November 24, 2022
Rarest Cat breeds

Twenty rarest Cat breeds, you would never hear of

Rarest Cat breeds: Everyone wants a unique cat that is rare to find. American shorthair and Russian blue is one of the common breeds of cats that almost every second person owns. If you are thinking of adopting a cat that left people wondering, you should definitely go for the rarest cat breeds. If you are looking for the rarest cat breeds, you should go for species like Sokoke, Selkirk, or Bombay cats.

If you also want to get your hands on a rare cat breed but don’t know the name of the rarest cat breeds, then this article is at your rescue. You have plenty of options if you want to adopt a rare cat breed; all you have to do is sincerely go through the entire article. This article will tell you about the rarest cat breeds, their personality traits, temperaments, and physical appearance.

Rarest Cat breeds

Depending on your search engine, there are 44 to 73 registered cat breeds if you search about cat breeds. Out of which very few are popular and known to all, Cat Fanciers Association releases a report stating rarest cat breeds every year. The data prepared is based on the number of cats registered for each breed, and the number of cats born in the breed affects the data of CFA. The breed of cats listed at the bottom becomes the rarest cat breeds. According to the recent data published by the CFA, there are around 45 pedigrees of cats.

In this article, I will tell you twenty rare cat breeds, depending on the latest data published by the CFA. So without wasting further time, let’s get into the discussion.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This breed of cat was almost extinct during the Second World War; at that time, the Norwegian forest cat club bred the cat to increase their number. Norwegian forest cat traces their origin from Northern Europe. They have a long, glossy, and water-shedding coat which makes them waterproof and helps them survive in extremely cold climates.

These cats are larger than average cats, and males of this breed are heavier than females. Female Norwegian forest cat weighs around eight to eighteen lbs, and male Norwegian forest cat weighs approx ten to twenty lbs. These cats have long bushy tails in some rare cases; their tails get as long as their body.

This cat breed has long hair and needs grooming once a day. Along with long hairs, this breed is complemented with double coats, which help them survive in cold conditions. If you live in cold areas, this breed can be your companion. These cats are very vocal and love being surrounded by people. Norwegian forest cats are friendly and full of energy; they love playing games and are excellent climbers. These cats can even climb on rocks and are not lap cats.

American Bobtail cats

The short tail, slightly short neck, and tufted ears of American bobtail cats make them one of the cutest cat breeds. These cats used to be feral cats until the 1960s. The length of an American bobtail is around nine to ten inches, and they weigh around seven to sixteen pounds when fully grown.

This cat breed has a social, bold, and affectionate temperament making them perfect companions for children, adults, and senior people in the house. The life expectancy of these cats is approximately thirteen to fifteen years. American bobtail cats are very easy-going cats and mix easily with other pets and strangers.

These cats are playful and enjoy playing puzzle games. They are very loyal towards their owners, and because of their personality, many people compare them to golden retriever dogs. This cat breed is comfortable in traveling and loves going out on a walk. These cats are intelligent and are very easy to train. If you are a first-time pet owner, this rare cat breed is perfect for you.

Devon Rex cats

Hailing from Devonshire, England, this breed leaves most people in amazement because of their unusual enormous ears. Devon Rex cats came first in the notice in England in the late 1950s and had similarities with Cornish Rex cats. These cats are also called alien cats or pixie cats. This cat breed weighs more than eight lbs and is short in length.

The life span of this breed of cat is nine to thirteen years. The only precaution with this cat breed is that you don’t need to brush them. Their furs are very delicate and can get damaged by brushing. Instead of brushing their furs, you can gently rub them with a soft towel once a week. These cats are very mischievous and playful.

They are loyal to their owners and are great at going with other pets. Devon Rex cats are intelligent, active, and energetic. If you adopt this cat breed, you need to give them regular stimulation for their mental and physical development. These cats have large eyes, long legs, and high cheekbones; their physical appearance makes them look more astonishing.

Tonkinese cats

This breed was created in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. These cats are called chocolate Siamese and were brought to the United Kingdom in the early 1800s. Tonkinese breed was developed after crossing Siamese and Burmese cats to get aqua eyes. These cats are medium-sized and have silky and short hair. The height of this breed is seven to ten inches, and they weigh around six to twelve pounds.

These cats are very playful and intelligent. This cat breed is highly active and has a short coat. The life expectancy of this breed is fifteen to twenty years. Tonkinese cats are social animals and prefer living with people rather than alone.

Peterbald cats

This cat breed traces its origin from Russia. These cats were created from experimental breeding of hairless Donskoy and oriental shorthair in 1994 at St. Petersburg. Because the experiment was done in Petersburg, that’s why they are called Peterbald cats. This cat breed doesn’t have hairs on its body and has grey-silver skin. This cat breed is best suited as indoor pets as they don’t have hairs on their body to keep them warm.

