constipation in Rabbits

What Can Cause Constipation in Rabbits?


Constipation in Rabbits is temporary, and it doesn’t stay for a long time. Rabbit’s constipation is also known as gastrointestinal stasis. Rabbits have a high-fiber diet, and they poop a lot in a day. Rabbits have a sensitive digestive system, and rabbits can’t hold the poop because of their fiber diet.

You should contact your veterinarian if your rabbit doesn’t poop in 24 hours. A healthy fresh diet is important for getting a healthy digestive system. Rabbits get constipated due to illness, stress, dental problem, and intestinal blockage.

Lack of exercise also causes rabbit constipation. Exercise is crucial for rabbits to make the digestive system strong and healthy.

How many times does a Rabbit poop in a day?

Rabbit’s high-fiber diet makes them poop a lot, and they poop approximately a hundred to two hundred droppings pellets daily. If you have rabbits, you might get disturbed because they poop everywhere. Rabbits Poop more than pee, and rabbits only pee seven to eight times daily. Rabbit’s poop can show how healthy poop looks compatible in size, shape, and color. Pooping a lot is normal for rabbits, which is a sign of their healthy digestive system. You do not need to worry if you see your rabbit poop a lot.

If you find that your rabbit is not pooping enough, as usual, you should try to find the reason behind it. You can also contact to veterinary in this situation. Lack of pooping is a sign of unhealthy digestion and might be your rabbit having some sought of stress or illness. You can take your rabbit to the vet to check for constipation.

How can rabbits stay long without pooping?

Rabbits Poop a lot, and if your rabbit is not pooping even once a day, it might face a constipation problem. Rabbit can’t hold their poop for a longer time. They eat a lot of fiber, which makes them poop a lot, they can hold poop for a maximum of 48 hours, but they can’t survive after that.

Rabbits like to chew something all the time, especially while pooping, and rabbit’s also like to poop in a clean and soft area as they eat their dropping, so it should be clean and notorious. Keep an eye on your rabbit and check if it’s poop or not. It is hard to control poop for a rabbit. Rabbits get constipation problems temporarily, and it is not long. Still, it can be dangerous and create serious problems—sometimes rabbit pee but not poop, which confuses rabbit owners about finding the problem.

How can I find constipation in Rabbits?

Pet owners can find out if their rabbit has good digestive health or not. You can check the things such as:

  • Check your rabbit’s cabinet to see if they poop or not.
  • She is refusing to eat hay and grass.
  • Your rabbit is eating starchy food that can make them poop less.
  • You can check your rabbit’s stomach movement if it gets swollen, so it can be possible that it didn’t poop for a long time.
  • You can see if your rabbit is chewing less than usual days.

Symptoms of rabbit constipation

The most common symptom is to see your rabbit’s dropping. Check your rabbit’s hutch and check if there are any droppings or not. There is more constipation symptoms include:

  • Stomach swelling: check if your rabbit is not pooping, so their stomach gets swelled.
  • Dehydration: Less water creates the problem of dehydration and makes rabbits urinate and poop less.
  • Gases: if rabbits don’t poop the whole day, they may have gas, and it can give them pain.
  • Anorexia: in this situation, rabbits don’t like to move, or we can say they aren’t able to move. It gives pain while moving—rabbit underlying in this case.
  • Refuse to eat: constipation makes rabbits’ stomachs heavy, and they don’t want to eat. They refuse to eat or chew anything.
  • Hunched posture: rabbits make hunched posture in constipation.
  • Inactive: constipation makes rabbits less energetic and enthusiastic. Rabbit doesn’t like to do anything about constipation.
  • Less urination: in constipation, the rabbit doesn’t eat or drink anything, making rabbits pee less.

How can I help Rabbits with constipation?

When the rabbits get constipated, they may require care and healthy things. If you find that your rabbit is having constipation and you want to help the rabbit at home, so you do things like:

You can give your Rabbit laxative: You can give your rabbit laxative; you can take advice from the chemist. If they allow you to give it to your rabbit, so give them; otherwise, do not give.

Laxative helps constipation, but it is occasionally allowed to give to rabbits and other animals. So it will be good to ask your vet.

Olive oil:

You can give your rabbit olive oil for constipation. Olive oil helps smooth the inside of bowels and makes them move, and it will help them poop. Make sure only gives your rabbit olive oil in this situation once, not again, as olive oil contains fat that is not for the rabbit.

It gives only one teaspoon of olive oil to your rabbit, and if you see rabbits still don’t poop, so do not feed your rabbit olive oil again, as it can create problems for the rabbit’s health.

Make your rabbit physically move:

Making a rabbit move like an exercise or run would be best. Rabbit bowels should move, and they make them poop. You can encourage your rabbit to move, such as you can give them a treat if they move a bit, so it will make them move a bit more.

Try to chase your rabbit so they can feel a weak stomach while running and poop instantly. In constipation, rabbit’s stay freeze in one position. Running can make your rabbit hungry and thirsty. Give them water after a while. That can help their bowel to move a bit.

Which food shouldn’t I give constipation in Rabbits?

The quality of food is so crucial for rabbits’ health. They need to maintain a diet that can give them a healthy lifestyle without any health issues. You can make your rabbit’s healthy poop routine by giving them high fiber. The rabbit should have more than enough fiber so they can poop usually.

