November 26, 2022
breeds of grey cats

15 cute breeds of grey cats

15 cute breeds of grey cats: Cats are funny creatures. Texture and other features of cats will leave you mesmerized, but the grey cat is particularly the most astonishing cat you will see. The beauty and features of grey cats will leave you in wonder. Cats are my first love, and I love cats of all the textures, but I am particularly biased towards grey cats because my friend Oliver is also grey.

Grey cats are also called the blues of the feline’s world, and grey is undoubtedly not a rare color. The fascinating thing about the texture of grey cats is that they can shimmer, and I particularly find grey cats with a tabby design very appealing.

If you are also thinking of bringing a grey cat breed, your search engine has dropped you at the correct station. In this blog post, I will be discussing grey cat breeds. Today I will tell you about long hair grey cat breeds, short hair grey cat breeds, and fluffy grey kittens, so without wasting further time, let’s dive into the discussion.

1) Persian breed – long hair grey cats

If you are someone looking for a perfect indoor cat, you can’t get a better option than Persian cats. They don’t appreciate an active lifestyle and loves posing on a couch for your appreciation. Persian cats are genuine attention seekers, and they love to be the center of attraction. They are medium to large size cats with long hair.

Long hairs mean that they have grooming requirements, so you need to spare some time to groom these beautiful grey kitties regularly. Grooming time is the bonding time, and you can use it to create a strong bond with your pet. Their lush long furs will make you fall in love with them.

Persian cats are high-maintenance cats, and they love brushing their coats. They love to sit on laps and have very obedient and gentle personalities. Persian cats are the perfect partner if you want a long-haired grey cat. Before getting the cat, you need to ensure that you are financially stable enough to bear the expenses of the breed.

This breed comes either in doll or Peke face, similar to a pug; they have a squishy face. Persian cats are also available in different colors, and one of the most loved colors is grey-blue. Their big almond-shaped eyes stand out on their small face making them more appealing.

This cat breed doesn’t appreciate living in a noisy place and prefers a peaceful environment. Persian cats are easy-going cats, and if you have other pets in your home, this breed can also mix with them. Although they are very friendly but they can behave coldly with strangers.

2) Norwegian Forest cats – long hair grey cat

These double-coated cats are the perfect companion for cold weather. Norwegian cats are large cats and are popular for their long coats. They are long hair grey cats with bushy tails, which helps them stay warm at cool places. The origin place of this breed is in Norway, and they aren’t suitable for warm places. This breed of cat is scarce to find, so you need to do a bit of a search to find this breed. The Norwegian cats are best suited to cold areas. Because of their long hair, they need to be groomed once a day.

They have hairs around their ears that resemble them like wild cat lynx. Norwegian forest cats are also called wedgies and are very fluffy cats. These cold-proof cats have a very gentle temperament, and they aren’t so interactive with strangers and also enjoy alone time.

3) Sphynx cats

These cats are furless angels. They don’t have any coat on their body, and their skin appears grey. Sphynx cats have mesmerizing personalities because of their wrinkled skin and large ears. The ears of this breed are unusually large, making them more attractive. Unlike the above two breeds of cats, sphynx isn’t a silent lap cat. This breed of cat is very vocal and active.

They have a very lean athletic type body and very playful personality. This breed of cat loves to be surrounded by people and is prone to seclusion anxiety if left alone. Although they don’t have hairs on their body, they still have grooming requirements. Their grooming requirements include bathing, and they need regular bathing to avoid skin infections and allergies.

If you want a cat for your child, this breed is surely for you. Sphynx cat loves children; this breed adores children’s company and loves playing with them. These cats are curious and love playing with teaser toys and puzzle games. They are perfect for children because they can match the children’s energy and are very naughty. The intense gaze emanating from their big eyes makes their personality more astonishing.

4) Turkish Angora – long hair grey cat

Turkish Angora is another breed of attention-seeking cat. This breed of cat first came to sight in the sixteenth century in Turkey, but later in the early nineteenth century, they began to disappear. So to preserve the breed, Turkish Angora was bred at Ankara zoo and was officially established in North America in the 1970s. These cats have small to medium heads, almond-shaped eyes, and long ears and are well-known for their long and silky coats.

These cats are very playful and energetic. They are curious and love to run and explore their surroundings. If you are into cuddling, then this breed is meant for you. This breed gets easily attached to its owner and never leaves them alone. The moment you sit, the cat will curl up next to you.

