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why my cat keeps sneezing

12 reasons for Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing?

12 reasons why my cat keeps sneezing- The article is about the cat who continuously sneezes for some reason. We will disclose some reasons for your cat sneezing. The article will tell you the difference between a normal sneeze and other sneezes. In the beginning, we will tell you about the cats and their eating habits. After introducing you to the cats, we will tell you the symptoms and causes of the cat’s sneeze.

Reasons for sneezing

You will see too many videos on YouTube and everywhere else about cat sneezing. But we are not talking about the common sneezing, we are talking about which are not common and have reasons and causes behind them. If your cat has constantly been sneezing for the past few days, then it can not be an ordinary sneeze.

It absolutely will have some reason behind the sneeze. There can be some serious problems if your cat has been sneezing for the past few days. Sneezing explosions are one of the embarrassing things we have to handle. So, if your cat is also sneezing continuously, you should show some concern towards them as it can also invite some big problems.

As we all know, a cat can not speak like humans and can not tell us their problems. So, you have to note down all their actions and body language. They can show their feelings and intentions through their body language only. If it is not constant then, it is curable and fixable, but it is not normal if it is constant sneezing. You should immediately run to a vet and find some cure for the problem. It can be a sign of an underlying severe illness.

What is a normal sneeze in cats?

A normal sneeze is a sudden expulsion of air from the mouth and the nasal passage. Sneezing is a way of expelling some irritants out of the nasal passage. You can understand through an example of our ordinary life. Whenever we have a cold, we sneeze. So, it is a body reaction that happens when we have excess mucus. It is the body’s way to react towards the extra mucus.

What are some other reasons for sneezing a cat?

In most cases, a cat sneezes for the same reason as humans. The reason for the sneezing in cats is similar to humans. The cats sneeze when they have excess mucus in them. When something irritates the nasal passage, a sneeze with a sound takes it out quickly. Generally, when a cat sneezes, they also shake their head.

But a continuous sneeze in cats is a sign of a severe health problem. It is a sign of a health illness when there are some other problems as well as other symptoms. If the sneeze accompanies some other symptoms, there may be some big issue. Mostly, everyone refers to the problem as cat flu, but the symptoms which occur don’t need to be a sign of flu.

There can be too many other problems as well. If your cat is having excessive sneezing, you should also monitor the cause and everything else. When you take your cat to the vet, they will ask you about the causes and problems that arise. To know the further details and explanations, you have to visit the vet.

What are the symptoms of sneezing in cats?

Whenever we sneeze, you may notice that the other person sitting beside you says, God bless you! I am talking about humans, but you can also offer this to your pet, and they will like it and appreciate your gesture. To recognize the problems and symptoms, you can use this helpful guide and find the symptoms that you are finding in your pet. If you find even one of these symptoms, you should consult the vet doctor.

  1. If you notice a weight loss in your rabbit, suppose if your rabbit is losing weight constantly, you should see a doctor for help. It must be a sign of a severe health problem.
  2. Finding ulcers around the eyes or noticing swelling in the eyes – Swelling eyes can be a great sign of an underlying illness or disease.
  3. Having fever – If your cat has constantly been having a fever for the past few days. It may lead the cat to a great problem. Take them to the vet urgently and take the help of a doctor.
  4. Extra fatigue is also a great symptom of a disease.
  5. Eye discharge is also a sign of health problems in cats.
  6. If your cat’s nasal discharge is excessive yellow and green stuff, immediately take your cat to the vet. They need urgent help to cure themselves.
  7. Enlarged lymph nodes are also a symptom that can raise illness in them.
  8. Excessive drooling is also not good and is a great symptom of health illness.
  9. Diarrhoea, coughing, breathing discomfort, or problems are major symptoms of illness in cats. If you notice these symptoms, you should immediately seek a doctor’s help.
  10. Bad coat conditions and decreased appetite can also create severe health issues in your cat.
  11. One of these symptoms can also be present when the cats are playing. So, if it is for some time only, it is fine to ignore it if it constantly creates problems in the cat. Go to the doctor and get immediate help.

What can be the reason behind the frequent sneezing of my cat?

In humans, it may be common, but sneezing afflictions are a little bit uncommon in cats. You will find separate isolation rooms for sneezing cats if you go to a cat shelter, and these shelters make a separate room for these cats and provide extra care.

Side effects of vaccines and medicines in cats

Cat lovers will agree that cats are the most adorable creatures globally. Also, they are very interesting who understand everything and even reply to you in their language and style. Sometimes, when cats get their vaccination, they face some reverse reactions to that.

When they get their annual shots, they get some side effects to the doses. A cat can repeatedly sneeze because of these side effects. It is rare, but it can happen to cats when the doctors give the vaccine or the medication through their nasal passages. Sneezing can happen as a side effect of the medication or the vaccination.


When we smell some dreaded object, it gets stuck up in our noses. Similarly, it happens with the cats also. They smell things when they wander around. As we know, cats live to wander and run in their surroundings. Those cats smell anything and roll down in the dirt.

