November 28, 2022
Rabbit nail broke off

What to do when Rabbit Nail Broke Off?

Has your Rabbit nail broke off, and you have no idea what to do? You must be wondering whether or not to take the rabbit to the vet, and it’s totally up to you. If you think you can’t handle it, visiting the vet would be a good idea. Generally, rabbit nails break off because they become excessively long and even bent. To avoid this suddenly torn nail, you should be more cautious about their grooming. The broken nail would grow back, but it may take a while. It is also possible that the broken nail won’t grow if the nail bed has been damaged severely. We will discuss what you can do if your rabbit nail broke off unexpectedly. Stay tuned and keep reading to know more about it.

Should I take my Rabbit to the vet if it breaks the nail off?

Losing toenails in rabbits is neither rare nor normal. It just happens because of improper grooming. When you don’t trim your rabbit’s nails on time, it grows longer, and at some point, it starts bending. Eventually, the nail broke off at a certain point in time. Sometimes, the broken nail causes severe damage to the nail bed and may start bleeding. In such cases, if you think you can handle the situation by yourself, then it’s well and good. Otherwise, consulting the veterinary doctor would be a great idea. The veterinary doctor will ensure that your rabbit doesn’t get any infection while dealing with this situation. Along with that, the vet will recommend some caring tips while your rabbit’s nails will grow again.

What to do if Rabbit Nail Broke Off?

It solely depends on the damage it causes; however, you have a couple of options to deal with this situation. We understand that it is easy to make decisions for yourself, but it becomes difficult for others. Let me assure you that you don’t have to worry about anything if your rabbit’s nail breaks off. You should know that keeping the nail bed clean is necessary if the nail pulls or breaks out of it. Keeping it dry and clean will avoid any infection. Broken nails can be painful for your rabbit, and the affected area can be slightly red as well.

Nail Broke Off

If the nail of your rabbit completely broke off, then there might be little swelling and redness for the next 2 or 3 days. You may see these common signs, so don’t worry about that as it will go away soon. But Keeping the nail bed of your rabbit would be good. Your rabbit will also experience pain when its nail is torn off. If there is bleeding, then applying gentle pressure to the affected area would stop it.

Remember, your rabbit may show some aggression due to excessive pain. However, if the rabbit doesn’t expose to or experience any pain, it can lead to stress. It can result in some other health issues such as loss of appetite and anorexia. The rabbit would return to its normal eating habits once the pain went away. Even when a rabbit starts behaving normally, you should be careful about the torn toenail. When you notice any unusual symptoms, then head to the veterinarian.

Nail Broken and Hanging Off

Sometimes, the broken nail keeps hanging because it is attached to the skin. In such cases, you need to cut the nail very carefully. To do the same, you can use a pair of scissors-type trimmers. Give the rabbit some time to adjust to the situation because a broken nail would cause pain. Let your rabbit hop wound and see if the rabbit shows signs of normal behavior.

You don’t have to worry if the rabbit shows no symptoms of any severe injury, but if it does, then you should visit the vet. If the nails also rip off some skin along with it, you should cut it off to avoid further damage. You can use a cat-claw trimmer or scissors-type trimmer to do it yourself. Otherwise, you can bring your rabbit to the vet to do the needful.

Nail Bed Bleeding and Paining

If the nail has completely broken off, it will be beneficial to put some pressure on it. After that, clean the nail bed to get rid of the blood. You can apply a coating of antibiotic ointment to avoid any infection in the affected area. If you are not sure which ointment you should use, consult the vet. Do whatever they suggest you do. The veterinary doctor would also let you know if your rabbit could face any other issues. Monitor your rabbit’s health while it is dealing with these conditions. Any unusual changes in their behavior for the next couple of days shouldn’t be neglected.

How to avoid torn Nails in Rabbits?

Yes, it is possible to avoid torn nails in your rabbits as you know that grooming is an important part of every pet’s life. Pets like rabbits and cats spend a considerably long time grooming themselves, and both of these pet’s also appreciated their owners helping them in doing the same. Apparently, cleanliness and grooming in your rabbits can prevent any types of infections and diseases.

So, keep your rabbit nails short by trimming occasionally. Don’t let your rabbit nails grow longer than a normal length. A rabbit owner can use scissors-style clippers or a cat-claw trimmer to shorten the long nails of the rabbit. Do it appropriately and carefully so that you don’t hurt your rabbit. If you can’t do it yourself, you should visit a pet grooming center or vet clinic. Scroll back up to know what you can do if thebreaks off.

What could happen if you leave your Rabbit’s nails untrimmed?

Leaving a torn nail or nails untrimmed can cause further damage. So, the best thing you can do to avoid anything severe is to timely trim the nails of your rabbit. Not only nails, but you should keep a health check on your rabbit. Regular veterinary visits would be more than helpful. You should know that rabbits and other pet animals get stressed while visiting the vet too often. As mentioned earlier, your rabbit can get infections if the bleeding nail bed is left as it is without cleaning. You should clean the affected area gently and monitor your rabbit’s health while the nail grows back.

Risk of torn claws in Rabbits

Rabbits are playful and like to jump and hop around. So, if their nails aren’t trimmed on time, then they are likely to break it off while playing, jumping, or hoping. As this is common in most rabbits, there is nothing to worry about as long as you monitor it. Whenever you notice any unusual behavior of a rabbit, you should consult the doctor. Additionally, if the rabbit nail broke off, it can face a couple of risks such as bacteria, infections, or Pododermatitis.

Bacterial Infection

If the rabbits tear their nails, there are chances of getting the infection. As you know, like any other injury, it involves tissue damage. But it’s easy to identify the symptoms of any infection. Generally, if your rabbit has an infection, its skin will start swelling, and you will also see some redness around the affected area. If you see such changes, then consult the vet, as they will let you know whether you should do something about it or not. Sometimes, these infection traits or symptoms appear after a day or two in your rabbit. So, don’t be in a hurry and deal with it calmly.


Sore hocks or Pododermatitis also occurs when rabbits’ toenails aren’t trimmed. Apparently, this condition is painful for rabbits. When a rabbit’s nails grow excessively long, it starts bending or growing in different directions. Other than that, the genetic traits of thin fur on the hocks can also increase the risk of Pododermatitis. Additionally, untrimmed nails of your rabbit will make the situation worse. So, keeping the nails of your rabbit short would be the best thing to do. Another cause for sore hocks is the improper resting angle of hind feet. The body weight puts pressure on its heels, which can increase the chances of having sore hocks.

Final Words

That was all about what you should do if a rabbit nail broke off. I hope you found this article helpful. To avoid further damage or infections, you should keep a check on your rabbit. Sometimes, the nail bed starts bleeding when the nail is torn out of it. If you can’t deal with it, you should try to make things worse. Instead, visiting the vet would be a good idea. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comment section. Your valuable views help us do better, and it would be nice to hear from our fellow readers too.


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