5) Oriental cats

This breed of cat is both long-haired and short-haired. The physical traits of both oriental longhair and oriental shorthair are the same, but the oriental longhair has long coat and hairs compared to oriental shorthair. This breed has a wedge-shaped face and gigantic ears, which resembles them like Siamese. This breed loves going out and is very playful.

They are highly vocal cats and are full of energy; you can also teach them tricks. Like Sphynx, they don’t like to stay alone and love being surrounded by people. Oriental cats also came in different colors. They have a long tubular body and similar personality traits to Siamese. They are dependent on people and don’t like staying alone. If you have a child and other pets at your home, oriental can be your option.

6) Russian Blue grey cat

Russian blue is a breed that comes in grey color only. They have long, luxurious coats and stands on end because it’s so thick. Their green eyes add to their personality, giving them breathtaking looks. Initially, they are born with yellow eyes, but their eyes start turning green as they grow over time. This breed of cat chooses their favorite person at home, and if you are their favorite person, you are so lucky because being surrounded by a Russian blue cat is true bliss.

Though this cat is very friendly by nature, it can standoff in front of strangers. They have long legs, which aid them in running fast. These cats are not so vocal and become shy in front of large groups. They often get demanding during mealtime, and because of their attractive looks and personality traits, Russian blue is one of the expensive breeds. They are brilliant and are very playful cats. If you are thinking of getting this breed at your place, you need to give them adequate physical and mental stimulation for their development.

7) Chartreux cats 

Hailing from France, this is one of the friendliest cat breeds that never complains. This cat is so friendly that it even mixes up with strangers and other pets. Chartreux is the national cat of France and is also called potato on toothpicks because of their heavy body. The breed is named potato on toothpicks because of their primitive body and thin legs.

These cats have excellent hunting skills and are very well at learning tricks. This breed has a woolly double coat of medium length, and Chartreux cats only come in a blue and grey coat. Many owners compare their personality traits to dogs. This breed of cat is not dependent on anyone for their entertainment and can live in isolation.

8) Scottish Fold cats 

This breed has a round stocky appearance, and these cats are very talkative and get very vocal. They have large round eyes and a medium-sized body. The unique feature of this breed is the small forward fold on their ears. The breed got its name because of its folded ears. Their arresting yellowish-orange eyes add to their personality, and apart from yellow color, their eyes also come in gold, blue, grey, and green shades.

Scottish fold cats are active mousers and have a strange habit of posing in awkward positions. This breed of cats is brilliant and loves to challenge their intelligence by playing puzzle games. This breed is another attention seeker, which carves for its owner’s attention.

9) Korat grey cat

Hailing from the Korat region of Thailand, the Korat breed is one of the oldest cat breed existing today. They have emerald green eyes and silver tips on top of their short coat that adds shimmery effects, making their personality more astounding. These cats are very affectionate cats that enjoy human company, but they can get aloof in front of strangers. Korat cats are found rarely in the United States of America. The breed set its feet to the United States when an American ambassador paid a visit to Thailand and was gifted two Korat cats.

They are only found in grey coats. They are very friendly cats and accompany their owner everywhere. The average life span of a Korat cat is around fifteen to twenty years. They are short hair grey cats and don’t need a lot of grooming, and grooming once a week is enough for this breed. Being a very rare breed, the Korat cats are very expensive.

10) Ragdoll breed – long hair grey cat

Ragdolls are door greeters. They are perfect family pets and get easily mixed with other pets, even dogs. They are long hair grey cats and were also a little bit expensive. This breed is one of the friendliest breeds you will see. They are very jolly cats who love being around humans. This breed enjoys playing with children. Ragdoll cats are lap cats and need to be groomed regularly. Unlike the majority of cat breeds, this breed enjoys lifting and holding.

11) British shorthair – short hair grey cat

This cat breed comes in many colors, but grey is the most cherished in the United Kingdom. British shorthair’s physical traits and personality traits are similar to American shorthair. Like British shorthair, they also have a big head, but their body is a little cobbler, and they don’t get as big as American shorthair. Like American shorthair, this cat breed also has a thick, plush, short coat.

The reason for having similar physical and personality traits of American shorthair and British shorthair is that they share the same parents breed. This cat breed is medium to large in size and has large gold, copper, and bronze color eyes. Cats belonging to this breed need regular grooming, particularly in seasonal changes. These furry angels are very friendly pets and love socializing with people.

British shorthairs are easy-going pets; they are very child-friendly pets. They are very playful pets; you should get these cats some wand-like toys for playing with. This breed is perfect for indoor pets and makes great companions for children as well as adults. Unlike other cats, they don’t need hourly attention. If you are looking for an indoor pet, then ragdoll cats can be a good option for you.

