November 26, 2022
House Rabbit vs Outdoor Rabbit

House Rabbit vs Outdoor Rabbit: Which is the better choice?

House Rabbit vs Outdoor Rabbit: This article will tell you about house rabbits and outdoor rabbits. It will briefly describe the rabbits at the beginning of the article. After this, it will tell you the benefits of both the rabbits, and then we will talk about the fellowship they like. We will talk about everything about a rabbit, whether it is a domestic rabbit or a wild rabbit. The article will surely help you and make a basic understanding about the rabbits. And you will be able to choose whether the pets should stay in the home or stay outside.

Differentiate a domestic Rabbit and a wild Rabbit

We can differentiate a wild rabbit and a domestic rabbit through their ears. A wild rabbit can never have floppy ears. In most cases, the wild rabbits have light brown fur. Almost every wild rabbit has a narrow and long face, while a domestic rabbit has round and wide eyes and plumper cheeks. Domestic rabbits are prey species and have fearful behaviors and attitudes toward humans.

Research says that a rabbit should eat two times a day. The rabbit’s owner should give the first meal at noon, and the owners should provide the second meal at dinner. A Rabbit’s first meal should include hay with a limited amount of fresh green vegetables. The second meal of the rabbit should consist of some rabbit food.

Cleanliness and bath

Rabbits are extremely clean. They like clean surroundings. They never need a bath, and if you bathe them. It may prove harmful for them. Research says that a rabbit should drink water between fifty millimeters to 150 millimeters. Drinking water also depends upon the bodyweight of the rabbit.

Toys for small bunnies

Rabbits love to play. So, you can buy toys for them, but you need to be very careful before buying any toy for them as they can be dangerous for them. You can give them the following things to play.

  1. You can give them a box with shredded paper and magazines in it.
  2. A cardboard roll can be a good choice for them.
  3. The rabbit owner can also give them cardboard paper bags.
  4. You can also give them cardboard concrete forms for burrowing etc.

Fun Facts about Rabbits

  1. The rabbits can not live without carrots.
  2. Some breeds of rabbits can grow like oversized toddlers.
  3. Rabbits are one animal that eats their poop.
  4. They are the cleanest animals.
  5. Rabbits can not vomit food or any stuff.

Where to keep your Rabbit – outdoor or indoor?

Rabbits are one of those animals who can live anywhere. The rabbits can live outdoors or indoors. A rabbit’s living area depends on various factors, such as the rabbit’s temperament and the space you have at your home. As we know, everything in this world has some advantages and disadvantages. Every decision has some pros and cons.

Likewise, keeping a pet outside or inside has some advantages too but also has some disadvantages. Let us read the article, and we will know about the pros and cons of keeping pets inside or outside. Living arrangements play a vital role in the lives of rabbits. Reading this whole article, you would be able to make a sure decision about the living arrangement of your rabbit whether you want to keep your rabbit inside or outside the house.


Companionship plays a crucial part in the lives of rabbits. A rabbit always needs company. Especially if your rabbit is living inside the house, they will need a fellowship also. A rabbit is known as a social animal who loves the company around them. And social animals always need people around them.

But it does not mean that a rabbit does not need privacy and peace. Sometimes the rabbits also want to be alone, but it occasionally happens only. If your rabbits do not get some alone time, then they may get stimulated. But if we talk about it in general, then a rabbit is a social animal who lives to be around people.

Why do Rabbits need company?

If you think of keeping your rabbit outside the house, your rabbit needs a company with whom the rabbit can enjoy. The rabbit should have a fellow mate for him. Suppose if your rabbit does not have any fellows, the rabbit may feel stressed, anxious, and alone. Because the rabbit will spend most of the time with himself only, which will make him nervous, and the rabbit can have rude behavior.

At this point, if you are unable to buy another rabbit, then you should spend some time with the rabbit. You should play and do fun things with the rabbit so that the rabbit can relieve his anxiety and everything else. Getting the rabbit into a routine is one of the best ways to make them feel free from stress, such as giving them food on time and playing with them regularly.

