabbits enjoy a life span of five to eight years. Till now, Florida white rabbits are not diagnosed with any specific generic health issues.

Florida white rabbits are social animals who love socializing. Though you can raise them outdoor Florida white rabbits are indoor rabbits and socialize better when kept indoors. Florida rabbit is the perfect pet for families looking for docile and quiet temperament rabbits who want to have an indoor pet.

Harlequin Rabbits

Harlequin rabbits are attention seekers. They love to be the centre of attraction. Harlequin rabbits adapt this unique name because of their distinctive fur markings. Harlequin rabbits trace their origin from France and are full of energy. They are the best human companions as they are very entertaining and can develop an emotional bond in no time. Harlequin rabbits hop around the house with joy, and they are very playful pets. They are cuddly bunnies and loves cuddling and stroking. So if you want a pet who loves stroking and cuddling, you can add Harlequin rabbits to your wish list.

California Rabbits

California rabbits are shy rabbits. They take time for trusting people, but once you win the trust of California rabbits, they will shower affection and joy on you. California rabbits are very obedient breed, but they aren’t ideal for kids as they are shy. They don’t like forced love. So if you want California rabbits to trust you, you have to wait; any kind of pressure and force can develop medical issues in California rabbits.

Once you get the hard-earned trust of California rabbits, the bunny will get into the comfort zone with you and will seek cuddles from you. Apart from cuddling, California rabbits love hopping on the lap of their owner. They admire the love of their owner and don’t get irritated by strokes. You can add one more breed of rabbits into your cuddly bunnies list.

Sussex Rabbits

Sussex rabbits were first bred in the 1980s by mating lilac rabbits and California rabbits. They are medium-sized rabbits with a cream and gold colour short, dense coat and have a body structure and weight around seven-pound after getting mature. The life expectancy of Sussex rabbits is six to eight years.

Sussex rabbits are mainly indoor rabbits but also enjoy outdoor times. Though the nature of Sussex rabbits is very docile but sometimes they become very naughty. They adore affection and wants attention.

Sussex rabbits love eating and are experts in blackmailing for treats. Overeating can cause obesity and other health-related issues. So you have to be very particular about the treats and should not fall for those cute blackmailing tricks.

Dutch Rabbits

You can get confused about the origin of Dutch rabbits because of their name. Though they are called Dutch rabbits but their origin is traced from England. Dutch rabbits are very child friendly and calm by nature. No matter how chaotic a person is, Dutch rabbits never lose their temper. They are very playful animals. The size of Dutch rabbits is small, but they are very energetic. They have a massive stock of energy in that tiny frame.

Dutch rabbits are easy and low maintenance rabbits, and they love socializing and attention. Dutch rabbits are playful bunnies and welcome holding with a cheerful heart. Though you can keep them indoors, they need exercise and exposure to fresh air. If you want to have a Dutch rabbit as your pet, you need to get your Dutch rabbit to park.

Chinchilla Rabbits

Chinchilla rabbit got their peculiar name because of their grey coat. Chinchilla rabbits are among the young breeds of rabbits. They are large and are not so fond of active lifestyles and activities. They are not so energetic, and you will find them mostly relaxing on a couch. Chinchilla rabbits are large-sized rabbits, due to which you need to take them out of their hutch frequently.

Chinchilla rabbits are also low maintenance pets. Once the chinchilla rabbit gets comfortable with you, they will start enjoying your company and admire your presence. It would be best if you introduced the chinchilla rabbit to your family at a young age so that the rabbit can quickly get hold of the surrounding. Chinchilla rabbits take some time for getting used to your presence. And once they get used to you, they will start admiring your presence and will seek pets and handle holding with a happy heart.

Palomino Rabbits

Palominos were breded for first time in the 1950s. Similar to Dutch and chinchilla rabbit’s palomino rabbits are low maintenance rabbits. They are medium-sized rabbits and have a life expectancy of five to eight years. They have a very calm temperament, and they weigh around eight to ten pounds when fully grown. Palomino rabbits are of two types, golden and lynx. The golden palomino rabbits have cream or beige surfaces with white undercoats, while lynx palomino rabbits have grey or silver surface coats fading to white beige or cream.

Palomino rabbits used to be called Washingtonian rabbits originally. Both palomino rabbits have a coarse coat with medium to short fur. If you are willing to have a rabbit as your pet for the first time, then palomino rabbits are something meant for you.

