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poisonous food for rabbit

Poisonous Food for Rabbits

Poisonous food for Rabbits – This article is all about foods that a rabbit should not eat. At the starting of the article, it has an explanation about rabbits and their personality and behavior. A rabbit’s healthy diet plan also has a brief explanation in the article. Read the article, and it will surely be helpful for you.

Living environment for Rabbits

A rabbit is a ground dweller, and the rabbits live in environments that range from desert to tropical forest and wetland. The natural geographic range in the Western Hemisphere surrounds the middle latitudes. We can find rabbit breeds in Europe and southern and central Africa, Japan, Sumatra, and the Indian subcontinent in the eastern hemisphere. Almost every country in the world is aware of the European rabbit breed. A European rabbit breed lives about nine years.

Foods for Rabbit

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Rabbits are herbivores. So, the best food for them is hay. Hay should be the first and foremost priority of the rabbit. Hay contains fiber in it, and it is very important and beneficial for them. A rabbit’s diet plan should contain a different variety of Hayes and grasses, which will give them the required nutrition and vitamins. A rabbit can eat well-washed green leafy vegetables, weeds, and herbs, etc.

Vegetable diet

A rabbit owner should include at least six or seven varieties of green vegetables, such as you can feed them cabbage, parsley, broccoli, mint, and kale. It would be best if you always introduced your rabbit to some new green leafy vegetables. But you should give these vegetables in a limited amount only. Vegetables in excess can also lead to some health problems. So, it would be best if you took care.

Sleeping hours for Rabbits

A healthy rabbit should sleep at least 8.3 hours a long day. If your rabbit is not sleeping properly, you need to find out the reason behind their stress. The rabbits may feel stressed, and that could be the reason for this. Rabbits are also known as crepuscular animals. A crepuscular animal is more active during dusk and dawn and feels more sleepy during the whole day and night.

Eating habits of Rabbits

A domestic rabbit eats at least thirty times in a whole long day. They need a lot of tough hay to eat on a long day. Why do they need tough hay? It is because they need to cut their teeth shorter naturally. Timothy hay is the best for rabbits. With the help of the Timothy hay, the rabbit can resist the growth of their teeth naturally.

They need a continuous supply of Timothy Hayes. Rabbits are one of those animals which need extra care and maintenance. And the most important is their diet. Not every rabbit requires the same food. Every animal has different food habits, and rabbits are animals who need a proper food diet; otherwise, they can even become sick and have some health issues.

Like dogs, they can eat almost everything, but rabbits can not eat everything. So, a rabbit owner should be aware of the food diet of a rabbit. A detailed explanation about the diet plan of a rabbit is in the article. It will tell you what all you should give to the rabbits. Also, If you keep a rabbit in your house, you should know which food items are very dangerous for the rabbits, and they can not even touch them.

Poisonous food diet for Rabbits

There are some food items that a rabbit should not eat, such as rhubarb, fruit pips, avocado, etc. And there are some food items like green leafy vegetables and Hayes, which a rabbit owner can give them in limited amounts but the grasses and the Hayes are those items you can feed them in a whole long day. Avocados and some other food items are one of those foods which are harmful to the rabbits even if you feed them in little quantities. These food items are fatal for the rabbits if they eat them.

There are some foods like dog food items, cat food, muesli, and nuts that will not be harmful if you give in small quantities. They are not toxic for rabbits. But it can create health issues in rabbits. It can cause some digestive issues also such as diarrhea etc. But this is possible when they consume these foods regularly. Research says that if rabbit owners do not feed their rabbits properly, they divert towards food items that are toxic and harmful to their health.

And if the owners feed them properly, there are very few chances of them eating some other poisonous food. And this is one of the reasons why you should give your rabbit a proper food diet. Please note that every species has some different needs. So, accordingly, plan their diet chart and feed them accordingly. You should also change the food items which are taking your rabbit to some obesity problems.

Poisonous food for Rabbits

Below is the list of some food items which a rabbit should not eat at all. These food items lead to fatal problems for rabbits. Some foods lead the rabbits to fatality, but some foods also cause immediate death in rabbits which is known as poisonous food for rabbits.

However, the foods which do not lead the rabbits to instant death. But they lead the rabbit to big problems or diseases such as weight gain or weight loss, diarrhea, and other health problems. Below is the list with brief details about the poisonous food for rabbits if they eat.

Sugary Processed foods

Often, it happens if we eat something sugary processed food such as a cake or cookie or something else. We give cookies or cake to our pets also. Because they saw you eating the cake and they want that processed food, and you give them. But technically, you should not give sugar-coated slices of bread or cakes to your rabbit.

The sugar processed food is too dangerous for rabbits. It increases fat and carbohydrates in their body, and it is not at all good for rabbits. A renowned pharmaceutical company Merck and company has a subsidiary known as MSD, which says that high carb foods and sugary processed food can be very dangerous for rabbits. Eating processed food can also lead the rabbits to Enterotoxemia disease.