This routine can make them feel healthy and happy. A regular and proper lifestyle routine for your rabbit will eliminate the loneliness of your rabbit. For the rabbits’ distraction, you can give them toys and other distraction activities.

Cleanliness and smell

A rabbit owner does not have to worry about the cleanliness of the rabbit. The rabbits groom themselves regularly like a cat. They are the cleanest animals, and they like cleanliness around them. Their poop doesn’t smell hard like other animals, but their urine smells too bad.

A rabbit’s poop has a complex, ammonia-like solid stench. So, if you are thinking of keeping your pet inside the house, you have to clean the rabbit’s hutch regularly. You have to train your rabbit with litter etiquettes. Litter training for the rabbits is non-negotiable as it comes under basic manners that a pet should have even if they live outside the house.

If you decide to keep your rabbit outside the house, you will not be able to smell. But still, the rabbits like clean surroundings. That is why you have to clean the hutch regularly. It would be best if you cleaned the rabbit’s hutch at least once a week. If you notice a smell, clean the spot simultaneously as it can give an infection to your rabbit. In the end, the only conclusion we have is that you should clean the rabbit’s hutch regularly twice or thrice a week but if you notice any smell, then clean it right away.

Noise problem

You should know that a rabbit is a non – verbal animal. If you decide to keep your rabbit inside the house, it may be noisy for you as they like to jump and play. A rabbit is noisy as they knock things in their hutch and even some things in the house. The rabbit will surely try to dig there and may try to chew things off the hutch or things present at home.

At night, it could not be delightful for you. Also, you may not be able to sleep at night because of these disturbances. Please note that a rabbit has compassionate hearing. So, if you are watching television or music, it may cause stress and anxiety issues in your pet. Also, the sound of slamming the doors and cupboards can be stressful for your rabbit.

If you keep your pet outside the house, the noise of the pet will not reach you. You will not hear any sound of knocking, tucking, biting, or digging in the night. Also, your pet will be away from all the loud external noises. Your rabbit will be able to live peacefully and will be able to spend some time with him. All the loud music and sound make the rabbit stressed. You should provide a soundproof hutch to your rabbit.


An animal has security and safety issues. And a rabbit also has too many security issues. They feel insecure about unknown people. The rabbits are prey species, as we know that. So, all the rabbit breeds feel vulnerable and fearful to nocturnal predators if the owners keep the rabbits outside the house. But if you keep your rabbit inside the house, then the rabbit will feel safe.

They will not have any fear of predators. Other than predators, a rabbit owner needs to be careful of other animals like dogs and cats. Indoor housing for rabbits will eliminate these fears, and the rabbits can feel safe and secure from predators and other animals. Suppose you also keep a pet in your house, then you should be very careful that the cat is not terrorizing your rabbit. Keep your rabbit safe from your other pets as well. They can also threaten your rabbit while you sleep.

Safety purpose

Keeping your rabbit outdoors is dangerous for the rabbits. Even if you fence your garden, some predators are sky-based.The sky-based predators can be dangerous for your rabbit. Also, your rabbit may feel fearful at night. In the night, your rabbit will not see a predator, which is harmful to the rabbits. Your rabbit will not see owls, foxes, and possums in the night, and they can make a profit out of that.

Assurance of a well secure hutch is essential. You should ensure that the rabbit hutch is safe enough if you are keeping them outside the house. A protected hutch will take away the wild animals from the hutch. If your rabbit gets frightened by those animals, it can lead to some significant health issues for your rabbit. Protect your rabbit otherwise, and there will be high consequences of this on the rabbits’ health.

Mood and temperament

If the owners decide to keep their pets inside the house, they have to manage the temperature of their surroundings. Rabbits live in cool temperatures, and they can not tolerate high temperatures. If your rabbit is not staying at the house, then the temperature of that rabbit is not the same. To make them comfortable, the owners should have to control the house’s temperature according to the rabbits’ needs.

You have to keep an eye check on the heat temperature of your house or where the rabbit is going to stay. If your rabbit is not feeling comfortable in the home, you need to change the place of the hutch. You have to rehome the rabbit if he is not feeling well inside the house. Rabbits are small mammals, and we know that very well. Because they are very sensitive, they grow fur in their bodies and shed the fur depending on the weather conditions. If we talk about rabbits, they need any temperature above freezing. Depending on the weather temperature, the rabbits shed their fur.

