November 27, 2022
Can Rabbits eat celery

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Can Rabbits eat celery – This blog will be fun and helpful for you. The article will give you information about the rabbit’s eating habits or diet plan. It will briefly describe whether a rabbit can eat celery or not. If the rabbits can eat celery, then what are the benefits of eating celery?

There will be some fascinating facts about the rabbits at the very beginning of the article. Read the complete article, and you will get to know whether the rabbits can eat celery or not and in what form you should give it to the rabbits. So, read the article and gain some adequate knowledge through which you will get to know the proper diet plan of a rabbit.

About Rabbit

Rabbits belong to the Animalia kingdom and are also known as bunny rabbits or bunnies. These rabbits are tiny creatures that belong to a Leporidae family, and the rabbits are moderately sized mammals. This Leporidae family contains more than sixty species.

The word Leporidae is a Latin word that means those animals that resemble Lepus (hare). The survey reports of the year 2017 state that there were about 305 breeds or species of domestic rabbit, which was present in seventy countries of the world. It is said that the rabbit breed is a different breed or variety created through natural selection. Among the various other breed species of the European rabbit species is the famous one.

The rabbits belong to the Mammalia class. All the female rabbits are known as does, and all the male rabbits are known as bucks. The term coney is also there to indicate the rabbits which came in the 18th century. Most of the rabbits and the hares went under the Rodentia order until 1912, but the moment they moved them into a new order known as Lagomorpha.

Domestic Rabbits

People have been keeping rabbits as pets for a long time. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, people were widely keeping European rabbits as pets or livestock. There were a wide variety of rabbit breeds through selective breeding, and among these selective breeds, people kept some of them as their pets.

Some of these are owned by the scientists as well for some research subject topics. Livestock means species are honored for their fur or meat, and in the Middle Ages, people kept and used these rabbit species for their everyday needs.

Facts about Rabbits

All the domestic rabbits eat and can also live on a diet of carrots, while the wild rabbits do not eat root vegetables. These wild rabbits survive on weeds, clovers, grasses, etc.

Rabbits are generally known and famous among humans for their cuteness, but not all rabbits are cute. For instance, Flemish giant rabbits do not look attractive and are the world’s most giant rabbit breed.

But it is famous for its very gentle and kind behavior. Young rabbits are known as kits.

Sometimes rabbits eat their poop and process it for another time. Researchers count rabbits among the many hygienic animals. So, if you are the owner, then you can feel free. Unlike the owners of pets, you have to bathe your pet regularly.

Can Rabbits eat celery?

If you are an owner of a rabbit and find all you can feed to your pet, you are on the right page. This blog will tell you whether you can give celery to your rabbit or not. You can add celery to your diet plan. Give your rabbit different green leafy vegetables as it will make your rabbit healthy. Most rabbits like to eat celery, and a great thing about it is that it tastes sweet and delightful even though it does not have excess sugar.

Be careful and do not give cooked celery to your rabbit. Always provide raw celery to your rabbit as they digest it quickly. However, a rabbit can not digest the cooked celery easily. The rabbits face digestion problems as they have very sensitive digestive tracts. They can not quickly digest cooked foods. Raw celery is very beneficial for a rabbit. The celery for a rabbit is enjoyable and works great for their teeth.

You can also give your pet the leaves of the celery plant, and even the celery plants are more beneficial for the rabbits. Celery plant leaves are more nutritious than seeds and other forms. It would be best if you give your rabbit celery with a mixture of green vegetables. Suppose you are providing celery to your rabbit for the very first time then, you should introduce the celery to your pet for a small amount. You should give the celery to the pet in small amounts and make sure that it is raw celery and not cooked. Cooked celery can lead to gastric problems.

What are the health benefits of celery?

Research says that celery is very beneficial for the health of a rabbit. Celery is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, etc., which helps in the growth of a rabbit. The fibers present in the celery help the rabbits in proper, regular, and healthy digestion.

If you want to keep your rabbit hydrated, you should give your pet celery because celery has high water, which initially helps the rabbit keep the fluid level high. You should provide celery for your pet if your pet does not drink sufficient water. When they chew raw celery with their teeth, it helps them wear down their ever-growing teeth.

