November 24, 2022
How to save baby bunnies from dogs

How to save baby bunnies from dogs?

How to save baby bunnies from dogs: Dogs have a good reputation among humans because they’re loyal, kind, and loving pets. Dogs have a human-friendly nature, which is why humans are more likely to have dogs as a pet. Since we know some good things about dogs, it becomes unpleasant to hear that they can hunt. We have never seen or heard of dogs as natural hunters, and dogs mostly hunt the things that are not easy to catch and need more focus.

As bunnies are tiny, fast, and can hide into the ground, they quickly dig and get into the bed. So it makes them hard to catch. It doesn’t make any compatibility between bunnies and dogs, and they both are domestic animals and create a different environment.

 Why do dogs hunt small animals?

Some reasons make dogs hunt small animals. Some breeds have a strong hunting instinct, which comes into their natural behavior.

Why do dogs hunt?

In years ago, bunnies had an increasing population and became prominent. To control the number, dogs were used for hunting bunnies. As bunnies are super fast, small, and burrow into the ground, it becomes hard for humans to catch them; however, it is easy for dogs to see them. It becomes the habit of their natural behavior to hunt.

Chased by small animals

Dogs always get chased by small animals, especially those that move super quickly from the position. Dogs do not always eat bunnies, and they eat some small animals, such as small mammals, squirrels, mice, etc.

Dogs like to play with small animals sometimes for passing their time, but if the small animal starts to chase or run after the dogs, they begin to get desperate to catch them, and while catching, they ignore everything.

Hunts in pack

You may know that the dogs have friendly behavior, and they always consider working together with other dogs. They always lead ahead in the group of dogs and strategize to hunt. They can attack big animals if they come together because they become more powerful and confident to pursue.

Dogs have good focusing skills, and when it comes to a group, they’re more desperate to have their prey. Some animals have the natural behavior of hunting in a herd, especially wolves and dogs, and they both behave the same in this manner.

Vulnerable bunnies

Why the bunnies are called vulnerable? Bunnies get caught by the animals smoothly, especially those breeds of dogs with an excellent level of hunting and can notice anything quickly.

Escaping from hunting

Bunnies can escape from hunting animals or dogs, but the baby bunnies are dependent on their mother rabbit. They feel lonely and scared, so they quickly get into the hunting dogs trap. Rabbits can escape by running fast and can hide rapidly.

Get panic

A baby bunny doesn’t allow anyone to touch as they panic by the simple touch of small kids, people at all. Dogs usually hunt secretly, and they aim to attack, and when it comes to baby bunnies, they shoot suddenly, making bunnies panic and scared from the hunt.


A rabbit can run after the animal quickly and chase. Dogs get chased by quick things as bunnies are fast, short, so they get caught by the hunting dogs. Sometimes, pet dogs and pet rabbits play together, but when a rabbit runs after or chases a dog for something, dogs get desperate to attack it. Bunnies have the habit of moving in a place, initiating to run.

Why baby bunnies and dogs can’t be a friend?

As we all know, dogs and bunnies both have human-friendly nature, that’s why they’re most likely to choose as a pet. They both like to play outside and inside the yard, and they can make humans happy with their cute behavior. But there is a massive confusion: can they both be good friends? Yes, they can.

Friendly bunnies and dogs

Bunnies and dogs have attractive behavior, which makes people adore them together. Bunnies and dogs can play and stay along it means they can be good friends, and sometimes dogs do well to take care of baby bunnies even they don’t get chased by them. It depends on the dog how they treat a bunny. However, it comes to the training and breed of dogs how they treat other animals.

Loving nature

As we have seen, dogs and rabbits have loving behavior. They can adore anyone by their endearing nature. People would love to take them as a pet if you gave training to your dog not to harm or hunt the bunnies and trained them about it. So they will be good loving pets. Not all breed dogs hurt animals, but some natural cycle of behavior can make them do it.

Dogs and bunnies as a pet

Pet lovers mainly consider having more than one animal at their house, and they are more likely to have different pets such as baby bunnies and puppies to keep them attached. After having a tiring day in the city, people like to have things that can relieve, and animals usually help to do it, such as bunnies and dog-loving pets.

Dogs and bunnies can be excellent pets to have in the house. A single pet might feel alone at home, so having more than one pet in the place would be a perfect choice.

Most breeds of domestic dogs have an excellent friendly and kind nature, and they try to help other animals. Especially the baby animal which requires care, dogs, treat them as a good care taker.

