November 27, 2022
Types of Siamese cats

Different Types of Siamese Cats all breeds

Types of Siamese cats: Siamese cats are known for their peculiar personality, exotic looks and striking features. These cats have bold, neurotic and affectionate personalities. These cats are easy-going casts that love human company. This cat breed is hypoallergenic and becomes the best companion of human beings. These cats are easy-going with children, adults and senior citizens. Once you get this cat breed to your home, they become an inseparable part of your family in no time.

If you are a first-time pet owner, then Siamese cats are the perfect pet for you. Even if you already own a pet and want to get your hands on cats, but you are worried about compatibility between the two pets. Then, these cats are the perfect pet for you as they easily get mixed up with other pets.

If you are thinking of adopting the Siamese cat breed, this article will help you get the perfect Siamese cat. Many Siamese breed owners don’t know whether they have a traditional or modern breed variant. But after reading this article, you would be easily able to define the basic difference between traditional and contemporary variants.

In this article, we will discuss different types of Siamese cats. I will tell you about the physical attributes of different types of Siamese cats and provide you breed overview and breed history to understand the breed clearly.

Breed Overview

Generally, these cats have a short coat that comes in a variety of colours and patterns. Because of their short coats, these cats are easy to groom. In general, the height of Siamese cats is around eight to ten inches. This cat breed weighs between six to fourteen pounds when fully grown. The life expectancy of these cats expands fifteen to twenty years.

These cats are highly intelligent and have turned most heads because of their handsome exotic appearance. This cat breed is known for its dog-like personality. According to the data of the Cat Fancier Association, the Siamese breed was the 13th most registered breed in 2018.

This cat breed is the perfect lap cat and can tolerate holding and carrying. With a lean athletic body, these cats are highly playful. These felines are highly vocal and love playing puzzle games that challenge their intelligence. These cats have high activity levels, are very energetic, and are highly territorial.

Breed History

This cat breed traces its origin from Thailand, and the breed name is derived from the word Siam. Siam was the former name of Thailand. Because of their breath taking looks and exotic appearance, these cats were the favourite cats of royal families during ancient times. In ancient times, there was a popular belief that if a royal family member dies, then the Siamese cat will receive their soul.

Because of this belief, these cats used to live a luxurious life in ancient times, where monks and priests were their servants. Earlier, these cats were very rare in the United States. First Lady Lucy Hayes, the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes, was the first person to own this cat. She received this cat breed as a gift from a diplomat of the United States working in Thailand.

How many types of Siamese Cats are there?

There are ten types of Siamese cats particularly. These cats are available in different colour variations and patterns. The Siamese breed cats can be divided on the basis of the size of their head, tails, and patterns. There are mainly two categories of this breed. The first category is Traditional Siamese cats, and the second category is Modern Siamese cats.

There are three types of cats that fall into the category of traditional Siamese cats. They are as follows:

  • Applehead Siamese breed
  • Classic Siamese breed
  • Old-style Siamese breed

While the modern Siamese cats can be divided into wedge-shaped, dark-coloured and light-coloured variations. Each category of this breed has its unique features. To easily differentiate between different types of Siamese cats, you need to read the article carefully.

Traditional Siamese cat

The most peculiar features of this cat are its crossed eyes and crooked tails. These cats became popular in Thailand during the fourteenth century, and ancient hieroglyphics of Old Thailand temples confirm to the Siamese cats’ popularity.

Many old tails of Thailand temple explains the importance of crooked tails of these cats. According to the tails of old Thailand temples, these cats were responsible for protecting royal goblets in the ancient Siam kingdom. And for fulfilling their responsibility, they use to wrap precious objects in the kingdom into their tails; that’s why they have crooked tails.

According to the tails, these cats have cross-eyes because they used to stare incessantly at the goblets, which gave them cross-eyes. Whether these tales are real or myth, I leave this decision to you.

The traditional Siamese breed used to have coats of light colour that were dark at the end of their paws, face, ears and tail. But later, because of selective breeding, these cats evolved and now come in different colours and patterns.

