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how to keep rabbits teeth short

How to keep Rabbit’s teeth short

How to keep Rabbit’s teeth short – This article is all about rabbit teeth. It will tell you how to clean your rabbit’s teeth and what all care the rabbits need. You should first know that a rabbit’s teeth grow till its death. A rabbit’s teeth need timely cutting and trimming.

Basic Knowledge of Rabbits

Rabbits are also known as bunnies which belong to the Mammalia class. A rabbit belongs to the Animalia kingdom. Rabbits are beautiful indoor pets, and they look adorable with furry skin. The rabbits are born without eyes, and belong to the Leporidae family.

The rabbits have pleasant personalities, which attract people towards them. There has to be a space where the rabbits can relax. The rabbit’s hutch should not be in some corner where they have to live alone. Rabbits are social animals, and they want interactions with people. A rabbit needs a proper diet for its remarkable growth. All the rabbits do not poop in the same amount as they differ in size, shape, and other factors.

Rabbits – history

The rabbits need to do some exercises to make their mind and body feel free. When the rabbits do various activities, it takes the rabbit away from stress and anxiety issues. A good diet plan for a rabbit should include a large amount of hay and grass, and the rabbits should also have some fresh vegetables in their diet.

You can also read the diet plan, which will give you a brief idea about what a rabbit should eat. Experts say that we can assume that rabbits can poop about two hundred to three hundred poops in a whole long day. The researchers say that the poop of a rabbit is proportional to the amount of food they take.

Rabbits drink a lot of water. Just like humans, a rabbit’s body has a high amount of water. Their bodies, 73 percent, are made up of water only. The European rabbit is very famous around the world. A European rabbit lives for about nine years.


If we talk about the rabbit’s eating habits, you should never give rise to your rabbit. It has so much fat, and fat and carbohydrates are terrible for a rabbit’s health. You should never give cow milk to your rabbit. The rabbits have very sensitive tracts, and that is why they can not digest milk.

Social animal

A rabbit is a social animal. The rabbits want to interact with people, and they love to play and love to do activities like exercise. These exercises and running make the rabbits fit and fine. Otherwise, the rabbits are susceptible, and they can easily fall sick. The rabbits like living in groups.

A domestic rabbit can live alone, but a wild rabbit can not live alone. A wild rabbit always needs a group to spend their time. All the rabbits are indeed friendly, but at the same time, they are territorial animals.


Most of us are curious to know whether a rabbit sleeps in the night or not? It is a very general question. The answer is no. A rabbit is a crepuscular animal which means an animal that mostly gets active at dawn and dusk. Now, this is the basic knowledge about rabbits. Now let’s move to another part of the article on how to keep rabbit’s teeth short.

In this particular part of the article, you will know the various ways of keeping the rabbit’s teeth short. As I told you earlier, a rabbit’s teeth grow till their last breath. So, it would be best if you trim regularly. If you do not cut and trim it regularly, it will overgrow and will not be hygienic for your rabbit. When you cut the rabbit’s teeth, it will hurt your rabbit so much. Cutting the rabbit’s teeth is also a deal.

Wild Rabbits

All the wild rabbits chew on tree twigs and branches to cut their teeth short. If you adopt a rabbit and want to cut their teeth short, you can give them some toys to chew and provide them with some hay and solid wood blocks, but keep in mind that these blocks should be safe. Suppose you give some toys to your rabbit to chew, but it does not work for them.

You can then try something else. To trim your rabbit’s teeth, you can use a wire cutter to cut their teeth. However, it will be excruciating for the rabbit. The other way is that you can take your rabbit to the veterinarian and can trim its teeth. The doctors cut the teeth of the rabbit through a process known as burring.

How does a Rabbit have long teeth?

how does a rabbit have long teth.jpg

The rabbit’s diet grows their teeth, and if the owners do not cut them, they continue to grow. To survive, the rabbit needs to eat. All the wild rabbits graze to survive, and sometimes they eat some hard-coated foods like weeds and twigs and branches, twigs, etc.