Rex Rabbits

There are plenty of sub-breeds of Rex rabbits, and all of them share the same personality traits. Rex rabbits are brilliant and can be easily litter trained. Rex rabbits are very protective; that’s why they can be the best companions of senior citizens and single people. They have a maternal nature and will never leave you alone. Rex rabbits love human interaction and compassion. They are not high maintenance rabbits and have limited grooming requirements.

Because of being protective and limited requirements, the Rex Rabbit breed is the most preferred breed for a pet. They are not cuddly bunnies and don’t like holding. Your grip should be very delicate while holding Rex rabbits because when they feel pressure, they squirm. Though they don’t like cuddling and holding but they welcome petting gracefully.

Lionhead Rabbits

Lionhead rabbits are one of the most playful breeds of rabbits. They love sharing space with humans and welcome holding more joyfully. Lionhead rabbits find children pleasant and love playing with them. Though lionhead is calm still sometimes they may get aggressive. When lionhead sense danger, they can bite you or nip you. Lionhead is small in size, but they need a lot of grooming requirements which means that you will get more room for creating an emotional bond with your lionhead rabbit.

The breed got its name from the genetic mutation, which developed a mane of hair around their neck, resembling a lion’s face. Because lionhead loves surrounded by children, many people consider them their first pet. Still, before getting lionhead as your pet, you need to understand that lionhead has a lot of grooming requirements. Apart from grooming skills, they also have trust issues.

Lionhead rabbits take time for trusting people. You should slowly build the trust of a lionhead; you should never force the rabbit for playing with you. Let the rabbit get comfortable with you at its own pace. If you responsibly fulfil the grooming requirements of lionhead, they become great showcase rabbits.

Havana Rabbits

Havana rabbits were breaded for the first time in the year 1989, in Ingen Holland. The eyes of Havana rabbits appear to be red from a certain angle; that’s why they got the nickname of ‘the fireye from Ingen.’ Havana rabbits are also called mine-like rabbits.

The coat of Havana rabbits is sleek and short and can be of blue, chocolate, and black colour. The breed gets its name as Havana rabbits because the chocolate hued variety resembles the colour of the Havana cigar. They are very social and docile rabbits. Havana rabbits quickly adapt to their surroundings and get friendly with not only humans but other rabbits also. They need a lot of exercises, and sometimes they get very playful. Havana rabbits can also be an excellent choice for first-time pets.

Things to consider before getting a Rabbit as your pet

Different families have different pet requirements. If you are looking for a child-friendly bunny as your pet, you should consider the following things before getting it:-


Rabbits need a high level of maintenance. They have grooming requirements, hutch requirements and vet requirements. Also, rabbits are a lot of work, and before getting a rabbit as your pet, you need to make sure that you are stable enough to meet the financial expenses of rabbits. Rabbit needs both your time and money. If you and your child have enough time to spare on grooming of rabbit, then only you should consider a rabbit as your pet.

So before deciding the perfect breed of rabbit for yourself, you need to ensure that the rabbit is under your budget and you have time for the rabbit. If you don’t have time for regular maintenance of rabbits, you should look for a breed of low maintenance.


Before getting a rabbit, you need to ensure that the breed you are purchasing is tolerant enough for your child. Many rabbits get aggressive when they get angry or sense danger, so if your child is naughty, you should look for no kick rabbits like Jersey wooly. Depending on your children behaviour, you should get the rabbit having a temperament similar to your child.

Size and weight

Size and weight of the rabbit are essential because they will decide whether your child can hold the rabbit properly or not. If you have a small child, then large size rabbits and dwarf size rabbits are the wrong choices for your child. As large size rabbits are too heavy for them, and dwarf size rabbits are too small for them, they can drop them. So before getting the rabbit to your home, you need to ensure that the size of the rabbit is according to your children’s ability to hold it.

Activity level

Before getting a rabbit for yourself, you need to ensure that the rabbit’s energy level matches your child’s energy level. If your child is playful, you should get energetic and playful bunnies, and if your child doesn’t like much activity, you should get lazy rabbits.

You can consider harlequin rabbit and Dutch rabbit as your priority options if you have a rabbit as your pet for the first time. Harlequin rabbits are very child friendly and find children delightful. Dutch rabbits are easy maintenance rabbits; they are very playful and small in size; your child will love Dutch rabbits. The only thing you need to take care of about Dutch rabbits is that they are small in size, so you should hold them properly and avoid dropping them.

If you can meet the grooming requirements of lionhead rabbits, they are also an excellent option for a pet. Before getting a rabbit as your pet, you need to understand all the responsibilities of a rabbit owner.