Classic Siamese cat

This type of Siamese breed is famous for its lean athletic body. These classic cats used to have long bodies and tails that made them look more intense and muscular. Unlike other cats, classic Siamese breeds don’t have a noticeable dip in their nose. So now, if you ever see a cat without a dip in its nose, you can confidently say that it’s a Classic Siamese breed.

Talking about genetic similarities, the classic Siamese breed is similar to other cats of this breed. But what makes them different from other cats of this breed is their physical appearance and body structure. This cat breed has a round head and classic dark points against its cream-coloured body. And their intense gaze of piercing blue eyes adds to their personality, giving them more exotic looks.

These cats were first seen during the fifteenth century. The classic type of Siamese breed was introduced in the Advance new breed category in 2009 by Cat Fanciers Association.

Applehead Siamese cat

This variant of Siamese cat got its name because of its rounded face, which looks like an apple. They are known as the gentler version of traditional Siamese cats. This cat breed has dark brown and black points on its body that look similar to another traditional Siamese breed.

What distinguishes them from other Siamese breed cats is their apple-like face. These cats have bigger bones and muscular physique besides their apple-shaped face. This Siamese breed can weigh up to 18 pounds.

Similar to other Classic Siamese cats, these cats also have athletic bodies. But what makes them different from other classic cats is their short tails that are relatively shorter than other traditional variants. Unlike other traditional classic Siamese breeds, these cats are quiet and less vocal.

Old-style Siamese cat

These cats are bred to preserve the indigenous pointed ears cats of Thailand and are also called Wichien maat or moon diamond cats of ancient Siam. This cat breed is medium in size and became popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Ears of this cat breed give breath taking looks to them. They have large pointed ears, which are broad, and an almond-shaped nose gives them breath taking looks. These cats are famous for their peculiar facial structure, a combination of applehead and modern wedge Siamese cats. Like other cats of the Siamese breed, this cat also has crossed eyes.

As compared to other types of Siamese cats, old-style cats have relatively longer faces. These cats have a longer and less bulky physique than Applehead cats, and their looks completely justify the popularity they gain during the 50s and 60s. The craze of these cats is returning, and modern breeders are trying to gain this look back.

These cats are inquisitive, extroverted and vocal. The height of these cats lie between twenty-one to twenty-three inches, and the body length of these cats extends twelve to eighteen inches. Old fashion Siamese cats weigh around ten to sixteen pounds when fully grown. And the life expectancy of these cats is twelve to sixteen years.

Modern Siamese cat

Once the Siamese cats set their sail to the west, they started getting popularity in western societies. Breeders created modern variants to discover this breed to its fullest and get more exotic looks to differentiate them from the traditional Siamese breed.

The modern breed of Siamese cat differs from the traditional Siamese cat in terms of looks and physical appearance. Personality traits of the modern Siamese breed are similar to the traditional Siamese breed. Talking about the difference in the physical appearance of modern Siamese cats, they are comparatively long and thin than traditional Siamese.

The years of selective breeding created wedge and light-coloured Siamese cats. Breeders created these cats during the 1960s and 1980s, and they have a specific aesthetic look. Modern Siamese cats have an aesthetic look because the breeders were chasing an aesthetic look in the modern Siamese breed.

These cats have a personality similar to traditional Siamese cats. Like other Siamese cats, these cats are also very affectionate, calm and playful cats. This modern Siamese breed is very talkative and is highly vocal.

Wedge Siamese cat

These cats got their name as wedge Siamese because of their wedge-shaped heads. Unlike traditional Siamese breeds, these cats have lean athletic and muscular bodies with long legs and thin tails. Like the old-fashioned Siamese breed, these cats have wide pointed ears that complement their long faces and slightly slanted eyes.

Because of selective breeding, these cats have health issues and are highly prone to kidney disease. If you are thinking of getting your hands on this breed, you should take care of their diet and provide them with enough high protein cat food.