Though they don’t have any furs on their body, they still need grooming once a week because they won’t be able to absorb their bodies’ natural oils. This cat breed is another attention-seeking cat and is the most loving and loyal cat.

The height of Peterbald is around eight to twelve inches, and they weigh around seven to fourteen pounds. They enjoy a life span of twelve to fifteen years. These cats are bald, brilliant, and have athletic bodies. These cats are hypoallergenic and easy to groom as they don’t have any hairs on their body. This cat breed makes good lap cats and is very friendly to other pets and strangers.

Bombay cats

Bombay cats are door greeters. They are very easy-going cats and showers affection to their owner. These cats are flat-faced, have a muscular body, medium-sized piercing yellow eyes, and lookalike black panthers. They trace their inheritance from Burmese and have short hairs on their body. Their coat is very shiny, smooth, and silky. Similar to their ancestors, these cats don’t have any undercoats and need weekly grooming.

The average weight of this breed is eight to twelve lbs, and they have a short black coat. Their life expectancy is approximately nine to thirteen years. These cats are very good at climbing and love residing on trees. They are very active and love playing. This cat breed has a lean athletic body and loves playing games, so it’s better to keep them engaged by playing games with cat balls. These cats prefer residing on top of their cat tree for an exotic view of the below world.

American Wirehair coat

The distinctive wiry coat of this cat makes it special and looks more appealing. These cats are very gentle, affectionate, and loving. They create a bond with each family member, making them an inseparable part of the family. These cats are active and are full of energy. They love socializing with people, but they are not so vocal. This cat breed is closely related to American shorthair. These cats are kid-friendly are perfect for matching their energy.

American wirehair cats’ weight is around three to eight pounds, and the length of these cats is approximately twelve to fifteen inches. They have medium to short-length coats that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They have springy and crimped hairs on their coat. The colors of their eyes are usually blue, and in some cases, you can also find their eyes in blue or amber color. The life expectancy of an American wirehair coat is fourteen to twenty years.

Korat cat breed

Hailing from the Korat region of Thailand, these cats are one of the oldest breeds in the world. This cat breed is more than 600 years old. These cats are very loving towards their owners. This cat breed made its way to America in 1959 when an American ambassador visited Thailand and was gifted two Korat cats. They follow their owners everywhere, even in the bathroom.

These cats are astonishing, and their blue or grey coats shimmer in silver color at ends, making their personality look more exotic. To add to their breath-taking looks, their soft and smooth coats are complemented by their lovely green eyes. These cats have very shiny coats and have a shimmery effect because of the silver ends.

Korat cats have fine coats and don’t need too much grooming. They need to brush once a week and need to be gently rubbed by a chamois cloth for buffing up their skin. This breed is one of the rarest cat breeds and is most expensive. The height of Korat cats is around nine to thirteen inches, and the approx weight of this breed is six to ten pounds. They are very affectionate and calm cats. These cats have a short coat with solid patterns. The life span of this breed is ten to fifteen years.

Ocicat cats

The breed traces its inheritance to Siamese and Abyssinian cats. The breed was crossed to American domestic short hair to get the modern version of the Ocicat cat. Until 1966 these cats weren’t registered as a breed. If you are into wild cats, this cat breed is meant for you. With their smooth coat, these cats give the resemblance of wild cats.

These cats are medium to large in size and are one of the attention seeker breeds. This cat breed is very playful and enjoys the attraction given to them. These cats have multi-color; each layer of their coat and every hair of their coat has more than one color. Like wild cats, these cats also have markings across their body.

These cats don’t like being alone and are dependent on humans for their entertainment. So if you have a busy schedule, getting another cat for the entertainment of this breed is a good idea. These cats are very playful and love being around people. This cat breed is one of the friendliest cats you will see, and they quickly get comfortable with other pets and welcome strangers with friendly gestures.

Unlike other cats, these casts are water babies and love playing in the water. This breed is highly energetic and is perfect for matching the energy of a child. They are highly intelligent and love playing puzzle games that challenge their intelligence. Because these cats are highly intelligent and energetic, they need more stimulation than other ordinary cats.

Ocicat cats enjoy a life span of around twelve to eighteen years. This breed weighs around six to fifteen pounds, and the height of these cats is around nine to eleven inches. These cats have bi-colour or tabby patterns over their coat and are easy to groom cats.