How to keep Rabbit’s teeth short?

When they chew these hard coated foods, the rabbits automatically wear their teeth down. It is not a problem for the rabbits as you can trim the teeth down anyway. Wild rabbits wear them down naturally by eating some hard-coated foods.

But it can create a slight problem for domestic rabbits. It would be best if you gave timothy hay to your domestic rabbit so that they can quickly wear out their teeth. Even the wild rabbits have to eat tough foods such as twigs, branches, weeds, etc.

What is the count of Rabbit teeth?

  • A rabbit has twenty-eight teeth in its mouth, but only four of these are visible to the people. It is not visible to a human eye. A rabbit has different types of teeth. There is a brief idea and detail about the rabbit’s teeth below.
  • A rabbit has two tiny incisors which are present behind the upper front teeth. These two teeth are also known as peg teeth.
  • There are two incisors in the upper side of their mouth. They are at the front of their mouths, and these are crucial buck teeth.
  • A rabbit has ten molars at the back of its mouth. These molars are present at the lower mouth in the rabbits, and it is not visible to humans. Humans can not see these molars.
  • At the back of the rabbit’s mouth, about twelve molars are present in the upper mouth. A unique thing about these molars is that they are hidden teeth. It hides within the gums of the rabbit’s teeth.
  • A rabbit has two lower incisors as well. These lower incisors are present at the bottom of their mouth. The lower incisors of the rabbit never clash with the upper incisors. You must be thinking why the lower incisors never clash with the upper incisors, and how did it happen? It is because the teeth of a rabbit overlap.
  • Please note that all these teeth are crucial for rabbits because they grind the food which they eat. With the help of these teeth, the food is grind well in their mouth only.

What is the ideal length of a Rabbit’s teeth?

A rabbit’s teeth should not be too long as it is not hygienic and good for them. A rabbit owner should cut the rabbit’s teeth at least once a week or give them some tough food, which will help the rabbit wear the teeth down. Following are some ideal lengths of the rabbit’s teeth.


The molars of the rabbit should be similar to the incisors. They should follow the same rules which are for the incisors. It should have blunt ends. These molars should enable the easy closing of the rabbit’s mouth, and they should not prevent the rabbit from closing its mouth. Easy opening and closing of the mouth should be accessible. You should give enough hard food to the rabbit, which can help them wear down their teeth. Through grinding, the rabbits can wear down these molar teeth.


All the upper and lower incisors should look straight and should be white, and should look long. These incisors should be arranged in the manner that the upper incisors overlap with the lower incisors. It should allow the rabbit to close their mouth quickly.

Peg teeth

A human eye can not see the rabbit’s peg teeth. The peg teeth are invisible to human eyes. But suppose if you can see these incisors, then there is something bad in their teeth. We can’t see it. It would be best if you safely tucked it behind the upper incisors.

A rabbit owner should inspect the rabbit’s teeth regularly. If you see any signs of misalignment, excessive growth, or discoloration, you should take the rabbit to a vet. Also, dental issues are the most common issues in rabbits. However, you should keep an eye check on the rabbit’s teeth for safety and security purposes.

What are some different ways to stop the growth of a Rabbit’s teeth?

If you want your rabbit to wear their teeth naturally, you should change its food diet plan. The rabbit’s lifestyle should be similar to a wild rabbit, such as you should give your rabbit some foods that are hard to chew. You should provide them with food to chew for most of the day. Chewing hard food for a long day will prevent the rabbit from having long teeth.

Such as you can give your rabbits some Timothy hay. It would be best if you encouraged your rabbit to chew the Timothy hay as it is the safest and the easiest, quickest way to keep the teeth shorter. This Timothy has fiber and vitamins and is tough. Eating these Timothy hays can not create any health issues in the rabbit. They can eat as much as possible without any tension because it does not have any health problems.