Enterotoxemia disease

It is a critical diarrhea disease in rabbits. This disease primarily happens in rabbits who are four to eight weeks old. Suppose it is affecting the rabbit in some natural way. But if it is not natural which means you gave some antibiotics to the rabbit orally. And because of this, the rabbits are in touch with the disease. If it is manual, then it can happen at any stage of their life cycle. There is no particular age group for this. Enterotoxemia disease is a result of the overgrowth of Clostridium elements in the body. Clostridium is a bacterial infection that grows in the rabbit’s cecum ( which is present between the small intestine and large intestine )

This bacterial infection releases fatal toxins, and experts say that these sugary processed foods like cake and cookies increase the bacteria in rabbits. However, if you serve these sugary foods to the rabbit in a very small quantity, there are fewer chances to trigger Enterotoxemia in the rabbits. But if your rabbit is very young or weak, then it can easily be triggered. Not only this, those rabbits who do not eat sufficient fiber are more susceptible to the disease.

Leaves of Potatoes

Potatoes are one of those vegetables which are high in carbohydrates and starch. They are poisonous food for rabbits, because the rabbits can not digest these foods properly because they have high starch and carbohydrate. If a rabbit eats high carbohydrates and starch, it will find it difficult to digest these foods.

If you give your rabbit a very low quantity of potatoes, then it may not be harmful. But keep in your mind that potato leaves and the tops are poisonous for the rabbits. If they eat the potato leaves or the potato top, it may lead the rabbit to immediate death because it is poisonous for them.

Iceberg Lettuce and Romaine

Generally, experts advise the rabbit owners to feed lettuce to their rabbits. Lettuce is even known as rabbit food also. Experts confirmed that lettuce is not a poisonous food for rabbits. For example, the dark dorm of lettuce, Romaine, is one of the lettuces suitable for rabbits.

A rabbit can eat the Romaine safely. The dark form of lettuce is good for the health of rabbits. However, iceberg lettuce is not good for the health of rabbits. Iceberg lettuce contains a harmful chemical which is known as lactucarium. These harmful chemicals can lead a baby rabbit to instant death also.

If you give lactucarium in a very small quantity to your rabbit, it may not be harmful. But if you give a large amount to your rabbit then, it may cause diseases like diarrhea. And you will notice physical weakness in the rabbits. Baby rabbits can even lead to death even if they overeat the Iceberg lettuce.

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Allium Vegetables

Allium vegetables include

  1. Shallots
  2. Garlic
  3. Chives
  4. Onions
  5. Leeks
  6. Scallions

These allium vegetables are not good for the health of rabbits. A question may arise in your mind that Why are these vegetables not good for rabbit health? The answer to the question is that these vegetables can cause hemolytic anemia in rabbits. Hemolytic anemia is a state where animals have a loss of red blood cells.

It can cause some serious health issues also. Suppose a rabbit eats one of these allium vegetables then, if you do not give the rabbit an immediate treatment, the rabbit may lead to sudden death also. The rabbits may feel weakness in their body, they may also feel dizziness, and if not treated, they can even die. More than these, these allium vegetables can also cause anaphylactic shock in rabbits.

Chocolate and toffees

Chocolate contains two toxic elements, and these are

  1. Theobromine
  2. Caffeine

These two elements are types of methylxanthines that are dangerous for the health of rabbits, and this can be defined more as the higher the cocoa content, the higher the concentration of the methylxanthines in the food. If your rabbit eats even some pieces of dark chocolate, there may be some medical emergency.

You have to take the rabbit to the vet immediately. Not only the dark chocolate but the white chocolates can even cause some critical problems in the rabbits. The PDSA ( the people’s dispensary for sick animals) states the symptoms of chocolate poisoning as.

  1. High temperature and environment
  2. Panting and trembling in rabbits
  3. Squirming in the rabbit’s stomach
  4. Restlessness position
  5. Diarrhea in rabbits
  6. Chocolate poisoning also includes vomiting, but the rabbits can not do it.

Before bringing a rabbit to your home, you should be aware of the foods they can eat and which they can not have because they are dangerous for their health and survival. Most of the rabbit’s owners are well aware that a rabbit should not eat chocolates.

But also be careful that you have not left the chocolate packet open on the floor. Because if you had done so, it could be very dangerous when you have pet animals at your home. You should always keep your rabbit and other pets away from the chocolate as they harm their health in some way or another.


Rhubarb contains oxalates in high quantities. It is an irritant that leads the rabbits to critical health reactions on their body. They are not at all good for the rabbits’ health. Rhubarb is one element that can even interfere with calcium absorption.

Suppose if you decide to grow rhubarb in your garden area, keep your rabbits away from the garden and rhubarb as they are very dangerous for the rabbit’s health. You should prevent the access of the rabbits in the garden. These are some symptoms of rhubarb poisoning in rabbits. They are as follows.