Avoid giving them such vegetables that can cause gastrointestinal problems—beans, peas, onion, green onion, leeks, and chives. Remove dry food from the rabbit’s hutch. These can cause problems for your rabbits, so try not to feed them to your rabbits. The rabbit shouldn’t feed starchy food like potatoes and bread, which can cause immediate rabbit constipation. These starchy vegetables and pieces of bread can cause a rabbit’s sudden death.

Which food will be good for my rabbit’s digestion?

It would help if you fed your rabbit green, clean, healthy, fresh food and vegetable to your rabbit. The carrot should give rabbits fewer amounts; unusually, it contains carbohydrates that are not always good for rabbits’ digestion.

The vegetables that are good for rabbits’ digestive health are basil, carrot tops, mustard green, bok Choy, watercress, cilantro, kohlrabi, beet greens, broccoli, etc.

Rabbits’ body requires a lot of hay and grass that gives them fiber. Rabbits should chew hay and grass that makes their teeth and mouth clean and healthy.

Rabbits should eat good-quality pellets or droppings, and bad pellets can affect their digestion system. They need pellets every day; they eat their dropping, so keep an eye on your rabbit to see if they have enough or more than enough amount of it.

Why constipation in Rabbits?

It might happen with any animal, and rabbits get constipated. There might be so many reasons, and you can see this in the rabbit’s behavior. The reasons for constipation in rabbits include:

  • Stress: Rabbits get stressed quickly, so when they get stressed, they eat less and stop craving food, and an empty stomach can make them get constipation. If you feel stressed, try to make them stress-free by distracting them, and you can help them by comforting them.
  • Unhealthy diet: you can give rabbit food by schedule and timing. Suppose you feed a rabbit in unnecessary time so, Might not eat and have a chance of getting constipation. If rabbits eat starchy foods like bread and pastries, they can make their digestion less. Potato also can cause constipation immediately in the rabbit.
  • Lack of exercise: rabbits need to run and exercise in their daily routine. Suppose they become lazy and inactive, so they will not digest food as fast as possible. As they eat a high amount of fiber, it needs to be digested and dropped, and if rabbits don’t move from the place, they can’t digest it in time.
  • Getting less fiber: getting less amount of fiber can make rabbits constipated. They need to eat enough hay and grass that gives them fiber. Fibre is crucial for rabbits’ health, and it not only gives rabbits a total amount of fiber but also makes rabbits’ mouths and teeth clean and healthy.

How can I relieve constipation in Rabbits?

You can make your rabbit relieve constipation by giving them a soft tummy massage to relieve the pain. Massage should work gently and smoothly, and rabbits will feel relieved and calm. Your rabbit also can feel a bit light and fart. You can give your rabbit food that is not dry. If rabbits fart in this situation, they feel light and can move.

How my Rabbit’s Poop should look?

You can check your rabbit’s healthy by seeing its poop. Rabbit poop should look like a frozen pea, small in size and round. If your rabbit’s poop looks unshaped and weird in size, it means it has an imperfect blockage in the guts. Rabbits poop should be stiff and sturdy, so if you rub it in between your fingers, it will change into powder form, so it considers a healthy sign of gut. Poop color also matters in health.

The color poop should be brown; if the poop is dark black, it means your rabbit has more than. You can check your rabbit’s healthy by seeing its poop. Rabbit poop should look like frozen peas, small in size and round. If your rabbit’s poop looks unshaped and weird in size, it means it has an imperfect blockage in the guts. Rabbits’ poop should be stiff and sturdy. Rubbing it in between your fingers will change into powder form, which is considered a healthy sign of gut. Poop color also matters in health. The color poop should be brown; if the poop is dark black, your rabbit has more than enough fiber.

If rabbit pooping attaches three to four pellets, your rabbit has a slow digestion system and needs a healthy diet. Sometimes rabbit poop is attached to hair; in this case, you don’t need to worry about it. Rabbits sometimes get fur in their meal, and poop should be healthy.


Stress can cause constipation in rabbits. Stresses develop many problems in a rabbit’s body, and these problems can be:

  • Loud noises make them stressed, as rabbits get panicked and are frightened by loud noises.
  • Being alone hurts rabbits; they feel ignored by their owner. It makes them stressed.
  • Facing new people at their place gives them discomfort feel.
  • Owner’s less attention and busy schedule make them feel alone and bored.
  • Changes in their eating schedule.
  • Rabbits need help getting comfortable. They need time to be comfortable if they see environmental changes to get stressed.
  • Rabbits always like to stay in the ground if people hold them, so they don’t like it. Please don’t pick them up. It is not required.
  • Rabbit likes to be playful and cheerful.
  • Rabbits find them alone at the place it gives them stress.

Rabbit is eating and peeing, but why not pooping?

Constipation in rabbits can be happened due to the rabbit’s stress. Sometimes rabbits eat but do not move from the place, so they don’t make their bowels move, which makes them constipated.

Rabbits might get frightened by something that makes those drinks and peed. Urinating does not mean that rabbit is not facing any problems in pooping; the rabbit May faces pain in poop. You can remove dry food and give water to your rabbits so they will try to drink it whenever they feel comfortable. It can also happen in one more situation when rabbits might have a gas problem that gives them pain in pooping.


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