Singapura cats

These cats are one of the smallest breeds of cats. These cats resemble that their eyes are constantly wide open. These cats are ideal indoor pets and easily socialize with people and pets. They are very playful cats, and it would be best to equip them with cat balls for playing. Everyone, either adults or kids, loves these cats. The personality traits of these cats are similar to that of Burmese, and they are also very naughty like Burmese. So you need to keep an eye on them if you don’t want any mess in your house.

They are active cats and pack a lot of energy in a small frame. This cat breed occasionally gets vocal.

The height of these cats is approximately six to eight inches, and they weigh around only four to eight pounds when fully grown. These cats are very neurotic, social, affectionate, and bold. The life span of the Singapura breed extends nine to fifteen years.

Minskin cats

The ancestor of Minskin cats is hairless Sphynx and diminutive Munchkin cats. The breed was first developed in Boston in the year1998, and it is a new breed that was officially recognized as a breed by the International Cat Association in 2008.

This breed was obtained by crossing the rarest combination of Sphynx and Munchkin cats. And as a result, this cat breed inherits the unique features of both the ancestors. Minskin cats have short stature like Munchkin and are hairless like Sphynx cats.

These compact body cuties are known for their stocky bodies and short legs. These are one of the rarest breeds; that’s why they can be very expensive. The weight of Minskin is approx four to six lbs when fully grown, and the height of these cats is around seven to eight inches. This cat breed has a short and stocky body, and they have a life expectancy of twelve to fourteen years.

Scottish Fold cats

These cats are famous for their cute folded ears and sparkling yellowish-orange eyes. Even these felines got their name as Scottish fold because of their folded ears. This cat is very friendly and will become a part of your family in no time. These cats love surrounding by people and enjoy the attention-getting from people. They have very high hunting instincts and are active mousers.

These cats are very jolly, playful, and gentle creatures. They are very expressive and sensitive. This cat breed has a very strange habit of posing in odd positions. Scottish fold cats are true attention seekers and adore affection given by you. These cats are moderately active and are very playful.

Males of this breed are heavier than females. A fully grown female Scottish fold cat weighs approximately six to nine pounds, while males of this breed weigh around nine to thirteen pounds. The height of these cats is eight to ten inches. This cat breed enjoys a life span of eleven to fourteen years. Cats of this breed are available in a wide range of colors. This breed is very intelligent and enjoys testing their intelligence by playing puzzle games.

Turkish Angora cats

They traced their origin from Turkish Angora in Turkey and came in sight for the first time in the sixteenth century. But during the early nineteenth century, these cats started disappearing. So to preserve the breed, they were moved to Ankara zoo and were bred there. Finally, in the 1970s, this cat breed was officially established in North America. These are medium-sized cats and have beautiful almond-shaped eyes, making them cuter. These cats are particularly known for their long, silky coats. They have long ears as compared to other common breeds of cats.

These cats are very friendly in nature and have a more boisterous side. They love playing and enjoy jumping around the house. These cats get along with the environment very quickly. They get attached to their owners easily and will never leave you alone. These cute felines will curl up next to you as soon as you sit. They are true attention seekers and adore the attention given by their owners.

The height of Turkish Angora cats is around nine to fourteen inches, and they weigh approx eight to fifteen pounds. These cats are very gentle, social, and affectionate. They enjoy a life span of nine to fourteen years. This cat breed has a long coat, due to which they need regular grooming.

Burmilla cats

These cats were developed accidentally in the United Kingdom in the year 1981 by crossing Burmese and Chinchilla Persian cats and are found very rare in the United States. You can consider them the rarest cat breeds in the United States and are very famous in Great Britain. These cats are famous for their glamorous coats. This cat breed is a cuddle fan and seek cuddles from their owners.

They have silver markings across their coat, adding to the shine of their coat. These flat-faced cats have big round eyes that make them the cutest and cuddliest felines. They are one of the rarest cat breeds you will interact with.

The life expectancy of Burmilla cats is seven to twelve years. These cats weigh around six to thirteen pounds and have a length of ten to twelve inches. These cats are very social, neurotic, and gentle. The length of the coat of these cats is long and short, and they need weekly grooming. These cats are very particular about bathroom hygiene and are one of the most expensive cats.

Egyptian Mau cats

Egyptian Mau cats are one of the rarest cat breeds, having beautifully spotted coats; these cats are sensitive to cold temperatures. So if you are someone living in cold areas, you need to keep in mind that these cats prefer living in warm areas, and you have to provide them with enough heat for their subsistence.

These cats have a muscular appearance and long hind legs. They are very playful cats, and it would be better if you took them to large parks. This cat breed is one of the fastest domesticated cats in the world. They enjoy a life span of nine to thirteen years.

