November 25, 2022
calm down a stressed Rabbit

11 Ways to calm down a stressed Rabbit

Rabbits are vulnerable animals and can get stressed or anxious quickly. So it would be great if you knew how to calm down a stressed rabbit. If you own a pet rabbit, you should know how crucial it is to monitor them. Rabbits are calm and docile creatures, but they freak out when they find themselves in an unusual situation. Adapting to new changes or habits isn’t easy for rabbits or other animals. Let alone animals, but it is difficult for humans too. That’s why you need to take care of your pet animals and wait for them to adjust. In this article, we will discuss the several ways to calm down a stressed rabbit and the causes of stress too. So, stay tuned and keep reading to know all about rabbits and their stress condition.

Rabbit’s Character

Numerous rabbit breeds have different sizes, colors, and attributes. Male rabbits are known as bucks, and female rabbits are known as does. These small mammals belong to the family Leporidae. Rabbits have been domesticated for a long time now for various purposes. These adorable animals have eyes on either side of their head, and it helps them to escape from predators. Being a prey animal, rabbits have excellent vision and hearing abilities. It has incisors that never stop growing. Rabbits are herbivores, and their diet primarily includes hay.

These pet animals are playful and like to groom themselves. It’s crucial to be sensitive and gentle while dealing with rabbits, and any negligence can cost their life. So, it’s better to gather as much information as possible to deal with the pet rabbits. Rabbits are also likely to have many health conditions if not taken care of attentively.

How to know if your Rabbit is stressed or not?

To keep your rabbit healthy and happy, you should know how they behave when they don’t feel fine. Your rabbit can’t tell you whether it is in pain or not. Pet owners are supposed to identify the signs of any illness or stress. You can also take your rabbit to the veterinary clinic if you are unsure about its health. Stress can lead your rabbit to have many other health issues, so keep a check on your rabbit. Here are some signs that would let you know if your rabbit is stressed or not.

Signs of Stress in Rabbits

Knowing early symptoms of stress can save your rabbit from further damage. You should be more cautious and attentive around your rabbit to know whether or not they have stress.


If your rabbit is stressed or scared of something, it will hide. So, when you see your rabbit hiding in unusual places, it is probably stressful. Other than that, if your rabbit is spending more time in its cage or hutch, then you should try to know what’s wrong. You should try to comfort them if they are feeling threatened or stressed.

Grinding Teeth

Another sign of being stressed in rabbits is grinding teeth. If you notice your rabbit grinding its teeth, you should consult the vet. The veterinary doctor will suggest and diagnose the illness your rabbit is suffering from. You must know that teeth grinding is a sign of severe pain and stress.


Not only animals but humans also shake or tremble when they are terrified. The same goes for rabbits. They also start Trembling or shaking when they are stressed, scared, and terrified of something. Trembling, grinding teeth, erect ears, and hiding are visible signs that indicate that your rabbit has stress. Try to determine the cause of stress because your rabbit might be uncomfortable in its presence.

Erect Ears

Another sign that would indicate that your rabbit isn’t fine is Erect ears. You must know that the erect ears are the sign to tell you that something is troubling your pet. If your rabbit’s ears stand erect during a particular activity or cause, then it may not appreciate it. You can leave your rabbit alone for a while if you think that’s the case.

Excessive Grooming

Not all rabbits but some of them express their stress by excessive grooming. You should remember that rabbits are fond of grooming, but if they are doing it more than normal, it is a matter of concern. You should be aware of it and consult the vet as soon as possible. The veterinarian would find the cause of the stress, and then you can do the needful by keeping it away from the same.

Causes of Stress in Rabbits

We have illustrated the signs earlier that would tell you whether your rabbit is stressed or not. If you notice any such activity or behavior of your rabbit, consulting the vet would be the right thing to do. Otherwise, there can be unwanted consequences. If you want to know the causes behind your rabbit feeling stressed, then take a look at the following points.

Loud Noises

Pets such as rabbits, dogs, and even cats don’t like to stay in a loud or noisy place. Loud noises can make your pet anxious and stressed, and it is better to keep your rabbit away from such a loud and noisy place. Find a calm and quiet space for your pet, where it can spend its day and night peacefully. It is crucial for pet animals to sleep comfortably to restore energy for the next day.