These cats are highly vocal, or I should say the loudest Siamese cat. This cat breed is very talkative, so if you get this cat to your place, one thing is for sure, you are not getting bored because the cat will always entertain you with chit chat and meows. These cats are also very energetic and playful, apart from being highly vocal. So the owners of this breed should ensure to have plenty of cat toys at their home to keep them occupied.

Light-coloured Siamese cat

Modern breeders were chasing for the aesthetic look of Siamese cats. And because of successful selective breeding, these cats can be categorized not only on the basis of their physical appearance but also for their colours. The light-coloured Siamese breed has three different sub-categories, they are as follows:

  • Cream points
  • Lilac points
  • Chocolate points

Cream point Siamese cat

These cats are developed after crossing red point Siamese breed, domestic shorthair and Abyssinian cats. These cats are found in cream colour and have a strikingly contrasting appearance to other dark-coloured Siamese cats. The body of these cats is of radiating white colour, giving the resemblance of a cream colour and their paws, face, and leather is pale pink. Though these cats are lighter in colour, their colour starts getting dark with ageing.

Lilac point Siamese cat

These cats are the most famous type of Siamese cats. This cat type of Siamese is a diluted version of chocolate point and blue point cat. Earlier, the breed was not very famous, but in 1955, the breed got famous and was appreciated for its looks in the United States. Till the year 1960, this type of Siamese breed extended its popularity to Britain and other western countries. The breed is called lilac point Siamese because of their grey-blue shades on their fur and hint of lilac and pink shade.

Chocolate point Siamese cat

These cats are very rare to found and have a very light shade of brown. These cats have a very close resemblance to seal point Siamese. The only difference between the two types of Siamese is that the seal point has an ivory-coloured body with very little or almost no shading, while the chocolate point has a deep, warm and chocolate brown tone.

Dark-coloured Siamese cat

The dark colour of these cats gives them an intense look. These cats are found in different dark colours; some of the prominent colours are as follows:

  • Seal points
  • Red points
  • Blue points

Seal point Siamese cat

These cats are called seal points because of their seal type appearance. This type of Siamese cat is darker than the chocolate Siamese cat and is one of the darkest shades of the Siamese breed you will find. The colour range of this cat breed varies from dark brown to black.

Redpoint Siamese cat

This type of Siamese cat is also known as flame point Siamese. The breed was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1960 and was developed by crossing purebred seal point and tabby British shorthair cats with orange genes. In the year 1960, the UK’s governing council of the cat fancy gave red point Siamese breed as recognition of part of the Siamese breed. Redpoint Siamese cat is a rare type of Siamese breed that carries crimson and orange shades to its furs.

Blue points Siamese

These cats have a white body and blueish grey markings on the face, tail, legs, and ears. These cats are very vocal and are known for their gentle, social and affectionate personality. The ears of this cat breed are triangular in shape, and they have a slim, lean, long body and legs. They have slanted almond-shaped eyes, and their tail is long, sleek and thin. Once this cat breed is fully grown, they weigh around twelve pounds. These cats have blue eyes, and the personality traits of these cats are similar to other Siamese cats.

Final words

After reading the article, hopefully, you would have understood the basic difference between the physical attributes of different types of Siamese cats. If you want to adopt a cat but are confused about which breed to adopt, you should surely try the Siamese breed of cats, and these cats will leave you in wonder. But before getting your hands on this cat breed, you need to understand the responsibilities attributed with owning a pet, especially a cat.

After reading the articles, you would easily be able to point out key differences between modern and traditional variants of this breed. Although the physical appearance of different types of Siamese cats varies, their personality traits are almost the same because they belong to the same breed. If you have read the article thoroughly, then you will easily get the perfect type of Siamese cat for yourself.

That was all about different types of cats. If you are also a cat enthusiast like me and love gaining knowledge about cats, then this article was surely meant for you. If you want more cat care tips, then do subscribe to our website. And for further feedback, kindly drop your feedbacks in the comment section. If you want to know about other cat breeds, visit the website. And yes, in the comments, don’t forget to tell me which type of Siamese cat is your favourite. Happy reading!

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