  1. Lethargy
  2. Drinking a lot
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Sore or bloated tummy
  5. A swollen mouth

These are some of the symptoms which you can notice if your rabbit is ill. But you should run to the vet for your rabbit if they are showing any of these symptoms. However, death is not very common in this, but if the owners do not take the rabbits to the vet, it may happen.

Seeds and fruit pips

If you want to give a little amount of apple flesh, you can give it to the rabbit. But it would be best if you did not give the Apple seeds to the rabbits. The Apple seeds are very harmful to rabbits. Apple seed has some elements which are very toxic to the health of the rabbit.

Also, if you are giving your rabbit some apples, remove all the pips and the Apple seeds as they can be very dangerous for the rabbits. Not only the Apple seeds and pips are harmful to the rabbit, but the seeds of apricot, plum, and peach are also dangerous for the rabbit’s survival. All these fruits contain high amounts of cyanide which is not good for rabbits. You should note that if your rabbit shows some adverse reactions after feeding the seeds and fruit pips, you should avoid giving them these.


Experts suggest the rabbit owners not feeding their rabbits the avocados. Avocados are one of the harmful fruits which a rabbit owner should never feed in any case. Why are avocados poisonous? A simple answer for this is, it has Persin in it. Persin is a toxic element that is very harmful to their body and can also lead the rabbit to death.

It stops breathing instantly. After creating breathing problems in them, the rabbits can have heart failure, and in most cases, there are chances of immediate death. If the rabbit has one or two avocado bites, then it may not create some critical problems, but you should go to the vet to prevent further reactions.

Toxic foods for Rabbits

toxic foods for rabbits.jpg

Above mentioned foods are very dangerous for rabbits. And if your rabbit has mistakenly eaten something like this, take your rabbit to the vet. Contact the doctor immediately and take the help of the doctor. Almost each of these foods is so toxic for the rabbit’s health that it can lead them to death also in just a few hours only. Some foods such as cookies and iceberg lettuce are less toxic to an adult and healthy rabbit.

Take them to the vet and if your doctor advises you for some treatment, then act accordingly. Sometimes, if the owners are not fed properly, they eat some toxic and dangerous foods without knowing the further reactions for this. And, when you are unaware that your rabbit has eaten some of these foods, you can only see their body symptoms and reactions. When your rabbits fall ill, notice these symptoms and know them. The symptoms are as follows.

  1. Drinking a lot of water
  2. The rabbit is feeling restless.
  3. Weakness in the rabbit.
  4. Notice their eyes if they have glazed eyes or not.
  5. Vomiting and diarrhea in the rabbit.

Some food that a Rabbit should avoid eating

Some foods are not healthy and are not toxic, but they should avoid them because they are unhealthy for rabbits. These unhealthy foods can create health issues and can cause disease in rabbits. Such foods are high in calories and can not be digested easily. The rabbits feel difficulty digesting these foods. It can upset their stomach and can lead the rabbits to obesity problems. The rabbits can also feel stomach pain.


Almost every rabbit likes the taste of a nut. But feeding a nut to a rabbit is not good. It can also be harmful to rabbits. Nuts are high in carbohydrates and fat, and a rabbit can not eat fat and carbs. The rabbits need a low-fat diet. High carbs and fat can lead the rabbits to some digestive problems and create bowel problems in them. Also, rabbits can choke while eating the nuts, and it has a choking danger as well.


Muesli is one of the foods which you can count among sugary products. There was a time when people fed the muesli to their rabbits, and it was a portion of popular rabbit food. But research says that it is also not a healthy food for a rabbit. A rabbit should not eat food that is high in carbs and high in fat. The high fat and carbohydrate can also lead the rabbit to problems mentioned below.

Can you give dog food to Rabbits?

It is very common when a house has different pets living together. If a rabbit is sharing their living space with other animals, they usually share their food also. Dog ate cat food is not toxic, but you should avoid giving them these foods. If your rabbit is constantly eating the dog’s food, it can be harmful to the rabbit. Dog food has high calories in it. These high calories can lead the rabbit to gain weight.

Also, the dog and cat food have animal protein, which a rabbit can not eat as they are herbivores. The rabbits have a very delicate digestive system, and they can not digest meat. Also, the rabbit owners should be careful that they are feeding their rabbits a high calcium diet. High calcium can also be harmful to the rabbit. Rabbits can have kidney stones after eating foods that are high in calcium.


There are many other ways to give the rabbit a treat. You can give them some health stuff if you want to give them a treat. Raisins are one of those food items which rabbits like to eat. It is high in sugar and can cause Enterotoxemia in rabbits.


An owner can give these parsnips in small quantities, but if you give them in high amounts to your rabbits, it will be dangerous for them. It has starch, so the rabbit can not easily digest the parsnips. You can give it to your rabbit occasionally.

Vegetable – Cauliflower

Experts say that you can give them some green leafy vegetables other than Hayes. But it can result in severe bloating in rabbits.

Final words

The article was about poisonous food for rabbits. I hope you like the article, and if you like the article, you can leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any queries regarding the article, you may write them down in the comments box.

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