Changing places, things, and habits don’t go well for everyone, especially pets. So, if you have recently moved somewhere or brought another pet home, then your rabbit may seem a little stressed. It would be best to give your rabbit enough time to process all this in such situations. Otherwise, its health may get worse. To keep your rabbit sane in this new place, you should avoid further changes.


Not interacting with your pet enough can lead them to stress. Getting bored for a long time can cause stress to your rabbit. So, it would be nice to spend some time with your pet rabbit to avoid boredom. Make your pets daily routine enjoyable. You can also give them some toys to play around as well.

Sickness and Pain

Being sick for a long time can drive anyone crazy. If your rabbit is also ill or in pain for a long time, it may get stressed. You should consult the vet if your rabbit is sick. Let the veterinarian know the symptoms you have noticed over the past couple of days. Don’t forget to ask how much time it would take to recover from this.

Uncomfortable environment and temperature

Keeping your rabbit in an uncomfortable environment can make their life slightly difficult. You should make every possible effort to keep your rabbit in a comfortable environment. Otherwise, it can face several other health conditions. Keep your rabbit in a hygenic place and feed them in clean bowls. Cleanliness is a crucial factor that affects the health of every individual directly. So, don’t keep your rabbit in too hot or cold weather. Monitor their body temperature to make sure that your pet is fine.

Lack of space

Crowded and congested places can make your rabbit stressed. So, make sure your rabbit stays in a comfortable place according to its size. Please keep all the necessary things near them, so they don’t have difficulty accessing them. Don’t make it stay in the cage all the time, and rather you should take it out to play, walk, and exercise.


Rabbits are playful and like to wander around often, but they wouldn’t appreciate too much travelling. You should avoid travelling too much with your rabbit. As you know, the rabbits don’t like changes, and it is hard for them to adapt to the new environment and face new people. So, you shouldn’t bring your rabbit everywhere you go.

Visits to the veterinarian

Another thing that can cause stress in rabbits or any other pet animal is veterinary visits. However, it is essential to get your rabbit’s health checked occasionally, and you can fix a schedule for your rabbit’s vet visits. Additionally, consult the vet whenever you notice any symptoms of illness in your pet.

How to calm down a stressed Rabbit?

Earlier, we have illustrated the symptoms and cause of rabbit’s stress. You should consult the vet whenever you observe any unusual activity or traits. The signs and causes we mentioned earlier would help you read early signs. You can avoid it happening by paying attention to the causes. Several ways would help you calm down your rabbit if it is stressed and anxious.

Ways to calm down a stressed Rabbit

If your rabbit has been suffering from stress for some time now, you should do the following things. Be cautious and gentle while dealing with your rabbit. Don’t rush things, and adhere to the tips mentioned below.

Check for Underlying Illness

Your rabbit wouldn’t tell you if it is sick or feeling low, you need to understand it yourself. Underlying illness is a significant cause of stress in rabbits. So, if you see any sign of being stressed in your rabbit’s nature, then take it to the vet. Also, noticing the rabbits activity closely would help you determine the cause of this stress. Let the vet know what you have noticed for the past couple of days, as it would help him diagnose the illness. The veterinarian would also suggest some precautions you need to take while your rabbit suffers from any health issues.

Make your Rabbit more comfortable.

Bringing a new pet is exciting but not for the rabbit. Sometimes, rabbits get stressed out because of the changes. It will take a lot of work and time to get your rabbit adjusted in this new place. You need to be patient and gentle with your rabbit all the time. Make sure your rabbit is happy and healthy. You may find your rabbit stressed if they are in an uncomfortable living condition that doesn’t even have basic needs. So, provide everything your rabbit needs in their living space.

Give your Rabbit enough space.

We have illustrated earlier that not being in a comfortable space causes stress in rabbits. It’s crucial to give your rabbit enough space so that it can feel liberated. Animals like to stay in open places like forests, and when you try to make them fit in a small or enclosed space, they would undoubtedly get stressed. So, if your rabbit is staying in a small cage or hutch, you should shift it to an open space.

If you want to keep your rabbit’s bedding in a cage, you need to go for a bigger cage than your rabbit size. Your rabbit wouldn’t feel trapped if the cage was comfortable. Also, remember to let your rabbit out of the cage and make sure it doesn’t stay in it the whole day.

