Heart attack in rabbits

Heart Attacks in Rabbits – Causes and Symptoms


Heart attacks in Rabbits: Heart diseases in rabbits are common, increasing from time to time—especially cardiac attacks. Rabbits are one of the most loving pets in the world. Heart disease can give your pet rabbit an unpleasant sign of death. As a pet owner, it will be a miserable thing to hear.

The rabbit pet owner should get aware of the symptoms of heart disease. You have to take your rabbit to the vet as soon as you see any sudden reaction from your pet rabbit.

How can I find out my rabbit has a heart attack?

As a pet owner, you may not find that your rabbit is having a heart attack because you know your typical rabbit’s behavior, so whenever you see inappropriate behavior of your rabbit, you can feel that something happened to your rabbit.

You can check out the changes in behavior like weakness, tiredness, breathing problem, and weight issues, and stop having cravings for their meal. These all are sudden changes that can cause a heart attack in rabbits. It is best to find out the symptoms early. Otherwise, it might be able to take your rabbit to death.

What are the causes of a heart attack in Rabbits?

Heart attacks in rabbits is not uncommon to hear, and rabbits can get a heart attack quickly. The sudden sound makes the rabbits scared, and they can’t tolerate the loud noise. Here are some things that can give your rabbit a cardiac attack.

Food system

Rabbits like to eat vegetables instead of they are wild or pet. Rabbits need healthy food, vegetables, and water. An unhealthy meal can have a lousy effect on a rabbit’s health. Changes in rabbits’ schedules can create a problem. Rabbits need food on time; if you change their timing frequently, it can make them low.

You need to check your rabbit’s bowl that they ate food properly or not. It can be possible if your rabbit isn’t eating at all. Observe your rabbit while eating to see if rabbits like the food or correct it.

Sometimes it may happen if your rabbit likes or dislikes the meal you’re giving them. Incorrect food can harm the digestive and heart systems in your rabbit’s health.


Rabbits can gain weight through their diet. As a pet owner, you should avoid giving unhealthy food containing high fat and sugar to the body. Your rabbit might feel happy to have sweet fruits and vegetables, but it can create a big problem for the rabbit’s heart. Potato and apples are some examples that you shouldn’t give to your rabbit. It would be best if you gave good hay to them. Pet owners should remember that they never feed their rabbit yogurt, bread, pasta, and such things. This kind of food can give them other causes of disease. Sometimes pet owners provide them with the same food as they eat without even caring that their rabbit can get ill from that. Always try to make a healthy diet for your rabbit.

Unpleasant noise

Rabbits easily panic at unpleasant sounds and try to hide and burrow themselves in the cabinet or any safe place.

Rabbits are always quiet and peaceful animals and make noises gently. They get scared by discomforting sounds such as thunderstorms, lightning, fireworks, and many more natural disasters that create noise.

Rabbits get scared of the noisy kids that create unnecessary noise around them, and they get afraid and try to escape. Even if you play loud music, which can be harsh to the ears, it will be terrifying for rabbits.

Changes in sounds or noises around rabbits can harm rabbits health. Loud noise can create a high range in the rabbit’s heart and give the rabbit a sudden sign of death. By these noises, rabbits can’t be able to settle in a safe place.

Exercise pattern

Rabbits are playful animals. They need an excellent wide area for playing and exercising daily. Rabbits need a place where they can run and jump. A less exercising schedule can make your rabbit fat and unhealthy. Gaining weight in rabbits isn’t good because it can make rabbits less active, lazy, and sleepy. It can be challenging for rabbits to do other activities. It can be because of the rabbit’s health and create a sudden heart attack. High levels of exercise can also impact rabbits’ health. Daily basis exercises that are good for their health are essential for rabbits.


Stress in rabbits is pervasive. They’re one of the animals that get stressed quickly by small things, such as being ignored is part of their stress. They are too possessive towards their owner and friend rabbits. When they find some changes in their owner’s behavior, they get stressed by it.

Rabbits need good take care of as they are clean and well-mannered pets. If you don’t groom them on time, they feel tidy and dirty, which makes them stressed. Rabbit needs proper space to play, and if they don’t find so, they keep silent and get stressed. If they see other pets in their place, they feel discomfort and need to understand the situation. Changes in the environment give stress to rabbits.

One reason for rabbits’ stress is to take them to the vet. They feel nervous and stressed about visiting the vet. Loud noise, changes in food, less space to play, and bringing them to the vet make rabbits stressed. A high level of stress can cause a heart attack, and too much pressure can cause a cardiac episode and take your rabbit to death.

Get afraid of the predator

Rabbits get afraid of big and large animals, and sometimes seeing their predator animal behind can cause a heart attack. They get frightened by the things passing them, and they can instantly bring sudden death by a heart attack.

Rabbits get panic, are scared, and are frightened by things so usually. Sometimes hearing the sound of large animals nearby, even if the animal touches them or not, but the fear of getting hunted can give them a heart attack.

Rabbits heart attack symptoms

Heart attack is becoming a common disease in rabbits. If you find any changes in your rabbit’s health, take your rabbit to the vet. Suppose your rabbit may be suffering from a breathing problem and feel physically weak. In that case, it is one of the common symptoms of a rabbit’s heart attack. 