Living Space and exercise

If someone decides to keep the rabbit inside the house, you must have enough space. So, they need a lot of space as they like to run and play and do some exercises. Before you decide where you want to keep your pet rabbit, you should see the area first. But if you are keeping your rabbit indoors only, you have to release the rabbit freely for some exercises.

A rabbit needs about three hours for free running, and running is also a vital component for the living lifestyle of the rabbit. But if your rabbit lives outside the house, then you can expand their hutch for their exercises. A lot more space for running purposes will make the rabbit happy and entertain them, and they will feel relaxed. Even if you expand the area, you have to release them for some hours to play. So that they can feel happy, if you release them for running, they will be familiar with the surroundings, sounds, and everything else, making the rabbit more comfortable.

Lighting and precautions

If you are keeping a rabbit, you should know that a rabbit is very sensitive to lights. Because of this, a rabbit can not see a bright light because a bright light affects the rabbit’s eyes. A rabbit’s eye works best in dim lighting. Bright and artificial light hurts and badly affects the eyes of the rabbit.

Living Lifestyle

Some research experts believe that a rabbit feels more safe and happy inside a house. It is because a rabbit stays away from predators and also stays away from extreme weather. Moreover, a rabbit living inside a house is continuously visible to you, assuring you that the rabbit is safe.

You will also see them closely whether they have some health issues or not. If you have, you can take them to the vet.

But as you know, they can easily hide the symptoms and the pains of the disease if they stay outside the house. You won’t be able to get to know that the rabbits have some problems.

Where can a Rabbit stay happy – outdoor or indoor?

A rabbit is happier inside or outside depending on its personality. Suppose your rabbit is nervous, then the rabbits will prefer staying inside a house and will be pleased if you make the rabbit stay in the house. It means that they will have a better company and will feel safer from predators.

But if your rabbit is feeling comfortable outside the home, then you should keep the rabbit outside but with complete protection and care. Picking an independent rabbit means they will like the outdoor environment and will be comfortable outside the house.

They love to interact with other animals as well. When anything or anyone is good for them or suitable for them, then the rabbits stand patiently. However, when you buy a pet from a pet store, they should not be left alone as they like interaction with living things.

Cleanliness and grooming

When your rabbit gets comfortable in the house, they will spend most of their time grooming and cleanliness. Suppose if you have bought two rabbits and they are grooming or cleaning each other. You can feel relaxed as they are comfortable with each other. It means that they have a good bond.

Interaction and introduction

If the rabbit is continuously trying to escape from you, then the rabbit is afraid of you. Please do not go near the rabbits as they can become anxious, which will affect the rabbit’s health. Introduce yourself with the pet slowly and steadily.

Healthy health diet

Rabbits need a proper healthy diet as they become sick quickly and they are susceptible. A regular diet plan of a rabbit should include a large amount of hay and a limited amount of fresh vegetables.


Neglecting self-care is a symbol that your rabbit is not fine at all. Something is bothering your pet from inside. Take care of your pet in this situation.

Happy hours

When a rabbit is comfortable with you, the rabbit will play with you and do activities with you. They will be happy to see you. Jumping on you and doing extra activities with you will signify that the rabbit is very comfortable with you.

Mood swings and food

Whenever a rabbit has mood swings, the health diet of the rabbit suffers a lot more. However, a rabbit can not live long if the rabbit will not have proper food.

Gets happiness after purring

All the rabbits show their happiness and excitement level through purring. It sounds different and does not match the cat’s sound. The rabbits purr by chattering their teeth.


If your rabbit is thumping its foot, it is a symbol that the rabbit is getting bored and has nothing to do.

Final words

The article is all about house rabbits vs. outdoor rabbits. It has all the essential things that you should know before keeping a rabbit at your home. This article suggests where you should keep your let inside a house or outside a house. The article discusses all the pros and cons of owning a pet inside and outside a house. If you like the article, you may leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may write them down in the comment box.

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