November 28, 2022
Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together

Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together?

Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together – This article will be about rabbits and chickens. It will explain to you whether they can live together or not. Also, it will tell you various other things about rabbits and chickens, like sharing food and creating a bond. Read the article completely to get the knowledge about the living environment of a rabbit and a chicken.

All these species may differ in their living environment, but there are so many things in common among them. The American Rabbit Breeders Association believes that there are about forty-nine rabbit breeds. Rabbits can be differentiated by their sizes as well. Some rabbits can grow as a little child, and some can not raise even as infants. For instance, there is a small rabbit such as a pygmy rabbit.

Distinct heights and weights of Rabbits

A pygmy rabbit can grow to eight inches and can weigh less than one pound. However, if we talk about a giant rabbit species, they can grow to twenty inches and weigh more than 10 lbs or 4.5 kilograms. Rabbits are also famous for their insatiable reproductive habits. A rabbit can breed three to four times in one year.

Rabbits are herbivores, and they have green leafy vegetables in their regular diet plan. The European rabbits are one of the best breeds of rabbits. European rabbits are available in almost every country except Antarctica. Domestic rabbits should have someplace where they can hide from heat and hypothermia. At the same time, wild rabbits make their own house in woods, deserts, Meadows, etc.

About Chickens

Chicken is a domestic animal with a population of 23.7 billion. It belongs to the Aves class, and the chicken belongs to the Animalia kingdom. An adult female is known as a hen, and an adult male is known as cock. They are omnivores. Wild chickens also dig the soil in search of seeds and food. An average lifespan of a chicken is about five to ten years.

The lifespan of a chicken also depends upon the type of breed. Guinness World Records says that the world’s most enormous chicken lived for almost sixteen years. Experts say that the chickens are gregarious birds, and they always live in flocks. In the ’20s, keeping a chicken as a pet was prevalent in society.

Chicken – Uses

People especially keep chickens for their meat. People kill about fifty million chickens for their meat. People kill chickens for eggs, and the number of kills for eggs is more than three hundred billion per annum. People also use chickens for cockfighting purposes and through which they earn money.

So, people use chicken for their earning purpose as well. Chickens are defenseless against parasites, including fleas, mites, intestinal worms, etc. Chickens are a great carrier of salmonella. The chickens have defensive behavior, and they gang up on weak predators.

There is even a news report in which a flock of chickens killed a fox. Because they have this defensive character, other animals can rarely live with them. In the article, you can decide whether you should keep your other pet with the chicken or not. They also have social behavior, such as if they have some food to eat, they will first call their other buddy or their roosters to eat the food.

Can Rabbits and Chickens live together?

A rabbit and a chicken have so many things in common. For example, they both are outdoor pets, and they both like company and are social animals. Both the rabbit and the chicken need a space to run and play. For saving areas, you might think to keep them together. But you should first know that you can keep them together or they are harmful to each other.

Both the animals need a cabinet to grow and flourish, and to save space, the farmers or the owners try to keep them in one place. If you want to keep both the pets together, you have to first introduce them to each other. Introducing the rabbit to the chicken should occur at a very young age; otherwise, it may create problems.


If you decide to keep your pets together, you have to be sure that the rabbit has a separate space to sleep there. A difference between them is that a rabbit is cleaner.

On the other hand, a chicken does not live with that cleanliness. The rabbit and the chicken can make a bond with each other and can become friends.

But you have to take precautions as chickens are known for their defensive character also. So, take all the necessary precautions if you’re thinking of keeping your rabbit with your chicken. Apart from this, you have to take health precautions. You should be aware that chickens carry unspoken diseases which may harm your rabbit. And as you already know that a rabbit is a susceptible animal. So, keep their lifestyle safe.

How can Rabbits and Chickens live together?

If you are thinking of keeping your two different pets together, you can keep them together, but you need to take extra care. A right and complete care can prevent both the animals safe. Creating a harmonious multi-species home is not a big deal, and you have to be more protective.