Breathing problem 

Rabbit faces breathing issues with a high level of heart disease or heart attack. This symptom comes when the rabbit has a problem taking a breath from the nose and starts taking it from the mouth and taking a long and deep breaths. In this situation, I get quickly tired and feel weak. You can check your rabbit’s breath and notice the blue patches on the rabbit’s tongue and lips, which means your rabbit is not getting enough oxygen. In this situation better to take your rabbit to the vet. 

The vet will help the rabbit breathe by giving some antibiotics and oxygen so your rabbit will not struggle to breathe. You must take care of it properly until your rabbit doesn’t feel better. 

Losing weight 

If your rabbit starts to lose weight, it might be one reason for its heart attack. One of the symptoms is when your rabbit stops eating. You may pay attention to your rabbit’s depth movement of the body. Eating can create other problems in a rabbit’s body, including heart attack. If you feel your rabbit is not passing food to the bowel movement. So you may take your rabbit to the veterinarian.

Changing in behavior

Changing behavior could be the symptom of a heart attack. Such as, aggressiveness in their behavior is a significant change. They get angry, start to feel weak, and don’t want to move. The behavior-changing has commonly come to old age rabbits, and these rabbits usually get a heart attack. Seeing changes in their body and getting low and weak makes them worried and angry at small things.  

Heart disease in Rabbits

Heart disease can occur at any stage of a rabbit’s life. Most old-age rabbits face heart attack problems. Still, other young rabbits also might have chances to meet another heart disease such as pulmonary congestion, myopathies, congestive heart failure, congenital heart disease, and tachycardia. These are some disease that happens in the heart. Heart disease occurs by lack of exercise, unhealthy food, stress, and such problem that can create heart issues.

One of the heart diseases in rabbits is heart stock which can happen due to summer and scorching weather. If you take your rabbit out in summer, you might know that the hot weather may hurt your rabbit. Rabbits can’t tolerate too much hot weather, and they get soft, red ears and panting. You need to take care of your rabbit and take the rabbit to a safe, shady place in the summer. Carry a water bottle with you for your rabbit. 

Treatment of heart attack

Heart attacks in rabbits can’t be cured, but they can be treated with the proper medication and lifestyle-changing habits. Your vet will treat the rabbit with some crucial tests, like doing some tests and scans of the rabbit. The vet is responsible for giving your rabbit the best medical treatment. Your vet will do tests, including blood tests, ultrasound, and ECGs, for your rabbit.

The vet will also suggest you give your proper rabbit medication and some changes to stable the disease. 

How can medication help?

Proper medication cannot cure a heart attack but can help stabilize the situation and heart. Your vet will prescribe the drugs for treating your rabbit, which will help your rabbit with its heart function. You must properly give that drug to your rabbit until the vet stops.

How lifestyle-changing helps?

An unhealthy lifestyle becomes the cause of heart attack and other illnesses in the body. Dietary changes in rabbits are essential if your rabbit already gets a heart attack, and some environmental changes are also part of lifestyle changes. 

Rabbits need good hay, and make sure they have enough high-quality grass hay. You would give rabbits fresh green leaves and an average amount of pellets, which is notorious for rabbits. If you give your rabbit fruits and vegetables, give them as a treat, and don’t make them habitual of it; otherwise, they might get any heart symptoms again.

Another lifestyle-changing change is to make your rabbit stress free. Ensure that it doesn’t feel any discomfort from the rabbit faced the last time. Rabbits might take time to come out of the situation, but you can help rabbits by changing the environment around you can spend time with rabbits and play with them. 

How can I help my rabbit?

You can help your rabbit to change its lifestyle. You can take advice and support from your vet. The vet will help you with the rabbit’s diet, but the vet might not know your rabbit’s habits, so you have to take care of that.

You should know what things can cause your rabbit heart attack. You can help your rabbit by such things:

  • You should remove the thing that makes them frightened.
  • Pet rabbits are always protected from predators, but you need to check that any cat, the rabbit, will not come near your rabbit.
  • Provide them with a quiet and peaceful place.
  • Try to keep them away from loud noises.
  • A healthy diet is needed.
  • Try to make them feel happy and cheerful.
  • Give them a spacious and protective place to play.
  • Make them familiar to your near dear people and vet so they don’t get uncomfortable when your rabbit sees them.
  • Make a proper schedule for your rabbit’s exercise, meals, and sleeping.
  • If you find any unpleasant noise that can frighten your rabbit, try to distract your rabbits by giving them treats and toys.

These points can help your rabbit reduce stress and make your rabbit healthier.

Are comforting Rabbits can help?

Rabbits can’t leave their comfort zone and need time to adjust to a new environment. Discomfort can give them shock and stress. You can provide and provide a comfort zone for your rabbit. Here are some tips that can make your rabbit comfortable.

  • A quiet place for sleeping can make them comfortable.
  • Comfort temperature of their room.
  • A vast place for playing and exercising.
  • Make their room and area clean.
  • Give them light and healthy food which makes them active.
  • If you’re working, try to give your proper rabbit attention.
  • Manage time to play with them, and your busy schedule can provide them with discomfort feel.
  • Soft, smooth patting can relax them.
  • Smooth and soft music creates a relief environment.

As a pet owner, it is not difficult to make your rabbit happy and comforting; these tips can help you make it comfortable.