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Cat sleeping positions

Different Cat Sleeping Positions

Cat sleeping positions – The article will first introduce you to the cat and give a brief idea about their behaviour, structure, and senses. After introducing you to the cat, we will tell you the different sleeping positions of cats. Cats can sleep in different positions, and there is no count of their sleeping positions.

Like humans, the cats also fall asleep in a sitting position. This article will be about the cat’s sleeping position. Isn’t it interesting to know how cats sleep in different positions? Even a cat’s sleeping position describes its current mood as well. We will define their different sleeping positions in the article only.

What are the different characteristics of cats?


Cats prefer to sit in high places. Sitting in a high place gives them assurity that no prey animals will attack them. When a cat falls from a high place, they twist their body and land on their front feet. They have an acute sense of flexibility and balance.


The cats are digitigrade. Digitigrade refers to when an animal runs on toes with the bones of the feet, making the lower part of the legs. Ambulation provides the cats with a sure footing for hind paws when navigating to the rough terrain. When a cat speeds up from walking to trotting, the cat’s gait automatically changes. Gait is a pattern on which an animal walks.


The cats have retractable and protractible claws. When a cat is relaxed, its feet are sheathed with its fur and skin—their toe pads jeep their claws sharp as they resist the contact of their toes with the ground.


A cat’s socket is very uncommon. The cats have large eye sockets and have a powerful and robust jaw, and within their jaws, the cats have teeth. The cats use their two long canine teeth to tear meat. Also, they use their canine teeth for killing prey.


A cat has cervical vertebrae as other mammals have. They also have seven lumbar vertebrae, thirteen thoracic vertebrae and three sacral vertebrae. They have thirteen ribs that attach to the spine.


The size differs in the cats. Size depends on the breed type, and a domestic cat has a small skull and short bones compared to the European Wildcat. Also, female cats are more concise than males—their weight measures between four Kg to five Kg.

Different Senses

They can hear between the range of 500 Hz to 32 kHz. A cat has an acute sense of smell, and they have a Jacobson organ in their mouth. This Jacobson organ helps them in their behavioural process of flehmening, and it also helps the cats sense those aromas that a han can not sense at all. A cat only has a few taste buds in comparison to humans. Both a wild cat and a domestic cat have a taste receptor gene mutation.

This mutation helps them keep their sweet taste buds from binding to sugar molecules, leaving them with no ability to taste the sweetness. A cat has dozens of movable whiskers on its body. These movable whiskers are primarily present on their faces, allowing them to analyze the width of gaps and the location of the objects in the dark.

How does a cat sleep?

A cat can sleep in various positions, and a cat’s sleeping position also tells us its current mood. Below we will discuss the position a cat poses while sleeping.

Crescent position or curled up

A crescent sleeping position is most common among cats. A question arises with this sleeping position, and it is why a cat sleeps in a crescent position. The crescent position in cats increases the warmth when they sleep. When they sleep in this position, they feel protecting their crucial organs.

It also works as a key for the wild kitties. It was previously used by the cats also. When you see a cat sleeping in a crescent position, you will see they will exactly look like a crescent or curl. That is why this particular sleeping position is known as a crescent. When a cat feels insecure or uncomfortable, they sleep like this. This sleeping position assures them security and comfort.

They feel more comfortable in a box

Almost every cat loves a box. The cats like to be inside a box. Whenever they need outer protection, they sleep inside the box. They like to sleep inside a box because it protects the cats and feels safe. They feel protected inside a box because they think that the predators will not identify them.

The cats use them to cover them, and they feel assured that no predator will come close to them through this. If your cat is constantly hiding in a box, that means there is something from which they want to hide them. There can be someone who constantly wants their attention, and because of that, the cat must be feeling fear or uncomfortable.

Sleeping in belly up position

Cats like to lie down on the floor. They generally open up their arms and lie on their backs. Their floofy belly exposes, and they partially shut their eyes. A cat who sleeps in a belly-up position means that the cat feels very comfortable with the owner.

The case has a very good relationship with their boss. Sleeping in a belly-up position is awkward, so a cat only sleeps in this position. They pose this position while sleeping only. It is a sign that they feel comfortable in the house, are familiar with everyone in the house, and trust their surroundings.

Sleeping with half-open eyes

Sleeping with half-open eyes is also a very common pose of cats while sleeping. If you will notice, a cat wakes up early in the morning. They can sleep with their eyes open, and they are experts in that.

If your cat is sleeping in this position, it means that he is already alert from any imminent threats. The cats generally do this when something has changed recently in the house. They can also do this when some unknown people are in the house.