And they are used to playing with anything they get in the most danger. Some of these objects stuck up in their nasal passage, resulting in consistent sneezing in the cats. It can also get stuck up in their throats. When they play, the plants’ bits and the dirt lead to sneezing in them. When these offending objects take off, the sneezing generally stops.

Dental problems

It may sound odd to you. But if a cat sneezes, it can also signify some dental problems. Yes, you heard it right. Sneezing can also be a side effect of a dental problem. If your cat has any dental problem, it may be the reason for sneezing problems in the cats. The reason is that it can affect the respiratory membranes, and if this happens, your cat may face sneezing problems.

The best possible way to treat your cat is to take your cat to the vet. The doctors will determine if they have some gum Or tooth problem or not. You should provide your cat with dental treats daily to keep their teeth healthy. Dental treats make a cat’s mouth healthier.

Nasal irritants

You should know that a cat is a very sensitive animal, and they are very sensitive to environmental contaminants, and these can also cause allergies to your cat. Below are some of the causes which can cause sneezing in your cats.

Pollen: Pollen is a tiny egg-shaped flowering plant. They are microscopic, and that is why it is difficult to get them out when it gets into their nasal passage. If you are confirmed, take the cat to the vet, and the doctors will take the pollen out from their instruments.

Pest sprays: If you have spread the spray in your garden and your pet smelled it. There are chances that your pet will constantly sneeze after smelling the pest spray.

Perfumes can also cause sneezing in your cat. If your cat smells some perfume, they will immediately start sneezing as perfumes do not suit them.

Mold: It is a fungus that grows in multicellular form. This fungus causes sneezing problems in cats.

Dust: Cats like to play, sometimes even play in the dirt. These dust particles get stuck in their nasal passage, which causes sneezing problems in the cats.

Cleaning agents and detergents – If mistakenly your cat smells or eats the detergent or some other cleaning agent. They have got into the respiratory passage, and it causes sneezing in the cats.

Cigarette smoke can also cause sneezing problems in the cats as they cause distraction in the respiratory system.

Cat litter and candles can also block or cause distraction in the respiratory system.

Respiratory infections and issues

Cats can be affected by two upper respiratory infections, calicivirus and herpesvirus. These two are the common culprits if a cat has any respiratory infection. Other than this, several viruses can cause infection in a cat. These viral infections can cause sneezing in a cat. So, it can also be one of the reasons why your cat is frequently sneezing. As we know, viruses are very infectious, and they transfer from cats to cats.

There are some viruses that cats can carry for a lifetime, and they carry these viruses in a dormant state. You can understand it in this way. For instance, suppose a cat had carried the herpes virus. It will always be present in the body of the cat. However, the virus will be inactive.

One more example is the feline calicivirus. The feline calicivirus is an infection that shows through mouth ulcers. These mouth ulcers can also affect the respiratory system of cats. Thankfully, you can cure these viruses even at home also. It needs minor care and some attention from you. Doctors usually recommend antibiotics for the treatment of viral infections.

Cat flu

When a cat gets infected by the cat flu, it brings sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes with them. Almost every cat gets a vaccine to reduce the chances of flu infection. But even after getting vaccinated, sometimes the cat gets the flu infection. If the cat does not get the flu infection and if the owner ignores the symptoms of the flu.

It can lead the cat to serious problems and bring on serious health issues. This cat flu is very common among cats and those in shelters. The flu infection can affect young cats very quickly. They do not show symptoms, and as we know, they hide the symptoms very easily. So, you have to take care and see the symptoms if they have any.

What are the causes of sneezing in cats?

Sneezing is not a big issue unless it is consistent in the cat. If the cats are continuously sneezing and have other symptoms, you should see a doctor to help. It can underlie some big issues.


Mycoplasma, also known as haemobartonellosis, is a bacterial infection in cats. Feline infectious anemia is not a common infection. It is an infection in which a specific bacteria tries to break down the red blood cells in the cats. This breakdown of red blood cells results in anaemia in cats. Also, the mucus membrane gets affected by this, and hence causes sneezing problems in the cats.


It is very infectious and is highly contagious in cats. Moreover, cats can also be spread in other species such as dogs, rabbits etc. Those cats who take a healthy diet do not feel much discomfort. Those cats who live in shelters are more dangerous as they can spread quickly.


Chlamydia is an infection that affects the eyes and the respiratory tracts in cats. After affecting the respiratory tracts, it causes frequent sneezing problems in the cats. Even after seeing the infections, they did not get the right treatment, and the bacterial infection spread to the lungs also.

Feline Leukemia

It is a fatal condition in cats. This feline leukaemia shows no symptoms at all. So, it affects the cat badly. Also, it affects the respiratory system in cats, which causes sneezing problems in cats.

Tumours and growth

Tumours can arise anywhere in the body, such as they can affect the throat, nose, etc. And when it affects the nose and throat, it results in sneezing conditions in the cats. For appropriate and required treatment for your cat, you should go to the vet and take the doctor’s help.

Final words

The article was about a cat who frequently sneezes. At the start, it has all the basic details about the cats. These cats belong to the felinae subfamily of the Animalia kingdom. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may leave comments below in the article. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you must write the comments in the comment box.

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