November 25, 2022
facts of kinkalow

15 facts of kinkalow that you should know

15 facts of kinkalow that you should know – The article is about a cat breed called kinkalow. It is a famous breed that people love to keep, and this breed is a combination of two breeds. It has all the characteristics of its parent breed.

At the beginning of the article, we will introduce you to cats, their behavior, etc. You will see a detailed description of the kinkalow breed on coming down. Read the article through this, and you will know everything about the kinkalow breed.

About kinkalow

This kinkalow cat breed has rare felines on its body. They are very energetic, and their personality is very joyful. It is a new breed that has won many hearts in just a few years. They attract people towards them through their personality and behavior. Many cat lovers fall for them. They look adorable, and their behavior and nature won everyone’s heart.

As discussed, the kinkalow breed is a mixture of two breeds. It is the result of cross-breeding between American Curl and Munchkin. These two breeds are two different and highly appreciated breeds. Between these cat breeds, the munchkin cat breed is a dwarf breed. If you want to know where the kinkalow gets the inheritance of their cute size then, you can easily guess it on your own.

Is kinklow a good choice ?

The kinkalow breed gets the dwarf factor from the munchkin breed. They inherit the cute tiny size from the munchkin breed only and the curly ears and the short-legged from them only. These cats have the most striking short legs. Other than legs, the kinkalow looks so fluffy and is very presentable. Kinkalow cat breeds are adorable and affectionate and have a calm temperament.

If you are thinking of making a kinkalow cat breed at your home, it can be a good choice because they will be an exceptional and intelligent family pet. Now, if you have decided to bring a kinkalow breed to your home, you should know the basics of these pets. We will tell you the proper diet you should take care of and the temperature they can tolerate.

What are the 15 things about kinkalow that you should know?

The kinkslow’s cats are very famous among people for their loving personalities. These kittens look sweet, tiny, and adorable. When they do not play with their toys, they play with their owners and lick them to show them their love and affection. You can see their bond through their body language and the affection and love that they offer to their owners. Please do not wait, and let’s start knowing this unique cat breed.

Kinkalow breed – history

A kinkalow is a result of cross-breeding between the two distinct breeds. These two are the munchkin and the American curl breeds, and this cross-breeding took place in the United States. Terri Harris was a famous American breeder, and He paired the American curl brews with the munchkin breed in the mid-’90s. They paired these two cute cats, resulting in a kinkalow breed.

The main reason behind this cross-breeding was to conduct a best and a quality breed. These kinkalow cat breeds inherit all the qualities from their parents’ breed, and it has all the adorable features of their parents. The kinkalow breed has short legs, which they inherited from the munchkin cat breed, and the kinkalow breed has curly ears from the American curl breed.

What is the origin of kinkalow?

You must be wondering about the origin of their name. The source of the kinkalow cat breed was Terri Harris’ first kitten, and Terri Harris developed the kinkalow name. Their first kitten name was Munchkinlanes Kinkalow Louie. Terri probably related the kinkalow with the kink as their small stature keeps the cat low to the ground.

What are the characteristics of kinkalow?

Looking at the kinkalow would melt your heart. The cat has all the features of its parent breed. This cute resemblance can not be denied or ignored by a person. They have a short leg with a long body structure, and the kinkalow inherits this from the munchkin parent only.

The kinkalow inherits their cute curly ears from the American curl breed only. At the start, the ear of the kinkalow looks straight and goes upright only, but as they keep growing, their ears start to curl to degrees. However, there are some kinkalow breeds whose ears do not look curly.

They do not have curled back ears. The kinkalow cat has a muscular body having a tiger-shaped head. They look like most dwarf cats, just like dwarf cats, and they also have round-shaped eyes. Their sleek and long-tail make them look elegant, and their intelligent and smart appearance skips everyone’s heart.

The kinkalow breed has a unique pattern over its coat. Its colors and coat pattern varies. When you see a kinkalow breed, their coat appearance, pattern, and color will look catchy. They have variant colors like calico, tabby, cream, black, orange, etc. These kinkalow cats have an average height of seven inches to eight inches, and their weight weighs between three to seven pounds.

Behavior and personality of kinkalow

They have short legs and are a quality breed. These cats are affectionate and loving and playful by nature. They are very quiet, and they have a very calm temperament. Kinkalow species are very fluffy as they have too many hairs over their body. These are social animals who love to be around people and love. They love to be loved by people, and they love to cuddle.

Kinkalow cats have high energy. People also love their energetic behavior and loving nature, and these cats love to run around and live to jump from couches. Their dynamic behavior sometimes causes some injuries to them. So, you should note that they need enough space to run and play. Before you bring them to your home, you should arrange enough area for them.