Sleeping like a loaf of bread

Loaf represents a sleeping pose in cats. When a cat lies upright but tucks it in, the cat’s front paws lie underneath its body. The cat looks like a loaf of bread when sleeping in this position. This sleeping pose is similar to a loaf of bread. A cat can pose this at any time, either sleeping or already awake. If you find your cat in this position while sleeping, they are not sleeping majorly, but they are only taking a nap.

Even if they are taking a nap only, this position poses a sign of relaxation. It means that the cat feels relaxed and comfortable with you in your house. It is a positive sign and a pose of sleeping in a cat. While a cat sleeps in this position, it can accumulate all its energy. It is a sleeping position where they are sleeping while they are alert from any danger.

Sleeping sideways

Sleeping sideways and sleeping in a belly-up position possess the same comfort and are similar. When a cat sleeps sideways with open shoulders and feet, it means exposing the world more, and it is not a comfortable position for a major sleep.

If your cat is sleeping in this position, that means the cat is taking a nap. Also, it is a very positive sign because your cat is feeling comfortable in your house. The cat is trusting of the people around them.

Sleeping with paws across its face

If your cat sleeps with paws across its face. It means that the cat is extremely comfortable and sleeping. This pose indicates a sign not to disturb them because they are sleeping. When a cat sleeps unconsciously, its paws come upon its face.

It happens when a cat is in a deep sleep and is sleeping very comfortably. The cat will not wake up even if you ring some alarms or other things as they are in a deep sleep. It only shows their comfort level, their fearlessness. It means that they are familiar with their surroundings and the people around them.

Sleeping on some edge

A cat likes to perch on thin surfaces. Such as on the edge of the sofa and couches, staircases, the railing of your balcony. It makes sense when they are awake and playing climbing on the balcony and the stairs. A question that arises to mind is why they like this and how can they feel comfortable?

Surprisingly they do not even fall from these surfaces. They sleep with their eyes half-open. The cats even dangle their paws over each side. With this, they keep an eye check on the surroundings.

Sleeping in some uncomfortable position

This is a unique sleeping position for cats. Cats fall asleep in this uncomfortable position as well. It is an awkward position lying down from half-back, and their paws look straight and going upright.

Sleeping in a sitting position

Like him and falling asleep in a sitting position, a cat also falls asleep. Most of us do it when we feel very tired and exhausted, but a cat does it in general as well. Cats often sit and wrap up their tails around their paws and sleep. They take a nap and sometimes have a deep sleep.

It is a position in which a cat takes a short nap. They do not take a deep sleep, nor is it a full sleeping position. Make a note that your cat will not sit and sleep in this position for more than twenty minutes. Your cat will fall asleep but take a nap of about fifteen to twenty minutes, and if you try to wake them up, they will wake instantly in just one notice.

While sleeping with you

Suppose your cat loves to sleep on you or with you. The cats constantly hug and play with you. It means the cats are very comfortable with you and love being around you. If the cat sleeps on you, it means that you have created a very comfortable bond and relation with the cat. The cat chose you to sleep because the cat is more comfortable with you and wants to be close to you.

They understand the relationship and trust you, and believe in you that you will guard them. Keeping their protection aside, they are trusting upon you. They will choose a small space between your legs or your chest to sleep. The cats can also sleep on your arms. The position is a good sign for your relationship with your cat. It also shows that the health of your cat is also good. The cat is not in any trouble.

In a superman position

A Superman position is when your cat is relaxing in a similar position to a Superman pose. When the cat lies down on its belly and stretches its paws to the upright position, this sleeping position is very comfortable for the cats.

They feel comfortable lying down and stretching from both ends, which means they feel relaxed and fall into a deep sleep. Check whether the cat’s noses are standing upright or sleeping. If the cat’s nose is sleeping downward, then your cat is in a deep sleep.

Sleeping like tucked in

As we know, cats also like to cuddle with the blankets, on the beds, on the couches, or they like to cover their whole body with a blanket. The position gives them warmth, provides protection and increases their comfort level.

The cat jumps on the bed so the owner can not find them and takes them out of the blanket. They like playing in the blanket, covering up their body. But when your cat wants to sleep, they will find the safest and the protected place for them to sleep. They will find a place where they can feel protected and secure.

Sleeping with another cat

An infant kitten sleeps with its mother only, and they feel safe with their mother only, making them feel comfortable and warm. Cats accumulate memories by staying close to their mothers while they sleep, indicating that the kitten is very much comfortable with the mother. Even if two different cats are sleeping, they possess the same feeling, and their closeness shows their comfort level.

Final words

The article was all about the sleeping positions of the cats. A cat sleeps in different positions and also possesses its current mood. Sleeping with the owner indicates that they both have a very strong bond. They sometimes take a nap only and sometimes take a deep sleep. I hope you like the article, and if you like the article, please leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may write them in the comments box.

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