September 22, 2022
Why is my bunny shaking

Why is my Bunny shaking and breathing fast?

Why is my Bunny shaking – The article is about protecting your bunny from severe cold or if he is frequently shaking. The article, in the beginning, will develop a piece of basic knowledge about the rabbits in you. It will explain to you how to safeguard and secure your rabbit if your rabbit is continuously shaking. And later on, it has steps and information on giving a heatstroke to your bunny if they are shivering. Also, the article will have the reasons why your rabbit is shaking. So, read the article carefully, and you will be able to treat your rabbit with homemade treatment.

Rabbits – Introduction

Rabbits are sensitive animals that have a sensitive digestive system. Their habitats include Meadows, grasslands, forests, woods, wetlands, and deserts. Mostly, the rabbits live in groups. But a very famous species of rabbit, the European rabbit, used to live in rabbit holes or burrows.

Research says that more than half the world’s rabbit population stays or resides in North America. When the humans introduced the rabbits to people, it brought many problems related to the environment and surroundings. If we talk about their breeding rate and rabbits’ appetite, feral rabbit depredation can be problematic for agriculture. However, the team tries to control the population using some methods such as gassing, barriers, snaring, shooting, and ferreting to control rabbit populations.

Among all these, the most effective and successful measures are the diseases such as calicivirus and myxomatosis—Farmer’s farm rabbits on high scales in Europe. The farmers protect the rabbits from these diseases with some genetically modified antiviruses. This virus was developed first in Spain earlier, and the virus is very beneficial for rabbit farmers. These rabbits are prey animals, and they are already aware of their surroundings.

Body structure and family

They undoubtedly have a wide range of vision. The rabbits survive predation by burrowing, hopping away here and there. Rabbits have strong teeth, and their teeth allow the rabbits to bite and eat to escape a struggle. A European rabbit who was living in Tasmania was the longest living rabbit who lived about eighteen years.

However, the lifetime or lifespan of a wild rabbit is short in comparison to the lifespan of domestic rabbits. A record states the average lifespan of a wild rabbit to be around one year. Rabbits are herbivores. They feed by grazing on grass and leafy plants. A diet routine of a rabbit contains cellulose in high amounts, and cellulose is hard to digest.As I stated earlier, rabbits have very sensitive digestive tracts, so it is hard to digest such rigid forms.

You should know that rabbits are the hindgut digesters. Hindgut digesters mean their digestion takes place in the large intestine and cecum.

Rabbits are small mammals of the Leporidae family. The European rabbit is very famous around the world. It belongs to the Animalia kingdom and belongs to the Mammalia class. Female rabbits are known as does, and male rabbits are called bucks.

Why is my Bunny shaking?

You may be aware of the different nature and with the other behavior of the rabbits. If you are the owner of a rabbit, you must be mindful of the body of your pet language. The body language of a rabbit is completely instinct-based. Suppose you notice that your bunny is trembling, shaking, or twitching, and you are feeling uncomfortable. And if you are worried and finding how to make them comfortable, you are in the right place. Here you can get some suggestions to make your pet comfortable again.

The most general and common reasons for shaking are stress, nervousness, and fear. If your pet is trembling, the reason behind it may be heat. You should know that rabbits can not tolerate high temperatures. If your rabbit is lying down and shaking continuously, then it may be due to digestive issues ( GI issues). Your pet may have ingested something very toxic. Hiccups happen out of concern, but it is very confusing as it is similar to the shaking. In such cases, you have to look for more symptoms such as scratching and discomfort, lying down, etc.

What is the reason for the shaking of my Rabbit?

There can be many reasons such as high temperatures, fear or stress, etc. To determine why your bunny is shaking, you can read this, and you will be able to know the reason for their heaviness and discomfort. Suppose your rabbit is shaking while running or your rabbit’s ears and head are shaking. Then it may be due to heatstroke or high temperatures if your rabbit is lying down on the side and shaking with clumsiness or disorientation.

It may happen because your rabbit ate something toxic or poisonous if your pet is shaking badly and is lying down. Your rabbits are shaking and trembling, maybe because of GI Stasis. Find your rabbit side swaying or head bobbing? If yes, then it may be because of stress.

Your pet may have some anxiety, and because of that, they are shivering and shaking if your rabbit is shaking his head excessively and scratching his body and ears excessively. Then, it may be because of Mites now, if your pet is twitching or trembling his nose. It may happen due to fear or stress. Minor spasms are a sign of Hiccups.

Reasons of trembling and shaking – hiccups

Hiccups are a result of a diaphragm muscle spasm. The hiccup happens due to eating quickly. Suppose a rabbit eats too fast, faster than it could digest. They will swallow air and will irritate their diaphragm. Shaking off your rabbit can have too many reasons. Some are very serious, but some are, luckily, less distressing. Hiccups are the least stressful thing and are less harmless.

