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When do rabbits sleep

When do Rabbits sleep?

When do Rabbits sleep: Rabbits have a typical sleeping schedule. Rabbit owners find it hard to understand the sleeping schedule of their bunnies. Some people consider rabbits as nocturnal and assume that they awake all night. Some people address rabbits as crepuscular. Understanding the sleeping schedule of rabbits is a bit complex, but one thing is sure they aren’t nocturnal. The people who consider rabbits as nocturnal have wrong assumptions about rabbits’ sleeping schedules.

Whether rabbits are nocturnal or crepuscular question remains the same, “When do Rabbits sleep?

Sleep is essential for almost every creature on planet earth, and like other creatures, rabbits also take proper sleep for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Similar to humans, rabbits also need sleep for regaining energy, recovery, and feel fresh. Lack of sleep can indicate medical issues in rabbits. So similar to humans, sleep is crucial for rabbits also.

Ideally, a healthy rabbit should take eight hours of sleep. Apart from being crepuscular, the other strange habit that rabbits have is, they sleep with their eyes open. Yes, rabbits sleep with their eyes open, which makes it difficult to say whether they are sleeping. The reason rabbits sleep with their eyes open is that they are prey animals and vulnerable to predators.

So in today’s discussion, I will be explaining to you the complex sleeping schedule of rabbits. Today we will talk about the strange habits of rabbits while sleeping, how much your rabbit should sleep, etc. So without wasting further time, let’s dive into the discussion without wasting.

When do Bunnies sleep?

If you assume rabbits as nocturnal or diurnal, then you are wrong. Nocturnal animals are those who are active at night, and diurnal animals are those who are active during day time. As I said above, rabbits are crepuscular. Crepuscular animals are primarily active during the morning and evening time. Rabbits are crepuscular and show activity when the sun is at its lowest to escape from predators.

Rabbits are prey animals; that’s why they keep a cautious eye for predators no matter if the rabbit is in the wild or in a hutch. Though domestic rabbits are safe from this threat, their natural instinct still influences their sleeping schedule because, ultimately, they are rabbits. Domestic rabbits are no exception and have a sleeping schedule similar to wild rabbits.

Rabbits are most alert at 4 to 9 am and 5 to 11 pm; this is the time when they are vulnerable to predators. The timings can vary a little depending on location and the rabbit’s personality. So when do rabbits sleep? Rabbits divide their sleeping schedule into two parts of the day. They take their first portion of sleep in the late morning to afternoon and the second portion in the middle of the night.

Like humans, rabbits also need eight hours of sleep, but if you find that your rabbit is sleeping much or less, then it’s ideal sleeping time. In such a situation, it’s good to take the bunny to a vet to diagnose the problem.

What should Rabbits sleep on?

Rabbits are susceptible and alert animals. If you have rabbits in your home, you should know that they need a tranquil environment for sleeping. The slightest activity can get the attention of rabbits and alert them. Ideally, a bunny should sleep on hay. Wild bunnies prefer hay for sleeping, while you can provide a blanket to your bunny in case of domesticated rabbits.

How many hours a day do Rabbits sleep?


The average sleeping time of a rabbit is a minimum of eight hours and a maximum of twelve hours. Like humans, rabbits need eight hours of sleep, but the sleeping pattern of rabbits is quite different from humans. Rabbits are light sleepers and take short naps.

If your rabbit sleeps twelve hours a day, it’s completely natural, and there is nothing to worry about it. At most of the places, you will find the average sleeping time of rabbits around eight hours. But according to a study done by scientists where they studied the sleeping pattern of adult male rabbits, they find that rabbits can sleep up to 11.4 hours a day.

If you feel that your rabbit lacks enough sleep or has excess sleep, you should visit a vet as it can be early signs of a medical problem.

Do Bunnies close their eyes when they sleep?

Rabbits sleep with their eyes open, making it even more confusing for their owners to analyze whether their rabbit is sleeping. Many rabbit owners believe that their rabbit doesn’t sleep because they never see them sleeping. But they are wrong rabbits do take sleep, but their eyes are open when they are sleeping, so if your rabbit is comfortably lying in a relaxing position, there is a possibility he is sleeping.

Not all rabbits sleep with their eyes open. Some rabbits close their eyes while sleeping. The rabbits that sleep with their eyes closed are domestic rabbits. All the wild rabbits sleep with their eyes open. You must be wondering, what is the reason behind the variation? If a rabbit doesn’t feel safe or senses danger, it will sleep with its eyes open or half-open. So if your rabbit is sleeping with its eye open, it means that he isn’t feeling safe around you.

Why do Rabbits sleep with their eyes open?


Rabbits generally sleep with their eyes open. It is their instinct that develops a defense mechanism in them. The habit of sleeping with their eyes open gives two main advantages to rabbits. Firstly, it gives an illusion that they are awake. As I said above, many owners believe that their rabbits don’t sleep. When a rabbit is sleeping with its eyes open, it misguides the other people that they are awakening. Secondly, light can easily enter the eyes if the eyes are open, and if something dangerous approaches the rabbit, he will get alert. Though, this instinct of rabbits varies according to location. Wild rabbits always sleep with their eyes open, and some domestic rabbits sleep with their eyes close or half-open. If you have won your rabbit’s trust, then your rabbit will most likely sleep with eyes closed or half-open.

How to know whether your Rabbits sleeping or not?

