Rabbit Whiskers

All About Rabbit Whiskers | Learn Why Rabbits Have Whiskers?


Rabbit’s whiskers: Bunnies have whiskers, also known as vibrissae, which are common in dogs, cats, and rabbits. Whiskers make animals cute, especially rabbits, as they have fur and long ear, and whiskers are usually more complicated and rougher than normal hair.

Whiskers are not allowed to be cut or trimmed; rabbits have whiskers on the nose, eyes, cheeks, and mouth. It is long in size, and some are short. Rabbit’s whiskers can fall and break out, and rabbits’ whiskers help them to sense things. Rabbit’s whiskers are an essential tool for them.

Where do Rabbits have whiskers?

Rabbits have a whisker over the eyes, mouth, nose, and cheek. Rabbits have approximately 60 whiskers on each side of the face. The sizes of whiskers are long and short, and they are complex and thick in width. Whiskers are rough and more brutal than normal hair.

How do Rabbits’ whiskers help them?

Rabbits’ whisker helps them to sense things and recognize them. Rabbits have big eyes with high vision, a nose with a sharp sense of smell, and rabbits have good hearing with an incredible feeling of touch. In all these things, rabbits’ whiskers help them.

To estimate the area and space

Rabbit’s cheek whiskers help them estimate or measure the space ahead, especially in tunnels and holes. It helps them to measure if the tunnel is large or short. Whiskers are identical in size to their body to check whether they can fit in the tunnel. It helps them to burrow. Suppose the rabbit is healthy and fat, so the whiskers will also be identical in length. Whiskers always measure the size of the tunnel before entering. And if the rabbit is healthy, so its whiskers will let you know it.

Sensing the things close by

Rabbit’s nose and mouth whiskers help them sense the things closer to them. A rabbit’s eyes can’t visualize the things in front because its eyes are situated close to its head. So nose and mouth whiskers help them find out the stuff nearby them. But sometimes, they don’t understand what the object is. Whisker also allows them to figure out when predators are nearby.

Wayfinding in the dark

Rabbits have unique eyes that can see in dim light; they’re not animals with night vision. They don’t see in the dark their whiskers help them in the dark. They can go through whiskers in the dark and poor areas. Whiskers give them sensor load from the object close to the rabbit. They help them at night to sense the predator nearby. Whiskers help the rabbit feel the predator and another animal near the rabbit.

Protect eyes

Rabbit whiskers above rabbits’ eyes protect them from dust and debris. It works as extra rabbit eyelashes, and they work like eyelids, so they are also called the third eyelid of rabbits. Rabbit’s eyes rarely get dust and debris since the rabbit has extra eyelashes to work; whiskers protect the rabbit’s eyes from dust.

Do whiskers also part of grooming?

Rabbits require grooming, and they need to be clean. Pet owners must give them proper grooming, such as you may cut their nails and clean ears and paws, but don’t try to cut their whiskers. It may not be evident for rabbits. Whiskers help rabbits, so they might feel helpless when they get cut off. Grooming whisker is not good, but if they get cut by mistake, don’t worry about that. It will come back again, but don’t repeat the error. If you thought your rabbit’s whiskers were getting longer and it may disturb your rabbit from doing activities so you might be wrong to do it. Rabbit’s whiskers are not allowed to get cut. If you accidentally cut, then it wouldn’t be a big issue. But if you miss the whiskers in a bunch, it might create a big problem. You need to take care of it. Do not cut rabbits’ whiskers, which is crucial for them.

Can I cut the curl whisker of my rabbit?

Rabbits have straight and long whiskers. Rabbit’s whiskers get curled when rough and damaged, so they get curled, and the newly developed whiskers come the same as the previous ones. Suppose you see that your rabbit’s whiskers are getting curled at the end of the tip part of the whisker. So it is acceptable to cut the curl part from the whisker. Depending on the area, rabbits’ whiskers need to be straight, long, and short. Cutting the curl part would be fine, but do not cut the whisker root. Curl whiskers are mainly seen in Rex Rabbits.