What are the risks of eating celery?

Firstly, when you are introducing celery to your rabbit. It would be best if you give your rabbits the celery in a minimal amount. Also, keep in mind that you should feed your pet in moderation. Please do not give your rabbit too much celery, as excessive celery can lead your pet to diarrhea and can upset their digestive system. Suppose your pet’s digestive system gets upset, and your rabbit becomes ill, then you should stop feeding them celery.

Because the rabbits have a susceptible digestive system, they may not be able to digest the celery. It suits some rabbits, and to some rabbits, it does not work. Yes, there are some rabbits to whom some vegetables or some products do not fit. Also, some stringy pieces of celery can get stuck in the rabbit’s teeth. There may be a choking risk to your rabbit as well. It may make your bunny uncomfortable if you want to take measures before feeding celery to the rabbits. Then you can cut the celery into small pieces.

Small pieces decrease the risk of choking. Always try to cut the parts less than 2 cm. And if you are feeding your rabbit the green leaves of the celery, then it is the best form of providing the celery. It is easy to chew and has high nutritional value.

Because celery can be counted as one of the healthiest foods, it does not have any risk. You should be aware of a few things and have to keep them in mind while feeding your rabbit.

Fewer Oxalates

It has oxalates. Oxalates are also known as oxalic acid. If you give your pet these oxalates in small amounts, then it is okay. But if you provide these oxalates within a very high dose to your pet, then it can be very harmful to your pet. It means that you should give celery to your pet in more minor amounts only as it contains oxalates.

Suppose if you provide oxalates to your rabbit in a very high dose, then it can overweight your rabbit and damage your rabbit’s kidney. Also, develop other health problems in your rabbit.

Contains high water

If you are aware that celery contains water, you should know that it includes a lot of water. Other vegetables also contain water, such as cucumbers. Suppose you add these highly collected water foods to your rabbit’s diet. Then it may be harmful as well. Too much water can also cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea in your rabbit.

Strings of the celery

Celery is hard and stringy pieces that can get caught in the teeth of your rabbit. These tiny strings can create significant problems for your rabbit. Also, it can result in the blockage of the digestive tracts of your rabbit.

Sweet sugar

Celery tastes sweet as it has sweetness in it. You should know that high sugar can overweight your rabbit and produce some other problems in their digestive system.

Rabbits diet plan

A diet plan for your rabbit should have a wide range of plant-based products such as all the vegetables and herbal plants. These plants and vegetables have all the vitamins and minerals that they possibly need for their growth. Mostly all the rabbits like the taste of the celery and live to eat the celery. Also, it contains all the vital minerals, vitamins, and nutritional value in it, which keep their body healthy.

About celery

Celery is a preferable vegetable by the owners of the rabbits for their rabbits. The owners prefer to feed celery to their pets because it has all nutrients essential for the proper growth of their physical body. Celery has many nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, fibers, and iron.

But you have to keep an eye check on the amount of celery you give to your pet. It should not be in an excessive amount as excessive amounts of celery can cause health problems in their body. So, you have to offer celery to your pet in a minimal amount only.

Celery should be cut down into tiny pieces so that your rabbit can easily chew them. A small part of celery can be digested easily by the rabbit. Long and oversized pieces are hard to chew and digest and hence can create digestion problems.

What is celery?

Before giving the celery to your rabbit, you should know what celery is. Celery is a flowering plant that belongs to the same family as the carrot. Yeah, if you want to grow celery in your garden, then you can grow them in your garden. You can purchase them from any greengrocer, and celery has a part known as petiole.

People harvest and eat the petiole. Petioles are the stalks that help the plant connect with the stem. These petioles generally look thin, but they will look long, fibrous, and thick if you see that on the celery plant. The celery is also known by many other names, such as celery sticks, because it seems so thin, celery stems; however, it is not a stem but connects the plant and the stem, and celery stalks.

Low calorie

The celery is crunchy and has low-calorie content in it. Also, it has a mild taste. And because of these reasons, people love to eat celery. But the question is, do rabbits like them? Do they live to eat celery? The answer is yes. They love to eat celery. There are too many green vegetables poisonous for the rabbits, and they should not eat them. But celery is excellent for the health of rabbits.