Best Rabbit for indoor pet

Holland Lop Rabbits

In the 1950s, Adrian de cock first breaded Holland lop rabbits. They are small in size and are one of the most cherished and preferred breeds of rabbits globally. They have a compact body structure and generally weigh around two to four pounds when they get mature. The life expectancy of Holland lop rabbits extends from seven to fourteen years.

The coat of Holland lop rabbits is smooth, dense and glossy. They are very playful rabbits and enjoy the presence of humans. Primarily they are indoor pets, they also enjoy spending time outdoor, but you need to ensure their safety and keep a strict eye on them as they are very playful and naughty. Holland lop rabbits are undoubtedly the best choice for the first rabbit pet. They will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Continental giant Rabbits

As the name suggests, continental giant rabbits are large-sized pets and being large makes them weigh more compared to other ordinary or dwarf size rabbits. They can weigh around thirteen to thirty-five pounds or, in some rare cases, even more than thirty-five pounds. Although they have peculiar features but the life expectancy of continental giant rabbits is no different from other ordinary rabbits. The life span of a continental giant rabbit is between four to seven years.

Adding to your wonder, the continental giant rabbit breed has been in existence since the sixteenth century, which makes them count as the world’s oldest surviving breed of rabbits. Continental giant rabbits trace their existence from Belgian hare and Belgium’s Flemish giant rabbit cocktailing the traits of both Belgian hare and Flemish giant.

The continental giant breed has different colours. They are referred to as contis and have very glossy fur with a thick and dense coat adding to their grooming requirements. Continental giant rabbits are a lot of work. Because of their large size, they need more food than other rabbits; they have more grooming requirements and need a large hutch than ordinary rabbits.

They are not only good looking but intelligent too. You can quickly litter train continental giant rabbit. The native continental giant rabbits are smart enough to respond to their names. Though continental giants are not exercising addicts, they like to play games and teach them tricks. Continental giant rabbits make excellent showcase pets, they are high maintenance rabbits, but if you can afford their expenses, they surely won’t disappoint you.

English Lop Rabbits

Ironically named as English lop rabbits, but the breed is doubted to trace its origin from Africa. The English lop rabbits were first observed in England; probably that’s why they are called English lop. They have large ears, and sometimes they even step into their ears. The body of English lop rabbits is semi-arched, and they are medium in size, weighing around nine to ten pounds after getting mature.

Living around English lop rabbits is the ultimate bliss you are looking for in this chaotic world. They have smooth, sleek and short coats. They are found in various colours and are entertaining rabbits, and love playing. They welcome lifting and seeking cuddles and petting from their owners.

They are not prone to any genetic disease, but they need weekly grooming. Because their ears are large so you need to check their ears weekly to ensure that wax isn’t collected in their ears. It would be best to trim their nails weekly as they step on their ears and can wound their ears because of long nails.

Best Rabbit for outdoor pet

Belgian Hare Rabbits

The breed first came into observation in the eighteenth century in Belgium. Later in 1856, Belgian hare was imported to England, and in 1873 the breeder William Lumb and Benjamin Greaves developed the modern Belgian hare breed. Belgian hare is a giant rabbit with a short and sleek coat and rust-coloured furs in a glowing reddish-orange tint. Belgian hare rabbits are very active and cheerful. They are mainly show rabbits.

Netherland dwarf Rabbits

Netherland dwarf rabbits were first breaded in the early 1900s by Jan Meyering. They are the smallest domesticated breed of rabbits; they weigh only two pounds after adulating. Netherland dwarf rabbits are adorable because of their small size and thick body. They have babyish features. This breed of rabbits is much admired in Japan.

Netherland dwarf breed comes in many colours. They are very adorable and energetic. Netherland dwarf rabbits are very alert and have instincts similar to wild hare, making them an imperfect match for small kids.

Beveren Rabbits

The origin of beveren is constantly subjected to debate as nobody knows the exact location of their origin. They are disputed to originate either from Beveren, Belgium or England. Beveren rabbits live around five to ten years. When fully grown, they weigh around eight to twelve pounds and are large size rabbits.

Beveren rabbits have a semi-arched body with a dense, short coat of soft fur. The beveren rabbits are very obedient and intelligent. They are very playful rabbits and love outdoor enclosures.

Closing words

That was all about the best rabbit breeds for pets. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. If you have any concerns or questions, you can feel free to ask them in the comments. Do not forget to provide your feedback in the comment section. Happy reading!

Rabbits are adorable pets, and all the breeds give you equal enjoyment and love. But for getting a perfect companion for yourself, you should first analyse your situation and then see which breed fits your atmosphere and situation.

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