The height of an Egyptian Mau is around seven to eleven inches, and they weigh around eight to twelve pounds. This cat breed has a short coat, and they are easy to groom. Egyptian Mau cats have a tabby pattern all over their body, and they are not very vocal cats.

Chartreux cats

The inheritance of this French cat is traced from ancient Persia, and the cat made its way to France through returning crusades. These cats are one of the most humble breeds of cats. This cat breed is one of the most adjusting breeds you will interact with, and they never complain about anything. Being a pedigree cat, this cat is one of the rarest cat breeds as well as one of the most expensive cat breeds.

This cat is very people-friendly and mixes up with other pets in no time. Chartreux cats are ideal for children, adults, and older adults. These cats weigh around six to twelve pounds, and they have a length of nine to eleven inches. The life expectancy of this breed is approx twelve to fifteen years. This cat is one of the affectionate and social breeds of cats. This breed has a high prey drive and is not dependent on anyone for entertainment.

Sokoke cats

Sokoke cats are one of the rarest cat breeds found in the world. This cat was originated in the 1970s in Kenya, and they used to roam freely around coastal Kenya. These cats are based on the Khadzonzo breed and were first discovered in year1970s when they were almost about to extinct. These cats have a lean athletic body and have tabby patterns all over the coat. This medium-sized cat is very energetic and loves climbing. These cats are perfect for warm climates. They are very easy-going cats with people and sometimes get very vocal.

These cats are inquisitive, friendly, and gentle. This cat breed is also called Sokoke forest cat and African shorthair. These cats have a vibrantly striped coat and short hair and are easy to groom. The body length of these cats is around twelve to sixteen inches, and their height is around seven to eight inches. The weight of the Sokoke cat is around five to ten pounds when fully grown.

Selkirk Rex Cats

These cats have plush tousled coats and lovable flat faces. These cats have curly coats, and their whiskers’ curls add to their beauty, making them more adorable. These little fur babies are very entertaining and playful. They love to play with flashlight beams and fishing pole toys. This cat breed’s weight is approximately sixteen lbs, and they have a life expectancy of around fifteen years.

These cats have long and short coats that come in various colors and patterns. This cat breed has round, big eyes and is also called cats in sheep’s clothing because of their hairs. These cats need to brush twice or thrice a week. These cats are lap cats and don’t appreciate a lot of activity. Unlike other breed of flat-faced cats, these cats are not prone to tear duct issues.

Ashera cats

These cats are another one of the rarest cat breeds. And because they are rare, these cats are very expensive. The breed was developed by crossing the African Serval cat and Asian leopard cat and carries the traits of both the parent breed. These cats have beautiful contrasting stripes and spots all over their bodies. This breed is very playful and easy to train.

These cats are long and can reach up to a height of four feet when they are on their hind legs. As the parent breed of Ashera cats comes from a warm climate, they also need a warm climate for survival and need additional warmth and care in cold regions or the winter season. The average life expectancy of this breed is considerably longer than the life span of other cat breeds. These cats enjoy a life span of twenty-five years.

Cornish Rex Cats

Because of their sleek appearance, these cats are frequently compared with greyhound dogs. The head of the Cornish Rex cat is triangle-shaped. The large eyes and ears stand out more on the small face of this cat. This cat has almost no hairs on its body.

These cats have a very gentle coat in various patterns and colors. The height of this breed is around eight to twelve inches, and they weigh around six to ten pounds. The life span of this breed extends eleven to fifteen years. These cats are hyperactive, and they are very playful. These cats have short coat lengths and are very easy to groom.

Final words

If you are also searching for rare cat breeds, this article will surely provide you with some breed recommendations for adopting a perfect rare cat. Before getting your hands on the rarest cat breeds, you need to understand that some rare breeds like Sphynx, Devon Rex cats, etc., have some unique requirements. If you can fulfill their requirements, only you should adopt those breeds.

Rarest cat breeds have rare requirements, so it would be best to do a bit of research before getting the breed. Before deciding perfect rare breed of cat for yourself, you need to understand the responsibility associated with owning a pet. If you want to expand your options for adopting a cat, visit the website.

That was all about rarest cat breeds. If you are also a fan of unique things and love owning rare things, this article would have definitely helped you make your decision. If you are still left with any doubts or concerns, feel free to ask them in the comments. And for more useful cat care tips like this, subscribe to the website. For further improvement, you can drop your feedback in the comment sections.

And yes, don’t forget to tell me which breed you got for yourself in the comments. To your wonder, let me tell you that if you own a pedigreed breed of cat, then you already have a rare cat breed. According to Cat Fancier’s Association, all the pedigreed cats are rare because only two to four percent of domestic cats have pedigrees.

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