Rabbits can have celery as it is fresh and healthy to eat. You can give the celery to your rabbit to around fifteen percent of their diet plan.As you know, celery is not a green leafy vegetable. So, you can feed your rabbit sparingly in small pieces. You can give celery to your rabbit occasionally, and it will not even harm their health if you give them occasionally and in small amounts. Rabbits do enjoy the taste of celery. They enjoy the taste of the pale stalks, brighter green inner and outer ones.

Why do Rabbits like the celery taste?

Rabbits are one of those animals which like to eat almost all the fruits and vegetables. The rabbits also enjoy the vegetables and the fruits that a human loves to eat. Wild rabbits are the enemy of vegetable farmers. The nutrition and the fiber that celery has in it look tasty to the rabbits, which is why rabbits love to eat the celery. With fibers and minerals, it also contains sweet or sugar.

We humans may not taste sweet, but rabbits can. Suppose your rabbit is not like the celery, then you don’t need to worry. Your bunny may not like the celery taste, which is why your rabbit is not eating the celery. But there are no worries if your rabbit is not eating the celery but eating every other leafy green vegetable. If your rabbit is eating almost everything except celery, then there is no harm if your bunny is not eating the celery.


Apart from the excellent taste of celery, it has so much nutritional value for rabbits. The fiber which is present in the celery helps to push food into the rabbit’s digestive system. A single piece of celery can be an alternative for the rabbit’s chew toy. And even it is more healthy.

Celery can be given to the pet in a limited amount only as it contains sugar and carbohydrate, which is not suitable for their health. You can provide the celery even to your overweight rabbit as it has calories in a meager amount. Celery is low in calories, which is why it is good for the health of rabbits.

Your bunny can eat celery as your bunny will not gain any extra weight by eating celery. It is low in calories does not mean that it has less nutritional value. Celery contains every vital vitamins and minerals nutrition that a rabbit needs for its proper growth and survival.

Vitamins and minerals in celery

It had Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B- Vitamin, iron, Folic acid, and other essential nutrients. Eating all these nutrients makes the rabbit’s body function smoothly, and the rabbits quickly digest the celery as the raw celery are easy to digest.

Water content in celery

It is also high in water which means it contains a very high amount of water which further helps the rabbit digest the food easily. And feeding your rabbits the celery can keep them hydrated. It automatically adds water to their diet plan. In summers, you can give refrigerated celery to your rabbit as it cools down their body in summer. It also makes them feel energetic and active all day long.

Frequently asked questions

Can Rabbits eat celery?

Yes, a rabbit can eat celery in salad form but you can give them the celery in small amount only.

Can a Rabbit eat celery leaves?

Yeah, a rabbit can eat celery leaves. These leaves are harmless and are a green leafy vegetable that is good for your rabbit’s health.

Is it safe for a Rabbit to eat celery flowers?

Celery flower is not considered harmful and poisonous for a rabbit. But also, it is not advised by the researchers till now. So, you should avoid feeding celery flowers to your rabbit.

Can I give celery seed to my Rabbit?

No, celery seeds are not suitable for your rabbit. Even humans do not eat them alone. They make salt or spice and add it into some dishes like soup etc.

Can I give celery root to my Rabbit?

Yes, you can feed celery roots to your rabbit as it is safe for the celery rabbits and the humans as well. It is not harmful. So, you can provide your rabbit with the very roots.

What amount of celery should I give to my Rabbit?

Most of the rabbit’s diets should include grasses and hay. You should involve 85 percent of your rabbit’s diet with green leafy vegetables. And celery can be counted as a leafy green vegetable. If your rabbit likes the taste of the celery, then you can add it to their diet plan as a salad form. It would be best if you gave about two-inch which is less than half a stick every day.

Final words

This article is all about can rabbits eat celery. It has all the information about what a rabbit diet has. Celery is good for the health of the rabbits if you give them a small amount regularly in salad form. I hope it was helpful for you. If you find this article, then you can leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may write them down in the comments section. Hope to hear from you soon.

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