To make them busy, you should give them some toys to play with, and it will keep their mind distracted like always. These cats quickly get along with the children and other animals at home, and they promptly get attached to the people. It is a cat breed with a kind heart and is adorable to play with and see. They look adorably cute, and their energetic behavior catches everyone’s attention towards them.

How to make an ideal home for a kinkalow breed?

This breed has affectionate felines. They are the most suitable cat breed to bring home if your family loves cats. Their energetic behavior and loving nature force people to love them. If you have small kids at your home, it is the best choice for you to bring this fluffy pet to your home.

But before introducing the cat to your family members, you make an excellent and friendly bond with the cat. If you become their friend, it will be easy for the cat to get used to the environment and surroundings. The cat will trust you and feel safe and secure when you bring the cat home for the first time. These cats need less maintenance for their survival which means that they are low maintenance cats.

Additionally, if you are keeping a pet like a cat for the very first time, it is absolutely a good choice for you. These cats also shed their hair, but they are not allergy-friendly. But if your cat has some allergies, it is not suitable for your family because they can spread allergies in your home through your kids. You can go for some other breed, and you can check out some other species on our website.

Nature and affection for other pets

A kinkalow breed quickly gets involved with people around them, which is the best part about this breed. These pets are adorable and caring who love to play with humans and other pets. They behave exceptionally well with other pets also.

Also, if you have other pets at home, it is better to keep them as they will easily socialize with the other pets. Keeping other pets with the cats will make them well-behaved, self-assured, and socialized. These cats have some dog-like traits as well. So, they will have good company with each other.


You should know that a kinklow breed is a low-maintenance breed. The cats’ silky coat hairs need to be brushed at least once a week for their healthy lifestyle. Always use a quality brush for them. A cat owner usually gets rid of the hairs that a cat sheds. To reduce the hair around your house, regularly comb their hairs and remove all the extra hairs from their body.

If you regularly remove their hair, you will not see your cat’s hair here and there. We know that cats have self-cleaning abilities. Bathing is another essential part of the cat’s lifestyle. The National Cat Groomers Institute Of America says that cats need to take a bath after every four to six weeks.

Diet plan for a kinkalow

These cats need a Healthy diet. However, the kinkalow cat breed does not have any special requirements. You should provide your cats with nutritious and quality food. Otherwise, their skin, body, weight, everything gets affected. Dietary requirements change according to their growth, and as they grow, they need more food to eat. But if you ever change the food quantity for your cat, you should consult the vet and take their help Or suggestion for your cat.

The lifespan of a kinkalow breed

An average cat can expect their life from twelve to fifteen years. Many factors affect the health of a cat, and also, various other external factors affect their living environment as well.

What diseases and health issues can occur in kinkalow?

A kinkalow breed can have a few health problems. Among everything, a kinkalow has a risk of spinal injury. They have a high risk of spinal injury, and it is due to the length of their body, concerning the size of their legs. You always have to keep an eye check on their health and any pain in their back. Other than spinal injury, they have a risk of ear infection. If you ever feel like your cat is uncomfortable or has pain in its body, immediately take it to the vet.

How to prevent health issues in kinkalow with exercises?

Exercise is one key that can prevent your cat from all the health issues. They also have playful personalities, and regular play and extra activities make them feel energetic and mentally and physically fit. Also, you can easily train these kitties, and you can teach everything at a very young age.

Recognition of kinkalow breed

The felines that a kinkalow breed have so much popularity among people. They are an experimental breed also, which received its status name from the International Cat Association in the ’90s only.

Cost price to buy a kinkalow

Its qualities and behavior make them a high-standard breed. This breed is expensive because of its looks, behavior, and everything else. A kinkalow breed costs about two thousand dollars if you buy it from a reputable breeder.

Kinkalow cat size

If you talk about the size, a kinkalow breed is small. The cat looks elegant because of its long tail. Sometimes, its tails become longer than its body length. A kinkalow’s head looks like a tiger’s head. Their bodies look strong and fine, and their curled ears give them an adorable look. At the start, they have straight ears only, but as they grow, their ears look curly, which provides them with an elegant and fresh look.

Kinkalow colors

A unique feature of the kinkalow breed is that they can be of any color and pattern, and it means that a `kinkalow breed can also have a white-colored body or brown or black fur coat. Gray, orange, black, tabby, tortie, calico, and cream are common colors that a kinkalow breed can have.

Final words

This article was about the kinkalow cat breed, and it includes all the necessary details of this cat breed. The article describes nature, behavior, and the cat breed. We have also described the food diet that a kinkalow breed should take regularly. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, please leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the article, you may write them down in the comments box.

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