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Lykoi Cat characteristics, cost, and health

The article is about a famous cat breed called lykoi. We will share a brief detail about the breed. Can you buy it or not? How do you take care of them? You will get all the information about the breed here in the blog.

At the beginning of the blog post, I will let you know everything you need to know about cats, and after that, I will give a brief detail about the breed. How to take care of the breed? What is a safe place to keep the breed cat?

Sociability of Lykoi

The social behaviour differs, such as a wild cat gathering together to search for food for them. However, domestic cats have less sociability. Research says that if a domestic cat rubs and is showing a scent rubbing behaviour towards you, they are comfortable around you. You and the cat have a social bonding, undoubtedly.

Lykoi fighting

In the wild cats, the male cats fight to mate with a female cat, but the male fights with a female cat among the domestic cats. Most of the wild cats, the heavier and the most muscular male, won the competition. Female cats also fight either to defend and to save their kittens, or they fight over territories.

Feeding and Hunting

They lap about four times in a second. When we talk about feeding a cat, a cat consumes several small meals in a day. However, if you talk about a specific quantity, it varies from individual to individual, depending on their shape and size.


Tiny kittens are primarily known among people for their playfulness. Cats also get engaged in play fighting. They fight with each other and sometimes with the humans as well. This play makes them learn to fight against their predators. Through fighting with each other, the cats establish a skill that further helps them for actual combat. It also decreases the fear of attacking other animals when they find any danger or fear.

Lykoi: Health, disease and lifespan

Research by the experts says that a cat has at least two hundred fifty heritable genetic disorders. The genetic disorder includes those health problems caused by some abnormalities in the genome, and some disorders are similar to human error in metabolism among these genetic disorders.

Those diseases which affect a domestic cat are parasites infestations, cute infections, chronic diseases like thyroid disease, kidney disease, arthritis etc. However, there are several vaccinations present for these infections. The average lifespan of a cat is about 15.1 years, according to the data of the year 2018.

Werewolf cat

It is a breed of cat which is known as lykoi. The cat is widely known as a werewolf cat because its coat is very unusual as it resembles a werewolf in it. The hair coat of the lykoi is unique as it has a distinct combination of build and colour. What attracts people towards them is their hair pattern. These cats have different hair patterns and thin, patchy and wiry hair. Its hairs shed timely.

At one point, they even become hairless. Because of having this unique personality trait, these cats are known as partially hairless. This strange look and unique personality and traits make them popular and famous. One more unique personal trait of the cat is that they change their body colours. Further on, we will discuss this unique breed and its personality traits.


Experts believe that this lykoi breed is a result of a natural mutation only. Researchers say that a pair of short-haired cats carrying a hairless gene is responsible for this breed. This pair carries the mutated gene. Before, experts believed this mutated gene was similar to the breed carried by the Devon Rex cats and Sphynx cats. But after some time, the expert study stated that both of these mutes genes are different.

This muted gene creates a patched fur condition in them. It gave a partial facial fur to the cat. Even the rest of the body also has patches with thin furs. This physical structure makes the cat look somewhat feral and bedraggled. Experts say that the first-ever lykoi breed they found had feral felines. The experts only picked up this name for the cats. The name lykoi derives from the Greek word wolf.

That is why they are also known as wolf cats. This lykoi breed has been an experimental breed till now. Its first official identification happened in the year 2010. When people studied and read about this new lykoi breed, the experts found that the gene breed does not have any additional health concerns and is not recessive at all.

Outer look and appearance

Researchers and the breeders wished to preserve the breed. They have cross-bred the newly discovered lykoi and the domestic black cats. When the experts found the lykoi, it was black. And the black colour is also preferable. There was one more reason behind introducing the domestic black cats, and it was the shortage of the actual lykoi. It also helped the researchers in expanding the pool of new genetic breeds.

Lykoi as a second chance breed

As we discussed, lykoi is unique and famous. Experts found them as strays and feral. Nowadays, this cat breed is becoming a demanding breed among people. It is a very fortunate discovery nowadays in demand by the people. One of the breed discoverers, John Gobble, described and defined the lykoi breed as a second chance breed.

This second chance breed describes the breed’s fortune and cruciality, and Patti Thomas, Brittney Gobble and the Veterinarian Gobble found this lykoi breed in 2010. All of them brought and took the breed for study, and just after a few years, the three of them confirmed and revealed the breed lykio to the world.

They stated that the breed is natural. Later on, the experts and the researchers found the statement true. It was a natural breed only. After some years, the other researchers and the experts found some more cats in shelters and some in feral colonies. Most of them were without genetics and had no congenital defect in them.

Hairless Lykoi

The experts were having discussions on why the lykoi breeds are hairless. Even the dermatologist was not having an answer to why the breed is hairless. The lykoi does not have an undercoat, which can be why they have thin fur on their body. However, the later studies found the reason for having thin fur.

The reason was that it does not possess the follicles that the body needs to grow hair. The lykoi cat breed does not have the skin follicles that they need for the proper growth of the hair. When they start shedding their hair, the process is so severe and extreme that the cat even sheds their hair entirely and sometimes their body becomes hairless.