Bunnies and dogs are not compatible to get along. Dogs have hunt instincts towards bunnies, but it depends on the pet dog you have or you would behave. You need to keep in mind that your pet would not be in danger, and Bunny pets to be saved around the other pet dog you have. You need to make sure your dogs are trained how it behaviors with a bunny.

 Hunting breed of dogs

Some breeds of dogs can hunt excellently. As we already read above, dogs can hunt in a pack, making them dangerous. Dogs and wolves have similar behavior of hunting.


These dogs have a fearsome reputation among the people. They are used for security purposes and are called “guard dogs.” This dog’s long jawline makes them scarier, dangerous. These dogs are good at hunting can run super fast. If these dogs get trained to love, so they never disappoint you, they will make you a happy pet owner. They are friendly if they are prepared to be pet animals, and if they are qualified for the hunting purpose, they will not let other animals hunt in their area. They hunt very desperately.


This dog can be an excellent option to choose for hunting, as we can assume by the name of pointer that they are good at pointing something, such as fixing a point to attack the prey. They are to choose for hunting purposes.

They usually attack small animals such as birds, mice, bunnies, etc. They hunt them to have a meal. These dogs have the natural behavior of hunting.

Irish setter

Irish setter dogs have aggressive nature to hunt. If they point the aim towards the prey, they will not let that run away. They are just determined to hunt their prey. The small animal is the same as the pointer and has a similar habit as other hunting dogs, but the important thing is that these dogs can’t be loving and sweeter to anyone.

Keeping small animals away from the Irish would be good; otherwise, they would not let them live.


You can’t catch the energy of these. They have incredible power, stamina, and activeness to hunt. These dogs can be good attackers and pros in hunting.

They primarily attack and hunt the animals. Those are quick as bunnies are super fast, so they always get ready to bunny as their pray. These dogs can be good single pets. But they can’t stay inside the house for an extended period.

There are so many breeds of dogs that are good at hunting and can be a good pet, but it depends on how it is trained to be a pet or for a hunting purpose. These dogs treat to be hunting purpose, we it can be the natural part of their to track.

How to keep dogs away from baby bunnies?

Keeping dogs away from bunnies will be a difficult task. Baby bunnies need more care and a good environment. As a pet owner, I will be responsible for keeping an eye on the baby bunny. It will become more burdensome when you have dogs around bunnies, and dogs can scare bunnies.

Divert dog’s attention

If your dog is continuously looking for a baby bunny or hunting, try to divert your dog’s attention towards another thing. Draw your dog’s attention to the things that your pet likes. Such as

  • Giving delicious treats can draw your dog’s attention.
  • Keeping your yummy treat near to your dog’s nose can quickly distract you.
  • You can play some games like you can give instantly task to catch such as ball, toy or any stuff.
  • If your dogs like to listen to music, it will be good to play music around the dog so that the dog can distract.
  • You can see sudden changes in your dog’s behavior after playing music.

Command your dogs

Dogs can understand human language and gestures well, as dogs are domestic animals and most popular among humans. Many dogs are taught to be a pet, but sometimes you need to give them your command to the dog.

  • First, see your dog’s behavior, and then give the command by their behavior.
  • If the dog’s behavior is aggressive or determined towards the bunny, give a command to do other activities such as walking, sitting, or eating.
  • Don’t try to give the command of catching because if you untie the chain of your dog so it might desperately hunt bunny.
  • If the dog starts to run for running, it might ignore your command.
  • Let bunny leave the area, so make sure to divert the dog’s attention to give the command of “sit.”

Is baby bunnies nest save around dogs?

As we are concerned about baby bunnies, we should be more concerned about their nest. Baby bunnies’ nests might be in danger around dogs, and maybe they can harm and hurt them. Bunnies’ nest should be saved wherever it is. It will be unpleasant to hear for mother rabbit to lose her babies.

Keep dogs tie

If you see any baby bunny nest around you, try to keep your dog tied, and if you want to take your dog outside with you, hold the dog chain tightly so the dog can’t run towards the bunny’s nest.

Put nest into save place

If you have already seen that the baby bunnies’ nest is near dogs, keep the nest safe where bunnies can raise peacefully without stress. Dogs can sniff, so make sure it would be a bit far from the dog’s eye and nose.

Teach your dog

In this, you should see your dog’s behavior when you’re near the nest. If it’s normal so make your dog habitual of it. And if your dogs do something different, try to teach them not to behave like this and give them a treat as a reward. That will be helpful to keep dogs around the baby bunny’s nest without any hunting.

“In this article we give some gentle details of hunting dogs and baby bunnies. If you find something new and interesting in this article so let us know in the comment section below along with it provide us feedback. If you have any query you ask us by comment below.”

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