Do Rabbits’ whiskers get falling?

Rabbit’s whiskers get to fall the same as the hair, and they get lost with age.

Suppose rabbits’ whiskers start falling out early. In that case, they might have skin issues when you realize it is a skin problem, so it’s good to contact your veterinarian. They will check your rabbit’s skin condition; growing old age can make their fur fall.

Rabbits’ hair and fur start to fall out when they get old; the same happens to dogs, cats, and humans. Rabbit’s whiskers also fall off the same as hair.

Another reason for their whiskers falling off is when they feel frightened, so whiskers get fall off. If they heard unpleasant noise suddenly, it might be the reason their whiskers fell out.

Rabbits fighting also makes their whiskers lose if rabbits fight with other rabbits or animals. They chew each other’s whiskers in anger and aggression. They scratch their face as well.

Is falling and cutting whiskers can hurt Rabbits?

Cutting a rabbit’s whisker may not hurt them, but it can make them helpless. The rabbit’s whisker helps the rabbit in many situations. If they lose their whiskers, it will be okay, and if you cut the whisker, it will not cause and give them pain, but it can confuse them.

Do female Rabbits have whiskers?

Yes, female rabbits also have the same whiskers as male rabbits, making them more attractive. Rabbit’s whiskers are essential for them and help them.

All the rabbits have whiskers if they are female, male, or baby bunnies. Rabbit’s whisker’s size can be long or short, like their body size.

Do rabbit’s whiskers grow back?

Rabbit’s whiskers are the same as the hair. If a rabbit’s whiskers get accidentally cut, there is no need to worry. It will grow back over time, and it only takes two to three weeks to grow back. Rabbits have a habit of bringing help to their whiskers. While rabbits’ whiskers grow back in that time, they might feel confused. Despite these, they will be fine.

What is the color of Rabbits’ whiskers?

Rabbit’s whiskers don’t have any particular color, and it depends on the pigment that gives hair color. More commonly, rabbits have white whiskers, but they can rely on o rabbit hairs. As rabbits’ whiskers are long and short, they’re similar to their usual inches.

Rabbit’s whisker split ends

Whiskers are a kind of hair, so when hair can get split ends, the same thing happens to whiskers; they also get whiskers. If you find split ends in your bunny’s whiskers, don’t try to cut them. Let it fall off by itself and grow back naturally. Rabbits do not cause it, so you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Usual problems of whiskers

Rabbit’s whisker helps them in such ways, but rabbit’s whiskers create a problem when they fall out and get some skin issues. Here are some problems that make rabbit whiskers fall off.

  • Rabbit’s whiskers fall off in old age, but it doesn’t create any problem.
  • Rabbits’ falling-out hair, fur, and whiskers are average among animals. Rabbit’s whiskers also fall off, but it does not cause the bunny to grow back soon, and there is no need to worry.
  • Fighting with other animals cause problem to the whiskers as they fight and get into aggression, so they hurt each other’s whisker by chewing or scratching.
  • Infection in rabbits can also create problems for rabbits, such as fungal and bacterial infections in the skin. This infection can leave patches on rabbits’ skin, and their fur, hair, and whisker start to fall off.
  • Hormonal imbalance can make hairs fall off, as whiskers are part of the hair. They also get fall out.
  • Allergies can make rabbits’ whiskers fall off. It can create itchiness in the skin and make rabbits’ whiskers fall off.
  • Stress also makes hair fall in rabbits and humans as well. It can also cause whiskers to fall out.

Many more problems can make bunnies’ hair and whiskers fall off, but these are the common problems that rabbits usually face.

Anatomy of rabbit’s whiskers

Rabbit’s whiskers, also known as vibrissae, are different from usual hairs and are made of protein keratin that is narrow to a point. These whiskers are thick, complex, and stronger than normal hairs.

Rabbits’ whiskers don’t locate randomly and are situated as per the sense. As longer whiskers stay in the back, smaller ones are in the front. Rabbits have approximately sixty whiskers on one side of the face, so we can say they are above a hundred whiskers.