Body appearance of Lykoi

Specifically, if you talk about the colour, this cat breed is unique. The cats can change their skin colour. First, we will talk about a classic lykoi. A classic lykoi has a combination of fur, such as their furs are partially melanistic and partially black. It does mean that hair that looks colourless does not have melanin in it, and this looks colourless.

So considering that a cat has sufficient melanistic hair or fur on its body, they look silver. The colour balance varies from cat to cat, therefore. If it happens in other animals, the animal is known as roan. This pigment-less hair condition occurs in many animals such as horses and others. But it is rare in cats. This lykoi is the only breed in which this pigment-less hair condition occurs.

A lykoi cat varies, but some cats have thick layers of fur and hair. Their body looks well covered with fur. Not all cats have hairs around their muzzle, eyes and at the back of their ears. These hairs around their body parts give them a werewolf look. These hairs only make them look like a werewolf.

Those cats do not shed their fur from their body regularly. They will shed their hair at least once in their lifespan. However, this is not a health issue for cats. The lack of the dermis in their skin causes this loss in colour. Researchers say that this hair loss condition is natural in a cat.

Physical characteristics of lykoi

Those cats with fewer hairs on their body or no hair give a leathery feel when you touch them. When a cat sheds their hair from their body, their skin looks pink. As we discussed, in some cases, due to the lack of melanin in their skin, they look silver. But experts count them in black colour.

Experts tried to predominate the black colour in the lykoi cats. Other than outer circumstances, experts believe that a lykoi cat is born with hairs only. And these hairs are black. After taking birth, the cats got patches on their body. Also, they develop some areas of melanistic hair.

Size of lykoi

Experts noted that, in general, a male cat is way more prominent than a female cat. On average, they are medium-sized cats. These lykoi cats have muscular, lean bodies and these bodysuits for a feral or wild existence. They have large pointed ears and medium heightened legs. Also, these cats have short tails, making their appearance like a creature.


However, these cats look like werewolves, but their personalities are different, especially when you bathe them. These breed cats have a powerful personality, but they are in any new situation or condition. They become cautious and prefer to ignore the situation or assess the situation before they jump into the situation.

Even some breeders have succeeded in developing friendly behaviour in them. However, it is not friendly. This lykois cat is very friendly with whom they make a friendly, trusted bond. First, you have to win their trust, and then you can behave friendly like any other breed. These cats are very active and act actively even as pets at home. They put their whole energy into it quickly.

This lykoi enjoys playing with toys they can stalk, and they only look and act like dogs. This lykoi cat breed is not suitable for you if you are looking for a lap cat. Like lap cats, they can not sit quietly for hours. These cats enjoy communicating with humans. They love to interact with people. Lykoi cats don’t like to sit in one place for a long time, and they enjoy playing and living doing their things.

Lykoi as excessive shedders

These cats shed their furs in excess compared to others. They shed their hair mostly at one time only. However, they grow back. This hair shedding is widespread if your breed is shedding their hair and the other is not. The condition is safe and familiar in breeds.

The Lykoi breed is not a hypoallergenic cat because they shed their hair frequently. Mistakenly, people believe that the lykoi breed is hypoallergenic; however, they are not. They do not realize early that they can even suffer from allergies. When you note the absence of shedding hairs, this may trigger allergies.

Can lykoi change their body colours?

Changing colour is the other unusual thing in this cat breed. This breed can change its colours. However, their body colour is pink, but experts say that they can change their colour to some dark colour as well. They can even change their colour to pure black also. When people expose these cats to sunlight, they turn their colour black because of heat and extreme light.

How much does lykoi cost?

After their official announcement, these cat breeds became so popular globally. A lykoi kitten costs you nearly fifteen hundred dollars, sometimes even twenty-five hundred dollars. The cost decreases and increases upon the breeding and the trait of the cat. Lykois, who are black, are in more demand than other cats. Even people wait for their turn to come, mad at this breed. But if you do not want to spend much, you can invest in cats like black tuxedos and blue lykoi.

Why do you keep a lykoi inside a house?

As you know, lykoi do not have thick fur, and you should cover up their body with a standard coat. It would be best if you kept the cats inside the house only. The temperature should neither be cold nor be too warm. It would be best to keep this cat at an average temperature only.

Suppose if you keep the cat at a cold temperature, they will be exposed to harsh and unsuitable elements. Keeping the cats outside can affect their body poorly, and they do not have fur for warmth or protection. On sweltering days, sunlight can affect their skin adversely and cause sunburn.

How to take care of the lykois skin and health?

It would be best to keep in mind some essential things, such as the care of their skin and nails. When they contact nature, dirt, sand, and other impurities get into their nails. These impurities and dirt can be dangerous. Feed them properly. And good food makes their health better.

On the other hand, cleanliness is very crucial. You should wipe the cat’s skin, ears, and claws regularly. If you need any help, then you should contact a vet for further help. If you find an ear cleaning complex, you can go to the vet, and they will readily do it and will show you how to do it. Keep your cat away from extreme summer and hot temperatures.

Final words

The article was all about the lykoi breed. This breed is rare and found in 2010—a rare and unique breed that can change its colour and go hairless with pink skin. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may write down the comments in the comments box.

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