Having minor spasms each time is also a sign of a hiccup. A hiccup is a sign of distress, but it does not harm a rabbit. If the hiccup is only for twenty minutes, then there is no stress. You have to worry when it is staying for more than twenty minutes. But if the hiccup is not stopping and is frequent, then you have to worry. Firstly, check what you have fed them at the latest. If you have added something new to their diet plan, it may be the reason for the hiccup.

Caring tips for hiccups

Please be careful, and if your rabbit is going through severe pain, you should take them to the doctor. If it is painful, you should understand that your pet is at the bottom of the food chain. You have to note that the rabbits hide their pain and the sign of their weakness.

They mask the symptoms and the pain because they do not want to get hunted. That is the only reason they hide the pain and everything, and they hide their pain and shake because they try to contain that pain inside them. In that case, you have to touch their body parts and have to feel the problem. You have to touch the various areas of his body and check for the gastric problem if the rabbit has any.

Rabbits in heat stroke or high temperatures

Rabbits cannot tolerate high temperatures. They are more tolerant to cold temperatures than high temperatures. A rabbit has dense fur and a thick fat layer in its body, which helps them survive cold weather. Heat can make your rabbit ill. Rabbits can not tolerate high temperatures. If they even try to stay in the high temperatures, it affects their body, and they become sick if your rabbit is living at a temperature of over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 26° C.

A temperature over 80 degrees Fahrenheit causes distress in the rabbit. In high temperatures, rabbits can shake. Shaking a rabbit due to high temperatures may sound contradictory or absurd, but it is accurate, and rabbits can’t cope up with the high temperatures. Rabbits act differently.

During high temperatures, a rabbit can even go through a heat stroke. And if you become careless, then the rabbit may die. So, please take care that your rabbit is safe. If you leave your pet untreated, your rabbit may have convulsions and die due to the high temperature. In human beings also, heat exhaustion causes several symptoms, for example, dizziness. But, a rabbit can not regulate their body temperature through sweating.

Symptoms of heatstroke

The Asian Journal of Poultry Science says that most rabbits rely on vasodilation for regular temperature regulation. Vasodilation is the dilation of blood vessels. What they do is that they dilate the blood vessels near their ears. This vasodilation is the exact reason why your pet is running, shaking its head and ears. Running and shaking their head and ears is expected when trying to regulate their core temperature when they find the temperature overheated. However, heatstroke is a severe condition in rabbits. Some other symptoms of heatstroke in rabbits are as follows.

  • Convulsions
  • Reddening of the ears
  • Acting confused
  • Salivating
  • Lethargy
  • Slow movement
  • Panting

How to make your Rabbit comfortable by treating the heatstroke?

Suppose your rabbit has all the symptoms of heatstroke. Then you have first to concentrate and focus on reducing the surrounding temperature. If your rabbit is somewhere out, then bring them inside and keep your pet in a college and comfortable room.

You have to leave a cold compress, a damp sheet, and a pillow closer to the rabbit. If the heat is disturbing your pet, then take them near or closer to the rabbit. Keep the rabbit to a nifty surface to make your rabbit feel better. Take a bowl with clean water in it and rub the rabbit’s ear with the water.

Treating the heatstroke

Please note that you should not bathe the rabbit thoroughly. Do not completely submerge the rabbit in the water as it can lead to distress in the rabbit. It can also cause cardiac arrest in the rabbit. Also, it leads to death in some cases. So keep in mind that you only have to rub the ears of your rabbit with clean water. You do not have to make him bathe. If then also, your rabbit is frequently shaking his head and trembling.

In case your rabbit is continuously shaking his head and showing all the signs of heat exhaustion. You have to run and take him to the nearest vet. Also, keep in your head that you never try to reduce the surrounding temperature too fast. For instance, you should never use a piece of ice as it can seriously affect your rabbit and result in death. So please be careful and try to lower the temperature slowly.

Body shaking due to fear in Rabbits

Suppose your rabbit is feeling scared and is shivering or trembling badly. It may be normal for a few minutes. But if it is a frequent situation, then it may be a critical situation. You can easily find out whether your rabbit is scared or not. Your rabbit’s body language will tell you the whole situation. The body language of a rabbit gets changed when they shiver due to any reason.

You will be able to feel the pain of your pet quickly. Just touch them, and you will know whether it is a gastric problem or any other problem. If your rabbit is feeling stressed and scared, then its nose will vibrate, and you will get to know that your pet is feeling afraid of something. Your rabbit may feel nervous due to several reasons, such as loud music or noise. If your rabbit is looking fearful, then you should see its habitat first of all.

Also, keep an eye check on all the other symptoms that occur. It is a fact that when a rabbit feels scary or fearful, then your pet will tremble or shiver. Note that if your rabbit is side swaying or bobbing its head, it is a severe sign of stress. They are the symptoms of extreme stress. Experts also state that shaking and trembling is a way to reduce stress in rabbits. To function, rabbits usually twitch or shake or shiver.