Rabbits look similar whether they are sleeping, resting, or alert. So how can we differentiate whether a rabbit is sleeping or not? Certain symbols can help you in recognizing whether your rabbit is sleeping or not. Some of the important symbols are as follows.

Relaxed ears

An alert rabbit will always have its ears straight upright. If you see your rabbit with ears lie against the head, it means that your rabbit is sleeping or relaxing.

Stops twitching their nose

A rabbit twitches its nose to sense danger. If your rabbit is not twitching its nose, it means that he is sleeping. The more a rabbit twitches its nose, the more alert he is.

Starts breathing slowly

When a rabbit sleeps, he slows down the breathing rate. If you ever get a chance to get close to your rabbit while he is sleeping, you can easily feel that the breathing rate is dropping down.

Twitch their body parts

If your rabbit is dreaming, he will start twitching its legs, tail, eyelids, ears, mouth, etc., erratically. When your rabbit is dreaming, it means that he is in a deep sleep.

Starts snoring

The symptom of snoring is not common in all rabbits because not all rabbits snore. But some rabbits snore while sleeping; they make soft grunting and rasping sounds while they sleep.

If you recently got the rabbit in your house, there is a probability that he will not sleep when you are around him. It is because some rabbits don’t sleep when surrounded by humans. The other reason is that your house is new to rabbits, and you have to give some time to the bunny to get familiar with you and your place. So it’s better to leave the bunny alone during his nap time.

Rabbit sleeping positions meaning

Like humans, rabbits also have sleeping positions. If you can’t figure out whether your rabbit is sleeping or not, you can look at the resting position of your rabbit. The most common sleeping positions of rabbit are as follows:-

Rug: – In the rug position, rabbits lie stretching out on their front with back legs stuck out behind. In this position, the rabbit may stretch the front paws, or the rabbit can tuck them up.

Flop: – In flop position, rabbits rest on their side with their feet sticking out at the front.

Loaf: – In the loaf position, rabbits lie hunched up with their legs tucked underneath it, resembling a loaf.

The most convenient and alert sleeping position is the loaf position. Most rabbits prefer to sleep in a loaf position as it is secure, and rabbits can quickly get up and run in case of attack. Generally, wild rabbits prefer to sleep in a loaf position. If your rabbit is sleeping in a loaf position, then there is nothing to panic about. It’s the natural instinct of the rabbit.

Certain positions will make your rabbit sleep with eyes close. Rug and flop positions are more relaxed sleeping positions. Rabbits don’t like to lie on their back as they consider it as an attack, so never lay a rabbit on its back; it can panic them.

Do Rabbits sleep at night or need a dark room to sleep in?

Yes, rabbits sleep at night. They do sleep at night, but the correct time when a rabbit sleeps is midnight or late at night. Many people consider rabbits as nocturnal, but they aren’t; rabbits sleep late at night. Though rabbits sleep late at night, it doesn’t mean that they need a dark room or darkness for falling asleep. Rabbits divide their sleep into two parts, or we can say two long naps. They take the first part of their sleep during the daytime and the other part late at night. It means that rabbits can sleep in darkness as well as brightness.

Rabbits use sunlight patterns to set their sleep time. They don’t need darkness for falling asleep. Rabbits can sleep at the brightest and darkest parts of the day. You don’t need to block the light of their room to make them asleep in the daytime. And you should not leave the light open for your rabbit at night. Blocking natural light or exposing them to excess artificial light can confuse them and disturb their sleep pattern.

How to make a Rabbit sleep at night?

Rabbits are masters of their own will, and it is tough to train them. Rabbits sleep late at night, and they will make noise if they are not asleep. Many rabbits start playing with toys, start chewing or running at night. They will make noise at night if they are awake, no matter if you are asleep or not. Sadly training your rabbit and setting a routine for your rabbit is something next to impossible. You will find it very hard and face many challenges while training your rabbit.

Rabbits work according to their body clock. Making rabbits sleep at night is a difficult task to complete as rabbits sleep when they feel like sleeping. Here are some tips that can help you train your rabbit:-

Make your rabbit tired

No matter how hard you try, rabbits will sleep when their body tells them to do. So it would be best if you make your rabbit tired before going to sleep. Make your rabbit do plenty of exercises before bed because if your rabbit is tired, it will not make a lot of noise.

Remove toys that make noise

If you want to sleep peacefully, remove all the noisy toys. Taking away noisy toys from your rabbit will reduce noise at night.

Avoid keeping your Rabbit in a cage

You should leave your rabbit in an open place where he can jump, run, etc. Activities like grunting, chewing, digging are an outcome of boredom, so you should not put your rabbit in the cage.

Put a blanket over the cage

Putting a blanket over the rabbit’s cage will make him feel comfortable. Draping a blanket around the cage indicates that it’s time to rest and helps them stay calm.

Try to build a routine

You should try to make a routine and be consistent with that routine so that rabbit understands when to play and when to eat.

Do Rabbits dream?

No one can take a firm stand on this topic. We can’t be sure whether rabbit dreams, but it looks like they dream while sleeping. It’s very hard to read the brain of a rabbit. Mostly rabbits sleep in the same position, but sometimes they do twitch. Like rabbits, humans do twitch while dreaming, so there is a probability that when rabbits are twitching, they are dreaming.

Closing words

That was all about “When do rabbits sleep?” Understanding the sleeping pattern of a rabbit is difficult but not impossible. You can know whether your rabbit is sleeping by understanding its behavior. You can send your feedback in the comment section for further improvement. Happy Reading!

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