Be calm and Gentle while handling.

Improper handling and being reckless can also drive your rabbit to a stressful condition. Rabbits are calm, docile, and fragile creatures. Not being nice to them can make them feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Don’t hand over your rabbit to a stranger or kid. An individual who doesn’t know how to handle the rabbit would probably hunt it. Sometimes, when anyone handles rabbits improperly, they try to escape. In an attempt to escape from the lap, it might hurt itself. You should handle your rabbit less, and it would keep them calm.

Keep your Rabbit away from Loud Noises.

If your rabbit is in a crowded place, it would certainly feel uneasy. Rabbits can hear far more clearly than humans, and that’s why loud noises can make them unsettle easily. So, you need to stop the loud noise when your rabbit is around. Staying in a noisy place for a long time can make your rabbit stressed. We recommend you to keep your rabbit away when you are having a party or any noisy household chores. Your rabbit would be scared if they find themselves in an environment that is crowded and noisy.

Be careful while Introducing new people or pets.

As mentioned before, rabbits and other pets can’t deal with new changes. So, it is necessary to be careful while introducing your rabbit to a stranger or new pet. You should be aware that rabbits are naturally prey animals and are vulnerable. Sometimes, bringing new pets also makes the exciting pets threatened. That’s why you need to be cautious and keep all your pets in the same place.

Avoid making sudden and unnecessary changes.

Rabbits won’t be comfortable with changes, whether it’s sudden, necessary, or unnecessary. Avoid making changes in your rabbits living space and in their cage. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even clean it. Uncleanliness in your rabbit cage and food utensils can lead to various diseases. It is necessary to keep their surroundings clean and unchanged.

Keep your Rabbit out of the cage more.

If your rabbit stays in its cage more than it usually does, it indicates either stress or illness. It would be best if you take your rabbit out for a walk or play, and it will keep you healthy and fit. Staying all the time in the cage would make it overweight and ill. You can play with your rabbit for a while when you see it staying in the cage for a long time. If your rabbit is scared of something, you need to find the cause. Once you find it, please keep it away from your pet so that it can feel safe.

Stick to the daily routine

Don’t change the routine of your rabbit daily. Feed your rabbits on time, help them groom, and play with them. It is best to set a schedule for your rabbit as they would feel safe knowing what would be next. Sticking to a daily routine will also keep your rabbit fit and healthy.

Don’t keep your rabbit outside.

Keeping your rabbit out of the cage is necessary, but keeping it outside without supervision can be a big mistake. Several diseases such as hyperthermia and overheating catch the pets due to excessive temperature. So, letting your rabbit out for an unusual period would make it suffer. If you keep your rabbit outside the house during summer, shift its cage or hutch inside. Additionally, your rabbit may feel threatened by other animals out there, leading to stress. Better is to keep your rabbit inside the house if there is no one to supervise it.

Train your Rabbit

Training your pet is probably the most difficult thing for a pet owner, but it is crucial. When you train your pet, they are safe from unnecessary trouble. Please spend some time with your rabbit and train him in a couple of things that would keep it healthy and safe. As mentioned earlier, rabbits aren’t very good with changes, but if you make them familiar with small changes first, that can help. They won’t even get stressed about changes. Make sure they adopt good habits for eating, cleaning, and playing.

Is stress bad for Rabbits?

Fear helps the rabbits avoid dangerous situations, but it may kill them when they are frightened too much. So, the best thing you can do is keep them away from the thing that causes them stress. If animals find themselves in a situation where they feel scared, they will be stressed. Being stressed for a long time can also emerge some health issues in your pet animals. So beware if your rabbit is showing any sign of stress and anxiety. Keep them safe and away from things they don’t like or are scared of. Otherwise, they would end up having several health issues. When your rabbit is having a hard time, be understanding, calm, and gentle with them.

Final Words

That was all about the ways to calm down a stressed rabbit. I hope you found this article informative and helpful. You need to make sure that your rabbit is comfortable and is not scared of anything. Apparently, any pet would be stressed if they feel scared or threatened. So, whenever you see your rabbit in an uneasy and uncomfortable condition, you need to eliminate the cause and help them. If you think you have something to add, you can leave it in the comment section. Your valuable views and suggestions help us do better.

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