New habitat for a Rabbit

Due to any trauma or change in the surrounding, a rabbit may feel stress or trauma. Suppose you bring a new rabbit to your home, and your pet may feel missing and alone. The rabbit may want to go to his previous environment, where he was earlier, either in a pet store or on a farm. Your pet may miss her siblings and mother because there will be a complete change in his surroundings.

Welcoming a new company

Few pets like to live alone. Some rabbits can not tolerate other pets near them, like dogs and cats or other animals. They quickly feel scared. Those rabbits can not line up with other pets as they promptly get frightened.

Hiccups in Rabbits

At some points, it is tough to find that it is a hiccup as the symptoms clash with others. A shaking rabbit may have hiccups or may not, as it is a very complex case. Rabbits are the grazers. They are not supposed to eat too quickly. In most cases, a rabbit gets hiccups which result in gastrointestinal problems at the end.

A rabbit may have gastrointestinal problems when eating some foods rich in carbohydrates, fat, and sugar. Also, not all the food containing nutrition needs to be good for a rabbit. Some food is rich in nutrition but is not suitable for a rabbit’s health as it contains sugar, fat, and carbohydrates such as pumpkin.

Why is my Bunny shaking and breathing fastly?

If your rabbit is sharing and breathing fast, then it is not normal, and you should not avoid it. There could be many reasons for the rabbit’s shakiness. It entirely depends on the situation. Your bunny may shake because of a new environment, or someone new has come into their regular life.

Make them feel homey in their new surroundings

Most probably, when they are picked up by someone and have left their usual or daily surroundings, they become nervous and alone. And because of the nervousness and loneliness, they started shaking and trembling. They become worried for their safety, and it is pretty obvious for an animal, even for human beings as well. To make them feel homey and secure, you have to make a bond with them. Before you adopt any pet, you should make a strong connection and bond with the pet.

Make them feel safe when you are around. Please do not talk with them harshly. Speak with them softly. However, animals don’t talk like human beings, but they understand everything. So, treat them wisely. Make them feel safe in their new surroundings. Play with them, talk with them so that they can feel homey. Do not threaten them as sometimes it leads to death also.

Try not to invade their living space

Suppose you introduce someone to a new pet into their regular life. The presence of a stranger can frighten the rabbits so much. It happens because your bunny is unfamiliar with that person and suddenly tries to get close to them. This closeness and sudden change develop the fear, and your bunny gets scared. If you get a new pet at your home, it also produces an emotion of fear from that new pet. Your pet will need some time to adapt to the changes.

After some time, they will get used to each other. You should know that a rabbit gets easily scared when they see large animals around them. A sense of protecting themselves from that animal comes to their mind suddenly. So, they will need some time to get used to all these. But if you are still facing problems introducing your two pets to each other, you may take the help of an animal behavior specialist. You will surely get some solution, and they will help you in this situation.

There may be some medical issues

Suppose your rabbit started shaking and is breathing fast and continuously, and if you see some other symptoms as well. If your bunny is shaking them, there could be some medical emergency as well. And in this situation, you have to take your rabbit to the animal specialist.

It would be best if you ran to their veterinarian. In the vet, the doctors will treat them and diagnose your rabbit correctly. When you feel and see some symptoms of sickness in your rabbit, you should take them to the vet. Feeling shakiness in their body, losing bladder control are some symptoms which you should notice.

What steps should we take when the Bunny is shaking and breathing fast?

When your bunny shakes and breathes fast, then you can take some preventive measures to make your bunny feel comfortable. However, it would be best if you ran to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Because there could be some medical reasons, and it may create some severe problems for your rabbit. Following are some measures that you should take before you go to the veterinarian.

  • When you decide to take a rabbit from a pet store or anywhere, you should first make a friendly bond with the pet.
  • Try to interact with them going to the level where they are.
  • Tell the visitors to make them feel comfortable. Prevent them from developing any fear within them.
  • Please do not give them stress. Eliminate all the stress factors and play with them to make them feel relaxed.
  • They can’t survive in high temperatures. So the ideal temperature should be 60 °F to 65°F.
  • Please take all the medical checkups of your pet to ensure their healthy lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

Is twitching a normal thing for a rabbit?

Absolutely No, twitching is not the expected behavior of a rabbit. You should see a doctor for a health checkup of your rabbit.

Is spasm regular in a rabbit?

Spasm is not an everyday thing. It is a sign of illness. If you also see spasms symptoms, take your rabbit to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Final words

The article was all about why is my bunny shaking. It has all the basic information about the rabbit at the very beginning of the article. Also, there are some preventive measures that you should take when you see some symptoms of sick rabbits. I am hoping that you like the article. I am also hoping that it was helpful for you. If you like the article, you may comment in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may write them down in the comments section.

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