These two animals have different and unique needs. Their eating habits are different, and so many other things make them different. You can be taken a risk by keeping them together, but there is no assurity that they will stay safe. Both rabbits and chickens are sensitive, delicate and fearful animals. Their needs are different, so they also need some extra time to bond with each other.

They will be comfortable with each other once they know each other. You will have to give some time to both the animals. With time they will know each other and will get comfortable with each other’s company. They both will like their company in some certainties, and they are below.

Nature and behavior of the animals

If both the pets are not making relationships, you should avoid keeping them together. Suppose their relationship was going well, but it breaks down for some reason, then also you have to keep them separate from each other.

Introduction at a young age

Keeping two different animals together is a big task. But if you are thinking likely. Then it would be best if you introduced both the pets at a very young age. Introducing animals at young ages is beneficial. They quickly get to know each other and easily gets involved with each other.

Keep one more animal

Suppose you keep a single chicken and a single rabbit, then we will advise you to keep one more chicken and one more rabbit. The animals will not feel lonely. Otherwise, they will feel stressed and lonely. They will like their company more.

Neuter or spay

Neutering is the best possible way to calm your male rabbit when they are mounting something sexual in their sight. It may be an act of dominance that you can calm down through neutering or spaying.

Separate sleeping quarters

The chickens poop almost everywhere, but the rabbits are cleaners. They need cleanliness around them. And even to clean their space, the rabbits eat their poop also. So, keeping them in one quarter could be a bad idea. Rabbits feel stressed, and they don’t like being surrounded by dirt and filth. You should make a separate corner for a rabbit as chickens continuously poop around their living space.

Clean and spacious surrounding

Both the rabbits and the chickens need more space where they can run freely and can play. They both need extra space for their ideal survival. On the other hand, cleanliness around their area is the most vital thing. Rabbits are the cleanest animals. They do not like dirt or filth around them. Even they eat their poop to clean the space around them.

Privacy factor

These two are the animals who become overwhelmed if they do not get privacy. They both are friendly, and that is the reason why they want to get surrounded by fellows. Both live to play with their friends.

What are the advantages of keeping the Rabbits and the Chickens together?

If you are willing to keep your rabbit and your chicken together in the same coop, it has some benefits. These are some benefits of keeping your rabbit with your chicken.

Entertainment and fun

It is fun to watch a rabbit with a chicken when they interact with each other. When both the rabbit and the chicken play with each other, it becomes a source of entertainment for people.

Need less space

Suppose you decide to keep both the rabbit and the chicken together in the same coop. You will need less area for both the rabbit and the chicken. Two animals will live in one place that requires less space, and you can easily arrange it.

A single big coop will be sufficient for the animals instead of having separate cells for both of them. Then it eliminates some space which you can use for some other purposes.

Weather condition and temperature

Rabbits and chickens have so many similarities between them. And one of them is that they do not feel comfortable in the winter season. Both the animals do not cope well with winters. There is one more commonality between them. They both grow and flourish well in the winter seasons. You will not need more heat. A single heat producer can work for both the animals.

Fellowship and accompany

Suppose you are going out of your house and there is nobody to take care of your rabbits. Then your chicken will accompany your rabbits and play with them. They will give them company, and your rabbits will not feel alone. The chickens will become their fellows and play with them. When you see both of them playing with each other, you get surprised to see them together. But you have to take care that your pets know each other from before.

Cleanliness around the coop

Chickens poop everywhere. Keep the coop clean. Rabbits like to live a clean lifestyle. On the other hand, chickens poop all around their space. In this case your rabbit may have to deal with some health issues. So, clean the poop regularly. If the rabbits mistakenly eat something toxic, it can be hazardous for them. They can have some severe health problems.


One more commonality between rabbits and chickens is that they both are prey species. They both attract the same predators. If you keep both of them together, they feel secure from any danger and can fight together if they face any problem.

What are the disadvantages of keeping Rabbits and Chickens together?

However, there are several reasons to keep your rabbit with your chickens. But there are some disadvantages if you keep both of them together. You must read these points as well before keeping both of them together in one coop. If you think practically, then these two animals can’t live together. There are so many differences between them. Before allocating them the same space to live you should read these and think again about your decision.