12) Nebelung breed – long hair grey cat

Nebelung is another cat breed that comes only in grey color. The word Nebelung is a German word and means a creature of mist. Their name is best suited to their personality and clearly justifies their silver blue-grey long coat. They have a plumed tail and carry a ruff around their neck. They are medium to large size cats and weigh around six to sixteen pounds, and these are shy cats. Nebelung cats are famous for their calm and composed behavior.

They are perfect pets for older people and adults as they have a calm temperament. These cats are very fluffy, and they have luxurious coats. Nebelung cats are believed to be the long-haired version of Russian blue cats. Like the majority of cat breeds, this breed of cat also enjoys relaxing on its owner’s lap. They don’t appreciate living in noisy places and love residing in quiet places. They have a semi-foreign build, and they love to climb.

13) Siberian Cats – long hair grey cat

Russian stories are incomplete without the mention of Siberian cats. Hailing from Siberia in Russia, this breed is best suited to cold environments. These cats are one of the giant domesticated breeds of cats. Siberian cats are easy-going cats and become friends with everyone, even with strangers and other pets. They have a three-layered coat that protects them in freezing temperatures.

The Siberian breed of cats is one of the ancient breeds of cats, and they are considered the ancestor of all the long-haired cats. These cats are very playful, and you also teach them tricks. They are very adaptive to their environment and adjusting in nature. If you live in cold areas, this cat is the perfect pet for you. They have a very thick and luxurious coat for keeping them warm.

These cats cannot sustain hot temperatures, so the Siberian breed is not meant for you if you live in hot areas or near the equator. This breed of cat is very friendly and will accompany you everywhere. If you are looking for a cuddling partner, Siberian cats can be your perfect cuddling partner. The Siberian cat will curl up next to you as soon as you sit. Though Siberian cats are rare in the United States, you will find one for yourself with some research.

14) Devon Rex breed – short hair grey cat

This breed is one of the mischievous breeds of cats and is also called a pixie cat. The breed first existed in the 1950s in England and has similar traits to the Cornish Rex cat breed. They are perfect indoor pets and have slender bodies with long legs. Their big eyes and high cheekbones differentiate their physical appearance from other cats. This breed is one of those cat breeds that don’t need regular brushing. Yes, you read it right; they don’t need regular brushing because they have very delicate furs and are prone to breakage.

To keep the breed well-groomed, you can rub the cat’s coat very gently with a cloth once a week. The long ears of these cats differentiate them from other cats and turn most of the heads. These cats don’t like cuddling; in fact, many owners describe them as dogs because of their personality traits. These cats are very loyal in nature and are very loving to their owners.

The coat of Devon Rex cats is short and a little bit curly. This breed is pretty common in the United States and can be found hairless in some areas. Because of their looks, they are very unusual cats, and once you see these cute felines, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. These cats love going out and are full of energy. Devon Rex cats are perfect to meet kids’ energy levels, and they will tire them out.

15) American Shorthair cats

This breed is one of the commonly found breeds in the United States. American shorthair cats firstly came to North America in 1620. This breed traces its decadence from other domestic shorthair cats, and they were recognized as a breed firstly in 1906. And in 1966, they were recognized as American shorthair for distinguishing them from other shorthair breeds. The prey instinct of this breed is very high and was used to keep rodents and vermin away from food.

These cats are very intelligent, and they love to play puzzle games. This breed is quite muscular and comes in a variety of colors. Their coat is quite dense, and they are known for their muscular body; they aren’t fluffy at all. They are very easy-going pets, but they don’t like holding for too long. These cats are very active and playful. American shorthair cat is undoubtedly not a lap cat; they will sit next to you instead of on your lap.

Closing words

Like me, if you are also a fan of grey cats, then this article will surely give you some clarity of thoughts. There are plenty of options when choosing about perfect grey cats for you. If you are someone eagerly waiting to welcome this grey companion to your home, then you have several options to pick. The only thing you need to take care of is that you should be completely aware of the responsibilities associated with owning a gray cat.

It would be best if you do some research about the temperament and traits of the breed you are getting for yourself. Before getting the cat to your place, you need to ensure that you can meet the grooming requirements associated with cats. And you need to ensure that you can keep the coat healthy. If you are looking for more cat care tips, then visit the website.

That was all about grey cats. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you and resolved all your queries. If you still have any queries, you can drop your concerns and queries in the comment section. For further improvement, you can drop your feedback in the comments. If you are also a cat enthusiast and want to learn more about cats, subscribe to our website for more helpful cat care articles. Happy reading!

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