Timothy hay

What you have to do is fill the rabbit’s hutch with the Timothy hay in the morning so that they eat them for the whole long day. Chewing and grinding the Timothy hay in their mouth will help them to wear down their teeth. Even if you don’t have to do any hard work to make them eat the Timothy hay.

The rabbits will happily eat Timothy Hayes all day long. The behavior of a rabbit is so different from other animals in that the rabbit likes to eat while they poop. You need to be aware of the different types of hay. Also, alfalfa hay is not suitable for the health of adult rabbits.

Alfalfa hay

Alfalfa hay has a high amount of calcium and protein in it. It is low in fiber, and it is outstanding, even best for a baby rabbit who is growing. Fiber helps the baby rabbits to build their strength and body strong. Because they are small, and that is enough that they need less fiber for their body.

But alfalfa hay is not suitable for the health of an adult rabbit. Suppose a baby rabbit had alfalfa hay during its growing months, but when it reaches adult age, the same alfalfa hay is bad for its health. It is because it is too soft to eat and will not help the rabbit wear the teeth down.

Health risk of alfalfa

This soft hay is harmful to the health of adult rabbits. Not only this, but it also damages the body of a rabbit. So, you should avoid giving alfalfa hay to your rabbit. You will notice that your rabbit is also trying to chew other things as well. But you have to stop the rabbit from chewing other different things such as electric wires and hutch wires as these wires are hazardous for their body health.

Chewings the hay will not trim and cut short their teeth but also give them fiber and energy to play and run. Eating tough hay will also entertain your rabbit, but at the same time, it could not be good if you are keeping a single rabbit in your house. You should be aware that a rabbit always needs a fellowship that keeps them entertained.

They need a companion with whom they can play and run, but if you can not afford to keep another rabbit in your house, then you should spend some quality time with your rabbit. If your rabbit lives alone, it will live a stressful life. They will quickly get bored, which leads them to a stressful and tedious life.

What all can a Rabbit chew to wear down its teeth?

what all can a rabbits chew to wear down its teeth.jpg

Every morning you have to fill fresh hays at their hutch. Do not forget to change the hay as they get spoiled in the night with their urine and other kinds of stuff. And if they eat the urinated hay, it can cause serious health problems in their body. So, it would be best if you changed the hay daily. It would be best if you did not give the hays in a limited amount. Apart from giving them the hays in a limited amount, please give them more than they can eat in a day. You can give them the following things to chew, which will help the rabbit to wear the teeth down.

  • You can give your rabbit rigid rubber balls to chew. It will also be helpful for the rabbit in playing. Your rabbit will play with the ball and will feel relaxed and happy.
  • Chewing the twigs and branches of a tree can also be helpful. The twigs of these trees will be best for you, such as Aspen, willow, pine, and apple trees are the best to chew and grind.

How to keep Rabbit’s teeth short and stubby?

  • There are some plastic toys in the market specially made for the chewing purpose for the animals.
  • The available toys In the market for tiny babies can also be helpful. You can give them the baby toys as well.
  • More than that, you can give the hay in a wicker basket. It will add spice to the daily routine of the rabbits.
  • You can attach some chunks of the pinewood in the rabbit’s hutch.
  • Give them some face cloths and soft cotton towels.

You can also give them pine cones. But before you give these pine cones to your rabbit, you should wash them using a mixture of vinegar and water.

Note: You should not give your basic rabbit toys such as cheap dog and cat toys. They are harmful to their body health as they have flimsy plastic, which is bad for their health.

Final words

The article is all about how to keep rabbit’s teeth short. It has some manual ways also through which you can keep your rabbit’s teeth shorter. At the very beginning of the article, a brief detail about rabbits is there. After the introduction, it has some natural ways to use on your rabbit to make their teeth short.

Afterward, there are some manual ways like burring. Through burring, you can cut their teeth manually. However, a manual method is painful for rabbits. So, first, try to use some natural ways only to cut down their teeth. I hope the article was helpful for you. I hope you like the article, and if you like the article, you may leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them down in the comments section.

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