Digging the soil

Rabbits are animals who love to dig in the soil. When they see soil, they can not keep themselves calm, and they start digging the soil. They dig in the ground and hide. To prevent the hiding of rabbits, you will need a hard floor where they will not be able to dig. But your chicken will not be comfortable on that floor. It will be uncomfortable for your chicken’s feet.

Nutritional food

The bodies of both animals are different, and their bodies need different nutrients and minerals to survive. And food has additional nutritional value. Suppose mistakenly they eat each other’s food, and then they may become ill. Wrong food diets bring diseases. A balanced diet can only make an organism fit. You have to give both foods separately as chickens can eat anything but a rabbit can not eat anything.

Coop structure and making material

The material which people use to make the coop should be suitable for the animals. If it is not appropriate, it may hurt the animals anywhere, and it can bleed, further becoming a disease. So, make sure that the structure and the material used in making the coop are suitable.

Neutering behavior

Neutering can be helpful if the male rabbit is mounting the chicks in the coop. However, this is not enough to prevent this.

Unique temperament

Both the rabbit and the chicken have different temperaments. Chickens are afraid of fast-moving animals, and when they see such animals, they become fearful. However, rabbits are peaceful animals and like to play peacefully. Fast-moving animals may claw them and fight with the chickens, which is why they become nervous when they see fast-moving animals.

Coop Cleanliness

We can count the rabbits among those animals who love to live clean. They like cleanliness. However, the chickens are less clean than rabbits. So, you have to clean the coop every day. It can also produce some diseases to your rabbit as they can not tolerate dirt around them.

Diseases and health

You should know that chickens are the ones who are prone to a variety of zoonotic diseases and health problems. Dirt can contribute to various health problems. Keep their surroundings clean, and you will be able to keep everyone safe. Otherwise, if one animal gets affected by any disease, it can affect others as well.

What should be the size of the coop for a Rabbit and the Chicken?

The coop should be spacious and should meet the requirements of both the animals. It should be enormous so that they can find separate zones in the cell. Even if they are comfortable with each other, they also need space and a particular zone for them. Start with the needs of your chickens. You should allow a minimum of three square feet per chicken and ten square feet for running purposes. Now, come to the needs of your rabbit. A rabbit’s house should be 12 square feet. And should have a running area of at least 31 square feet.

What material should we use to make the combo coop?

The materials that we should use to make the combo coop are as follows.

  1. The coop should be safe and secure so that no predator can attract them.
  2. The roof of the coop should be waterproof and robust.
  3. You should not use a solid cover in the front gate as it can be a hurdle in ventilation.
  4. Avoid using wires which may hurt the animals and can lead to disease.
  5. You have to make a floor which will help to prevent the rabbits from digging on the ground. They may dig and make a hole to escape.

What diseases can Rabbits get from Chickens?

Yes, chickens can transmit diseases to rabbits. Chicken poop can transmit different diseases to your rabbit. It creates constant health problems for the rabbits. Another concern is that it transmits parasites from chicken to rabbit. They can also transfer flea infections from chickens to rabbits.

Salmonella and coccidiosis disease

Salmonella disease has no symptoms but occurs in almost every chicken. It means that it can infect a rabbit, and they even do not show any signs of the disease. There is a greater risk of coccidiosis in them. This disease occurs when a parasite attaches itself to the digestive tracts of the chicken. If the rabbits get affected by this disease, then it can lead them to be fatal. Those rabbits who eat chicken feces can be infected by coccidiosis. This disease stays in the intestine of the chickens. It is also present in their waste.

Final words

This article was all about can rabbits and chickens can live together. It has an introduction about the chicken and the rabbit at the very beginning of the article. After this, it has all the information about can rabbits and chickens can live together. This article has all the details about the diseases that a rabbit and a chicken can share. I hope you will like the article, and if you like it, you may comment below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions regarding the article, you may write them down below in the article.

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